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A smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.
A smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Elmo Chin
      1 day ago

      Not yet received anything!

    2. 정봉근 4 days ago

      Is there anyone who reveived actual eyecatcher? The latest update issued 2 weeks ago!! And they said that hundred of Mercury model were ready to ship!! I'm just want to know there are actual model exiting in the real world!

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave on April 12

      Amazing isn't it. Just came to look and an update about an injury slowing everything down and a few people offering sympathy. Funny after a few years I just don't believe or care any more. If I ever get this stuff I'll hang it on the wall in a case to remind me to never ever support a kickstarter project again

    4. No one important
      on April 11

      “In South Korea, period for mandatory military sevice is 21 months. Developing this device is longer than it. I can't believe this.”
      Best comment on this increasingly entertaining thread.
      I expect nothing from Looksee, I only come back for the commentary.

    5. Troy Newhoff
      on April 9

      More excuses. No refunds. I'd sell it as soon as I get it but doubt anyone will buy it. -(

    6. Martin Wiederkehr on April 8

      Hi, I asked several times for information and communication-without success - it seems that these people unfortunately not sharing the same living values like the crowd which want to create with technology new living standards and help to create new solutions. This is regrettable and it also clearly declares that the business model of kickstarter is nearly at the end of his lifecycle - Byebye Kickstarter

    7. Missing avatar

      Lisa Hergott on April 4

      This has been a HUGE disappointment. Why not just say the project failed, return our money and start over? OR at least some honest communication?
      I paid $239.00 in October 2015!
      Shame on you Looksee, not cool.

    8. 정봉근 on April 4

      In South Korea, period for mandatory military sevice is 21 months. Developing this device is longer than it. I can't believe this.

    9. Isami Fujita on April 3

      give more information.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on April 2

      And it's April! Can you send us our merchandise, please?

    11. Missing avatar

      Patricia Hooper on March 28

      This is my last post. I am writing this off as a bad investment and lesson learned. If it takes too long for product development and fulfilling commitment to backers, shame on me for not taking action long ago. Good luck everyone. Me, I am going to look at competitive products that are actually on the market.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on March 26

      You are responsible for fulfilling these orders!!! Otherwise, you should offer full and complete refunds - we have waited over two years to receive this.
      Kickstarter terms:
      If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps should include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

    13. Martin Wiederkehr on March 25

      Please communicate!

    14. Melissa Graf on March 24

      What is happening???

    15. Brian Kitson on March 22

      What is going on? Communicate!

    16. Missing avatar

      Kaasje on March 20

      Long time no see...
      Allo Looksee...
      Assume a little bit if it's a fail ?
      Don't let YOUR backers - US - in this situation...

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on March 19

      Does anyone really believe that "Sezhiyan Balasubramaniam" has picked up his Bracelet at the mysterious Oakland Office?

    18. Isami Fujita on March 16

      Hi Eyecatcher.
      How is your current progress?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rose Atkinson on March 15

      No product, woeful communication, no response to my Google form, and I'm regretting ever investing. Not even sure I want the product any longer either but hey, if they ever get it out there I'll put it on eBay.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patricia Hooper on March 12

      I too was an early backer and been pretty patient. I was asked to complete the Google form and I provided all the size information as requested. Is Looksee shipping or should I just write this off as a bad investment? Let me know if there is a class action suit.

    21. Missing avatar

      MLeweling on March 10

      I'm a backer of eyecatcher since 10/2015 and living in Germany and i've never got an eyecatcher nor a google form to confirm.... really frustrating :-(

      Looksee invited all backers to visit them and pick up the eyecatcher...and i will not wait to end of this year when i will be in San Francisco.

      Aren't there any more people like Sezhiyan Balasubramaniam living in San Francisco Bay Area to visit Looksee Labs personally/on site?
      Maybe Sezhiyan could help us to get more information about companys location, the local factory and his experiences and impressions about that company. should be easy to find contact data from Sezhiyan and address from Looksee... maybe i could help


    22. Troy Newhoff
      on March 8

      Is there a class action lawsuit against looksee and this campaign yet?

