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Stylish eyewear that specially designed to combat digital eye strain, and prevents headaches caused by prolonged usage of computer.
Stylish eyewear that specially designed to combat digital eye strain, and prevents headaches caused by prolonged usage of computer.
Stylish eyewear that specially designed to combat digital eye strain, and prevents headaches caused by prolonged usage of computer.
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    1. Sunil Krishnani

      Any news on my package, As I have still not received it.

      Kind Regards,


    2. Erwan Hayu on

      Hello... I still waiting information about my package, last email is from July 5th 2017 that say my package is already arrived in my country, but after that there is no other information about it. No email or call...
      Hope exyra will help solve about it, thx before..

    3. Missing avatar

      Bo on

      Package shows it's been delivered, but I have yet to receive. Please advise.


    4. EXYRA Creator on

      @georgeriley We have included your contact details on the customs paperwork. So the Customs will contact you directly if there is fee's need to be paid. Usually, it takes around 10-14 business days to get the package delivered to the US depending on the customs clearance.

      @betodana @mileswebstet @albert Glad you like them. Cheers!

    5. George Riley on

      @creator I live in Florida my tracking information says my package is in New York. I'm confused about how to pay import fee's etc because I have not received any additional information on the package itself.

    6. Beto Dana on

      Recived my wife pair in Mexico, she loved them.

    7. Miles Webster on

      Received my pair today in Germany! Love the Look, Style and that case ��

    8. Missing avatar


      Received my pair today in Australia, thanks! loved it!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Thomson on

      I live in the U.S., completed all the shipping info send out previously but still haven't received my tracing information. I received confirmation of my survey update on March 25, 2017.

      Do you have an ETA for orders shipping to the U.S. who completed the survey on time? Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I can't wait to get my new Exyra glasses!

    10. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      @creator still waiting on my set. Haven't gotten a tracking number or anything. Its a good bit past May. What's the deal?

    11. Philippe Pille-Schoonvliet on

      I received mine today. Both are perfect. Thank you!

    12. EXYRA Creator on

      Of course, you can pre-order another set from our website, but unfortunately, the price won't be the same as your Kickstarter pledge. However, If you have received your glasses, you should have noticed that there is a discount coupon inside the case that you can use for your next purchase.

      If you put the order in this week, we expect to ship your glasses in mid-July.


    13. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      Can we pre-order another set?
      Will our pre-orders be the same as the price in the site?
      And when will it be shipped?

    14. Bruce

      Received my 2 pairs and love them. There'll be a short period to acclimatise but I should soon be able to evaluate whether they stop my afternoon headaches.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Hi, the specs keep sliding down because I have an oily face :( Is there any way I can secure the specs to prevent it from sliding down and have to keep pushing it too near against my eyes?

    16. EXYRA Creator on

      @briankeane The color is depending on the AR (Anti-reflective) coating formula, most lenses with anti-reflective coating have a very soft residual color, usually green, blue or purple, that is characteristic of that particular brand of the coating. But it doesn't affect the performance of the lenses. Cheers!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Keane on

      I recieced mine yesterday, but I've noticed that the lenses reflect green light, I have friends with blue reflect lenses and they have a blue reflection not green; is there a reason for this?

    18. Karnkrit Suksileung on

      Received its yesterday. Everything is perfect. Thanks team.

    19. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      Yes, they have
      If you receive an email from Australian Post
      Probably its from them

    20. Ben Coe on

      So, have they been shipped yet?

    21. Zaghloul Saad

      Can't wait more, when you're going to ship rewards?

    22. Zaghloul Saad

      Any production update or delivery update?

    23. EXYRA Creator on

      Hi Kim,

      We have updated the pics in the backer kit. Alternatively, you can also view them from our facebook page, link below.…



    24. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Hi, where can I view the prototypes for your sunglasses? The pics here are too small.

    25. Beto Dana on

      Hi I'm confused because I did fill the survey but didn't get to put the prescription information for my lenses

    26. Philippe Pille-Schoonvliet on

      I've just sent the prescription forms for two glasses. It would be useful if we could receive an acknowledgment, even if only to check whether we have correctly filled in the forms.

