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A smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.
A smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.
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    1. Missing avatar

      JC about 3 hours ago

      Well another delay and a really boring story.

      Meanwhile the competitors are ready.
      If you really want a smart bracelet you can get this one in two weeks.….

      I will consider buying one, if i have some cash remaining after the summer holidays and did not receive the ghost eye"money"catcher.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patricia Hooper on

      The form they sent won't work; can't mark anything. Completed the Google Form months ago; no mistakes. Hey Looksee you reading this?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on

      Hmmmm, an update followed by two weeks of vacation! How convenient! I have my credit card looking into this despite the time lag.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ross R on

      Why again are Mars bracelets not in-process?
      ETA for Mars units?

    5. Mike Drinkwater on

      If you backed this, please email your info to me,, I am speaking with lawyers about a class action lawsuit, naming Creator and Kickstarter as Kickstarter has refused to assist in even getting communication with the creator, the creator does not respond. Kickstarter has some culpability in this scenario as they collected and then disbursed funds, and now seem to think they do not have to assist backers in receiving timely communication from the creator, who has started another company selling the same things elsewhere.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sven Haug on

      we are completely be fooled..... have fun with the stolen money. I hope it won't make you happy.

    7. Martin Wiederkehr on

      Again and again-no news - nothing received

    8. SweetSophie on

      @Jack Alex Cox
      You will never get your money back. Accept the fact it is lost for good.

    9. Jack Alex Cox on

      how can i get the refund process started?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on

      Another month, another round of crickets. I suppose I should know that even an update would just be yet another kick to the can, delaying and delaying because to admit no follow through would actually mean we'd have a claim to get our money back. Shameful behavior.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gadgeteer on

      @ Weihnachtsmann: + 1 !
      17 projects - 4 busted (Blocks, CST-01, 2 x Eyecatcher, Biltong)+ several delivered but of inferior quality —> sums up to 1.5 grand...
      Kickstarter? NEVER AGAIN!

    12. Missing avatar

      Weihnachtsmann on

      I think Kickstarter is dead. People like Peter Ljung have proven that any type of fraud and scam is possible on Kickstarter. This is the second time I see Kickstarter letting fraudsters get away with stories and procrastination. Time to delete the account and spread the word.

    13. Yagmur Tarhan


    14. Isami Fujita on

      I need new update.

    15. SweetSophie on

      in the survey, the measurements of the dropbox file and the ones on the file displayed in the survey differ GREATLY! I suspect the dropbox file is the correct one? I choosed the db file measurements.
      Either way; survey email sent out, but no update here, no words from lookseelabs to this date. This is sh**ty.
      I think the emailö is a scam to give us some false hope. The product will never be finished.

    16. Ken Nickerson

      Update? Still nothing and last check "was shipping soon" late last year. Please issue a proper update, tracking numbers, etc. thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      Anyone else got a phone call recently from a company trying to sell some courses/information for investors regarding Crypto-Currencies? Or is this just a strange coincidence?

    18. Hans Møller-Poulsen on

      @clara Same here. I've never had issues with my number before, so probably just a scam.

    19. Missing avatar

      JC on

      Hi all
      this email is quite unusual from Lookseelabs. Never before we had such news supposing an imminent delivery. I want to be optimistic and think it's a good thing. Maybe.

      Kickstarter ??
      Well did you read their terms of use when you created your account ??

      They do not guarantee that the money you put in a project wont be lost.
      It's up to every backer to verify that the creator is able to realize and deliver what he claims.
      They will never do any action to force a creator to comply with his duty.
      Maybe an email "boo bad boy" ??
      They just put people in contact and earn some money taking yours and say "Wow look what a wonderful world we are creating (full of waste to come, think about it)"

      So don't expect anything from them and calculate how much they earn with this project after reading the page about their fees.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      @Michael: Some delivery companies request a contact number in case of problems. Insofar I assume that this is legit.

      Apart from that I will be _very_ astonished if I ever receive a package with a working bracelet in it.

    21. Missing avatar

      clara on

      I am from Australia and everything besides my number was fine. Does anyone else international have an invalid number?? And does anyone else feel this could be a delay tactic?

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Raschke on

      Today I got a google form, to update my information. Only the phone number is missing. I don‘t think that it is needed for shipping. My question: Is the google form official or fake? Why do you need my number for shipping?

    23. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      I got the Google form once again, with "invalid" entries. Of course. This is just another dilatory move. And the Kickstarter guys do not have the courage to do anything. This is the last campaign I back. I don't trust Kickstarter anymore.