    23. Neitzche
      on March 5

      This project sucks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan on March 3

      Hi Folks

      check this link , might not be new to all just in case to share.
      products are similar to eyecatcher, checking if their design and creator are the same.

      now appear


    25. Jeremy Smith on March 2

      Serious fuckwits. And thats being respectful and considerate.

    26. Missing avatar

      JC on March 1

      Ladies and gentlemen
      I think it's time to stop this bad joke.
      Is there any lawyer among you near Oakland who agrees to handle a class action against this company ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on March 1

      And there goes the February. Without any Update or news. One Person claims to have picked up the Eyecatcher at their office. Can't say if that could be believed.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kaasje on February 28

      Nothing. It's quite disturbing....ALLO LOOKSEE ....

    29. Darius Lau on February 26

      Has anyone that has filled out the survey had confirmation that theirs i being shipping or has received it yet?

    30. Martin Wiederkehr on February 25

      Would be nice to have some comments from the producers. I do NOT have received what i paied for more than 2 years ago. Thank you and thank you KICKSTARTER. A comment would be highly appriciated. Kind regards

    31. Missing avatar

      Patricia Hooper on February 25

      Delighted those of you living in the Bay Area are picking up your Eyecatcher. Alas, this Houston gal, less than patient now, completed all the size and shipping information and have heard nothing and seen nothing. Communication, please LOOKSEE LABS for those of us who backed you and have waited indefinitely.

    32. Chaiyeon David Cho on February 21

      It is hard to understand
      it seems product are ready and someone already get the products from their office.

      It means they can delivery our product.
      Is delaying delivery are because there is not enough quantity of product yet?

      Please let know what is going on!!

      Now Feb 2018! Not Feb 2016!!!!!
      Your Kickstarter update post is the only way for us to communicate (or just know what is going on now).

    33. Missing avatar

      Sky on February 21

      Where is there office as looks like only way to recieve this is go see them at their office...

    34. Troy Newhoff
      on February 19

      I asked for a refund and got ignored! -(

    35. Missing avatar

      JC on February 18

      Lucky you are.
      Do you have any information to share ?
      About the delay in deliveries ? How many people working in the project ?
      Did Mr Per Ljung give you any explanation about the way he's conducting the project ?
      A lot of people interested here.

    36. Sezhiyan Balasubramaniam on February 16

      Woohoo! I went to Looksee Oakland office last week and collected my Eyecatcher. I am enjoying it, pretty cool so far. Thank you, Per for passionately coaching me the feature-set, usage guidelines, and industry/technology trends. Very insightful. I will be sure to send my feedback. All the best.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kaasje on February 16

      Hello Looksee, can we have an update about deliveries ? We are all still waiting i think...

    38. Missing avatar

      JC on February 14

      @Brian Kitson
      Still waiting a delivery too.
      I hope i receive it before 02/22. I'll really appreciate if it happens.
      But from another point of view there are only 320 days left before the end of the year

    39. Brian Kitson on February 14

      The Google form is linked from the most recent (31 JAN) update.

      But still don’t know if any deliveries are going out or what the delivery plan is...

    40. Yagmur Tarhan
      on February 10


      on February 10

      Could I get a refund please. This is just too long of a wait.

    42. mOOREgORR on February 9

      I never got a survey? Also never got a response when sending emails. Would like to get this all situated ASAP.

    43. SweetSophie on February 9

      Latest Android App:
      Slow, Crashes all the time, does not respond to all taps.
      Short: it is broken. Still broken, that is.

    44. Missing avatar

      JC on February 7

      Does anyone who has received one make a report please ??

    45. Missing avatar

      Elmo Chin
      on February 3

      Still no eye catcher , no update, no tracking, nothing...

    46. Missing avatar

      George T on February 3

      The google form you sent with the email (update 33), asking for the model and shipping information, does not work beyond page 2. Is there another way to send you the information? Thank you

    47. Missing avatar

      Alan LeTourneux on February 1

      No idea, the numbers are the same but the arrows corresponding to sizing are placed in different places. For instance a measurement of 155mm on the printable tool would first notch in a small mercury, but on the graphic in the google doc it would be mid-medium. One I imagine is an error, but only eyecatcher knows which one

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