    27. Missing avatar


      I'm afraid I made a mistake. I went buying through backerclub and was not paying attention to the specifics, putting $60 instead of 60 + shipping. (75- 20% + shipping) in the no reward tier. This leaves me with 60 to buy accessories, but I'd prefer regular glasses, not sunglasses. Can you help me sort that out?
      Thank you
      Kate Lipford

    28. EXYRA Creator on

      @Michael Laforme.
      If you experience issues with viewing the colors option in your backer kit, alternatively you can also visit our website.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Laforme

      For the Survey, what are colours

    30. Philippe Pille-Schoonvliet on

      BackerKit survey for EXYRA received and successfully completed!

    31. EXYRA Creator on


      The virtual try on still under construction and so sorry that we could not deliver them before the survey out. We are working on providing more photos of our frame with model man and woman to help our backers with the frame selection.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kassi on

      Any luck with the virtual try on? Can't wait to check that out : )

    33. EXYRA Creator on

      @Jarrod The survey has not been sent out yet. We expect to send them out next week. We will post few important updates regarding the backer kit survey in the next couple of days. So please stay tuned.
      Thank you

    34. Missing avatar

      Jarrod on

      Has the survey been sent out already? I haven't received an email about the backerkit yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Thanks for the clarifications :)

    36. EXYRA Creator on

      Hi Kim,
      You need to enter all that numbers into our prescription form(will be sent out after survey). For your example
      R - 3.00 / -0.75 x 80
      L - 3.00 / -0.50 x 135

      Translate to:
      SPH: -3 CYL:-0.75 AXIS: 80

      SPH: -3 CYL:-0.5 AXIS: 135

      Please find the following link for more information how to read your prescription.

      Thank you,

    37. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Hi, I am so sorry. Can enlighten me which part of the prescription is relevant to enter into your survey? Thank you.

    38. EXYRA Creator on

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your support.

      Your prescription is within our power range, and soon we will post an update on how to complete the survey and how to fill out the prescription form. Please keep an eye on the updates and follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

      Thank you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Hi, congrats on the successful campaign :) Clap! Clap!

      Can I clarify what kind of prescription should I enter in your questionnaire? I understand that you should have the option to enter between -6.00 and +8.00 for short-sightedness and far-sightedness.

      My optician checked my eyes and put the following:

      R - 3.00 / -0.75 x 80
      L - 3.00 / -0.50 x 135

      Thanks for your help.

    40. Daniel Patterson on

      Brilliant! Can't wait :D

    41. Bruce

      Congratulations and well done.

    42. Zaghloul Saad


    43. EXYRA Creator on

      @Alan. We will be using BackerKit to help us with next process, and there will be an option "Add-ons" for you if want to order more glasses or add other items.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      Hello, I pledged for one pair at the early bird tier, but I'd like to get a second pair for my wife. how should I go about this? Will doubling the pledge amount suffice?

    45. Zaghloul Saad

      Some live pics

    46. Zaghloul Saad

      Can we get some pics for the glasses

    47. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      The survey is sent after the campaign (for shipping address, glass type and style, etc)
      The pre-campaign survey is sent via email by the creator (for glass type pre-production)

    48. Karnkrit Suksileung on

      Hi team,
      Where can i find the survey link?

    49. Carsten P. on

      Available already, on commercial products such as HOYA BlueControl ( or other KS projects like which I have been backing. I own both and like them. But yes, they change the way you see colors as parts of the blue wavelength spectrum is blocked by the coating and thus simply 'missing' in the rest which reaches your eyes. Especially color temperature is off (cold white will appear like warm white).
      Anyway I have backed your project as the frames look really nice. But don't sell the idea as something revolutionary groundbreaking ;)

    50. EXYRA Creator on

      Hi Candis,

      The sunglasses has a different style from the computer glasses. If you scroll down the campaign page, near the bottom you will find the style of sunglasses. its Wayfarer style, made of acetate material with a wood texture and polarized lens.

      Thank you

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