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An independent Cyanide & Happiness show, broadcast straight to the Internet.
An independent Cyanide & Happiness show, broadcast straight to the Internet.
14,242 backers pledged $770,309 to help bring this project to life.

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Only 7 days left to join our newest Kickstarter, Joking Hazard!


There's only SEVEN days left to get in on our most recent Kickstarter for Joking Hazard, our new card game. 

We've unlocked a whole lot of freebies for every pledge level (including exclusive cards for everyone!) as well as nearly doubled the scope of the game, thanks to our amazing backers!

The game keeps getting bigger and better, so come join in the fun before the Joking Hazard Kickstarter is over!

-Rob, Kris and Dave

We're launching a new party game on Kickstarter!


Hello again Season One backers!

Thanks again for helping us create Season One of the Cyanide & Happiness Show. Not only were we able to make 11 episodes, full of all the weirdest ideas we always wanted to make, we were able to keep the weekly shorts going well beyond our stretch goal, and haven't missed a week since August 2013. 

Thank you for Kickstarting us in every sense of the word! We're emailing you because we've created something new... It's a party game called Joking Hazard, and we're using Kickstarter to get it off the ground. We think Joking Hazard is pretty damn cool and urge you to check it out:

Thanks again for backing Season One, and we hope you've enjoyed the episodes, the shorts, and all the junk we mailed you as rewards! If you didn't get your stuff please let us know at! 

 -Rob, Kris and Dave

We shipped! We shipped!


Hello wonderful people! We have finished shipping all Kickstarter rewards! If you did not receive your rewards, please check your Kickstarter messaging inbox and the email address you used to contribute. If you find nothing from us in either of these places then please contact us with nice words and we will do our best to help. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us.



We're shipping! We're shipping!


We got so excited about shipping the DVDs and BluRays that we forgot to announce we're already doing it!

We've shipped out 1200 boxes so far, and we're cranking through more every day. Woo!

DVD and Blu Rays are here!

Puppies already sold out, unfortunately
Puppies already sold out, unfortunately

We've got the DVD / Blu Rays in! Each one is packed with all the episodes, director's commentary, and deleted scenes.

We're signing everything this week, then next week packages will be out the door!