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An independent Cyanide & Happiness show, broadcast straight to the Internet.
An independent Cyanide & Happiness show, broadcast straight to the Internet.
14,242 backers pledged $770,309 to help bring this project to life.

Where's the shipping address / stuff confirmation?

A few people have asked about confirming shipping address, t shirt size, t shirt design, dvd or blu-ray, and other reward info for their pledges.

Since Kickstarter only lets us send out one mass-survey to everyone, we're going to get this information closer to when we actually ship all your goodies, in case people move and such. Just a heads up so you know.

Any other questions you have, feel free to let us know through KS or

Alternate Shirt Design!

You spoke and we listened. Check out the alternate backer shirt we put together! 

Next week, we'll send out the backer survey where you'll let us know your shirt size, your product selections (including whether you want the #1 Good Jobber shirt or the PSES vs Seizure shirt), address, and any other details. We're waiting for the last few pledges to get processed so we don't miss anyone.

We're writing scripts like crazy over here. We've got some awesome new characters coming up, in addition to some old favorites we're bringing back too. Thank you again for helping make this upcoming season possible!

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The Kickstarter is OVER!!!

Thanks to our kickass fans we raised $770k to put out our own show, bring back the shorts for an entire year, and throw craploads of exclusive merch at you!

Now that it's production time, we'll keep you posted on any updates through this page, our front page, or our facebook page of where we're at with the show. You'll be getting two emails as well, the first one will be very soon to confirm your product choice and current shipping info. The second email will be around when we ship next year to re-confirm your address in case you've moved or would like to make a change (from DVD to blu ray, etc).

If you have any questions, you can always message us through Kickstarter or through email at

You've given us our dream, our own Cyanide and Happiness show without any compromise.

We can't wait to return the favor to you this Fall.

New Tier - One of the Sketches Drawn during the Draw-A-Thon!

If you're interested in one of the sketches we're doing live right now, you've got a chance to own one of these original sketches! Limited to only 20!

The Livestream is happening in TEN MINUTES!

Ten minutes until we start the live, collaborative Draw-a-Thon to end out the Kickstarter. Wanna watch us in action draw some crazy ass sketches? Check us out!