    24. Chaiyeon David Cho on

      why not use backerkit?
      I do not understand why hey are using Google forms that not has Kickstarter and data integration
      If they use backerkit, it is possible to integration data with match all the pledges with the survey and users. without this google form INVALID responses happens!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on

      I sent another note to Kickstarter. Of course they just say "these things take time" - I don't know that they've looked at OUR timeline here, LOL. Anyway, I got that same email (twice) about some responses being VALID or INVALID. Seems to me if you did fill out the form correctly and everything shows as VALID, that would not be a barrier to shipping out product. So when does this "starting to ship out Eyecatchers" actually happen? Does everyone have to get their form correct first? Why has nobody received theirs yet? Do we just have to keep contacting Kickstarter to get them to poke the creator? If only we could reverse the credit card charges - that would probably kick some start into this thing!

    26. Missing avatar

      Khin on

      Hey all, especially the lack of timely updates is the worst thing for this campaign.
      If you haven't already, please go to the Campaign tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and report to Kickstarter to get their attention.

    27. Missing avatar

      Khin on

      Hey everybody, so the latest response I received is that the delivery google form we submitted, back in the old days, have invalid answers and that we need to resubmit. Great! Clap.. clap. clap.

    28. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      Michael, no I didn't. I'm pretty convinced that Looksee Labs ran out of money and its CEO is trying to find new investors. He's been telling us stories for a while, just to avoid to have to refund the backers. The same story happened before with the CST-01, "The World's Thinnest Watch"...

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      Yves, did you order one Tago and received it?

      No, some videos are no proof.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on

      If these were actually being shipped, people would be commenting and reassuring the "rest of us" that delivery is actually going to happen. It's almost June. What's the latest excuse/reason we're all still waiting?!

    31. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      Michael, here are the details about the company which sells the Tago:

      Liber8Tech USA Inc.
      111 Huntington Ave Massachusetts,
      United States 02199
      Phone: +1 646 8510 637

      Liber8Tech Hungary Kft.
      Bécsi Corner Irodaház - OXO Labs
      1023 Budapest, Lajos u. 28-32.

      Here are some ads for the Tago:…………

      Here is how to reach Per Ljung, the CEO of Looksee Labs

      On Facebook:
      On Linkedin:
      His personal website:

      This guy should be banned from any crowdfunding.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      Yves, I don't believe this Tago Thing exists at all. The website does not look legit. No contact address, no impressing, no terms and conditions, nothing at all..

      I think it's as much fake as this campaign is.

    33. Missing avatar

      Yves Guittard on

      It is now obvious that the backers won't never get their Eyecatcher.
      But they can buy a Tago instead on which is a rebranded Eyecatcher.
      We are victims of a scam from Looksee Labs and Kickstarter should intervene.

    34. Missing avatar

      JC on

      @Julia Schreck
      Hi, can you give me more details about this action please ?

      @Neil Moore
      look back in the comments of January i published the answer from kickstarter

      This product will be available in july, one model, three colours.…

    35. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Anyone receive one yet? Bueller?

    36. Adrian Mendoza on

      pile of picts on the facebook page. they are claiming that they are ready to ship.

    37. Missing avatar

      NiroA on

      What's going on with an update???

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      Well. I've asked via Mail where and when I may pick up the bracelet as offered in the last update.

      You may guess the answer. Oh, sorry, the not existing answer.

    39. Missing avatar

      Keith Ferguson on

      Has anyone gone to their 'manufacturing' location to pick up a bracelet or see if they exist? It's called 'Highway 1' at 1040 Mariposa street in San Francisco. Some sort of start up incubator. Can't see any specific signage on google earth.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nugent on

      So now it's the middle of May. How are those orders going? I keep contacting Kickstarter to prod for updates on this project, as there IS a contractual obligation to provide updates and status to backers OR refund money. PLEASE DO THIS. EITHER OPTION.

    41. SweetSophie on

      @Neil Moore,

      No. You are totally wrong about kickstarter.

    42. Missing avatar

      Neil Moore on

      So it seems that we will never receive our bracelet? I guess that this technology is so outdated it will stay in its box - if and when it does arrive....
      We take a chance with Kickstarter and it seems this didn't come to fruition - I just wonder who still holds my money? If Kickstarter then I guess I will get it back?
      I understood that Kickstarter keep the money and syphon it off as targets are met - is this right? If this is the case then I imagine they still have and will refund us :)

    43. Chaiyeon David Cho on

      "Successfully funded on Nov 20 2015"
      What a joke

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Fischer on

      I really wonder what will be the next excuse of this "One-Guy-Company". Reminds me somehow of this Blues-Brothers-Movie Scene:…

    45. Missing avatar

      Julia Schreck on

      PS: I filed a complaint with the European Union about Kickstarter.

    46. Missing avatar

      Julia Schreck on

      Who will join going to the police?

    47. Isami Fujita on

      Has shipment been started?
      I will wait for a new monthly report.

    48. Missing avatar

      Elmo Chin

      Not yet received anything!

    49. 정봉근 on

      Is there anyone who reveived actual eyecatcher? The latest update issued 2 weeks ago!! And they said that hundred of Mercury model were ready to ship!! I'm just want to know there are actual model exiting in the real world!

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