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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 16 2018
pledged of £9,000pledged of £9,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 16 2018


We'd like to thank our early backers for jumping in at the beginning of the project and we're hoping to encourage others to get backing Exploriana with our brand NEW exclusive rewards! 

Its with great excitement that we are now able to announce our Trailblazers Promo Pack which will be given FREE to the first 300 backers! So spread the word and let everyone know about these KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE rewards!

The promo pack contains x1 snazzy metal Trailblazers badge featuring the Exploriana compass rose, x3 unique game cards and x3 cool luggage stickers to place on your own suitcase!

The new Guide cards slot straight into the game. You put one in each of the appropriate region decks. When they are discovered during the game the explorer takes that card immediately on drawing it from the region deck to give an instant reward and does not count towards your pick in that region! These cards will not be included in the retail version of the game. So make sure you get the promo pack today! 

Trailblazers Promo Pack Terms

1. The pack is only awarded to the first 300 backers at Pathfinder, Explorer and Explorer for Retail levels.

2. Each game of Exploriana will get a promo pack with it. E.g. if you back at Explorer level and are within the first 300 backers you will receive 2 packs. 

3. Retailers will receive a bundle of promo packs for Exploriana events at their store.

3. The promo pack is a Kickstarter Exclusive and won't be part of the retail version after the campaign ends. Team Glory will use any additional packs remaining at conventions and trade shows to promote the game.

One of our fans Amarice from Spain has taken the time to translate our rules into Spanish! You can download them right now from here:

Exploriana - Reglas

We hope to have more translations soon! If you would like to get involved and translate the rules we are currently looking for German and French translations! 

EXPLORIANA is a competitive push your luck game of exploration and discovery designed by Miles Ratcliffe  with stunningly gorgeous artwork by Richard Dearing. The players control the fates of intrepid explorers travelling to the far off regions of the globe in search of unknown species of plants, fantastic animals, glittering treasures and incredible lost cities that have never been seen before!

Late in the 19th century vast continents open up to exploration and a wave of interest grips scientists and explorers across the globe. Fantastic animals, strange and beautiful plants, fantastic treasures and ancient sites of lost civilisations all await discovery. Expeditions to far-off regions are always filled with peril, but the challenge is hard to resist. Brave adventurers in search of riches, scientists with a hankering for knowledge and recognition, and intrepid explorers with a burning desire to map the globe: all set out for these wondrous lands with hopes of gaining a place in the history books.

Below is a brief overview of Exploriana. To get a full understanding of the game we have several ways in which you can get more information!

Want to try Exploriana? You can try our Print & Play versions or head over to Tabletopia for a virtual experience!


Thanks to Tabletopia you can try Exploriana now with your friends

Play NOW on Tabletopia!
Play NOW on Tabletopia!

In Exploriana you decide the fate of brave explorers as they set out to far flung corners of the globe and trek deep into dangerous, uncharted wilds. Exploriana incorporates several game mechanics:

  • resource management (money is the major resource in the game)
  • variable turn order (getting to play first can be a major advantage)
  • push your luck (the core mechanic, drawing cards discovering treasure & avoiding dangers)
  • an auction every round (winning auctions gains special item cards)
  • set collecting (with the many card combinations available collecting certain cards will deliver more points)
  • worker placement (placing your explorers is a crucial decision)

 Exploriana is played over a number of rounds split into four phases 

Income & Auction phases

Each turn the players collect some extra funding during the income phase, then they bid against each other in the quick fire auction phase to attempt to acquire some choice items from the items deck. Some items assist the players on their perilous expeditions and some help the players grab bonus victory points.

Send Explorers phase

Now it's time to send your explorers off on their voyages of discovery in the 'send explorers' phase. There are three regions to explore in Exploriana, South America, Africa and the Far East, all uncharted, filled with wonder and teeming with danger and the players must decide which of the regions they will brave. 

Discovery phase

The discovery phase uses three very different region decks. Each deck is packed with fabulously illustrated discoveries but each also has an increasing amount of peril, from South America, to Africa through to the most dangerous region, The Far East. 

The discovery phase uses an exciting push your luck mechanic to represent the expeditions heading further and further into the wilds. The players reveal cards until they either decide to stop and make some discoveries or to push on, reveal too many hazards they will get hopelessly lost instead.

As a player reveals discoveries, one card at a time, there is a chance that the card may have an associated hazard. Before revealing the next discovery the player may first hire a local guide, to cancel one revealed hazard, or use items that can help the expedition avoid disaster. However, if a player reveals any three hazards of the same type or all three different hazards, then the expedition is lost and makes no new discoveries.

