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A 2D retro platformer featuring gameplay and characters inspired by classic Nintendo games.
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Glitch Strikers gets Greenlit!

Posted by Exploding Rabbit (Creator)

Great news… Glitch Strikers has been approved for distribution on Steam! This means we can release the game on early access later this year.

Although the greenlight process only lasted a few days, we received a massive amount of feedback, so we will be making some changes based on what we heard.

Many people were concerned that the games shown in the trailer were too similar to existing games, so we are focusing heavily on making them more creative and original. You will see some of these changes in an upcoming gameplay trailer.

Secondly, we’ve decided that instead of releasing separate “games” and later combining them into a story mode, we will make Glitch Strikers an episodic game with the story told along the way. It is very similar to what we already announced, but the overall story of Glitch Strikers will be woven into each episode, and each episode may not necessarily focus on one game world. The episodes will follow the story of Manni and his friends as they travel across games to solve the mystery of the glitches.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. Stay tuned for the upcoming gameplay trailer of the first episode, Hyper Manni Pals. We expect it to be ready in a few months.

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    1. Exploding Rabbit Creator on

      @Jason Yes we will include a tank character named Eve VII that was part of the original Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Will there be any working in of the bonus character: The Eve VII, and it's pilot Frederick?

      That was big reason I broke down and backed all those years ago, and seeing the Blaster Master Zero trailer during the Switch event today, it really makes my fingers itch to play that kinda character again.

      Hope the answer is yes! ^_^

      Looking forward to finally getting to try this game out!