There are three different types of hazards represented in Exploriana, the dangerous uncharted terrain the explorers must trek through, ferocious creatures that could attack the expedition at any time and simply losing ones way, forcing the party to backtrack and waste valuable time and resources.

The number of discoveries that an expedition can make while exploring is dependant on the types of discoveries revealed and how far the expedition manages to push into the wilds. A player can reveal up to five discovery cards for each of their expeditions and may choose to discover all of the revealed animals or any one of the others or they may even be able to rescue a lost explorer. If they were brave or lucky enough to have revealed all five discoveries without becoming lost, they may make one extra selection. 


The aim of the game in Exploriana is to accumulate the most victory points. There are various ways to get victory points in Exploriana and bonus victory points are also awarded at the end of the game.

The discoveries the players make can give them renown, wealth and victory points, some even give the player more than one type. Renown determines the turn order and awards some bonus victory points. Any money the players have accumulated during the game converts into bonus victory points. Some of the items may give a player bonus victory points, some enhance victory points awarded by discoveries and some are worth money. Finally, lost explorers that your expeditions have rescued can increase your wealth and also add a variable number of bonus victory points.

The various mechanics and hard decisions the players are forced to make at every turn ensure multiple paths to victory, making Exploriana exciting and really enjoyable. A game you will want to play again and again!

Interested in a run through of the game? In this play through video Dicky gives a fantastic explanation of the game!


 Please check out our recommended pledge levels below!

With the initial funding goal achieved we will be able to upgrade the game with some awesome enhancements which we will be revealing during the campaign! 

We're focusing on getting funded first so as soon as we hit the funding goal we will announce our first stretch goal!

Shipping for this project will be collected via a pledge manager after the campaign ends. We have estimated the shipping costs for 1 copy of the game to be approximately the following.

If you pledge for 2 copies please note that you will only pay shipping for the 1st copy.

Read the entire Gaming Reviews article here.

Read the entire article from Big Red Barrel here. 

Ricky Royal over at the Box of Delights youtube channel has just released an fab preview of Exploriana in two glorious parts!

The Exploriana team is a trio of companies coming together to create fantastic games. Glory was the working title for the first draft of Exploriana, and so together, we have become team Glory.

Triple Ace Games has been making games for 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Having successfully run 17 Kickstarter campaigns we know how to successfully deliver a KS project. 

Counters Out is the publishing arm of Chance & Counters the Bristol-based board game cafe. Exploriana will be their first published game.

Chaos Publishing has a track record of releasing quality boardgames and brought Exploriana to the team.

It benefits us to work together. It allows us to bring each companies unique skill set into the fold ensuring we have the combined expertise and experience to make this campaign a resounding success.

The team includes:

Miles Ratcliffe

Miles is our game designer from Chaos Publishing on this project. Having devised this amazing game he has playtested Exploriana to exhaustion and honed its amazing gameplay. 

Dicky Duerden

Dicky is our community manager. Keeping our backers and potential backers up to date with all the news and information on our campaign as it develops. 

Richard Dearing

Richard is our amazing artist! He spent many hours creating the fabulous artwork for our game and we all think he did an awesome job! 

Robin Elliott

Robin is one half of Triple Ace Games. He brings his knowledge of graphic design and manufacturing to the team as clearly demonstrated in his work on the gorgeous box, boards and graphics for Exploriana, the rulebook and campaign page.

David Inker

David, also from Chaos Publishing, is in charge of budgets and all things financial. He also developed the rules book and text for the campaign page. 

Risks and challenges

All three companies involved in with the Exploriana Campaign are experienced with Kickstarter and the fulfilment process, each having run a number of Kickstarter campaigns in the past. Triple Ace Games alone has run 17 successful Kickstarter campaigns to date.

The game is complete and we have already self funded the artwork and design. There will be no delay in sending the game to the factory. The funding raised through this campaign is for manufacturing & bulk shipping the game.

The main risks faced with, when attempting to bring a board game to market, are usually problems associated with production, shipping and fulfilment. Delays in production can hopefully be avoided by using an experienced manufacturer. We intend to use Longpack, a well known and well established manufacturer and we also intend to have Longpack arrange delivery to the fulfilment company to ensure there are also no unforeseen problems with the shipping of the product.

Due to the combined experience and determination of the team involved with the Exploriana campaign, we are confident that any challenges can be overcome and of course we will endeavour to keep our backers up to date with the progress of the project with regular updates.

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