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A 2D retro platformer featuring gameplay and characters inspired by classic Nintendo games.
A 2D retro platformer featuring gameplay and characters inspired by classic Nintendo games.
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Online Multiplayer and Modding Demo Video

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Some Quick News


I entered into a partnership with JForce Games to make a game together. I'm taking care of programming, and they're handling art, sound, and distribution. We're co-designing the game, and I'm able to reuse most of my previous work. I'm not going to say exactly what the project is right now, but it has many similarities to Super Retro Squad, and it is initially much smaller in scope.

We'll be putting the game on Steam Early Access when it's ready, and I'll also release a build for backers once we have something. Backers of the $15 tier and higher will get Steam keys once it's on Early Access.

Thanks for your continued support.

Preview Download Available and Google Hangout Date


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the level shown in the preview video is now available for backers. You must sign in to be able to download it.

For $50+ backers, the Google hangout will be on Sunday, June 28th at 7:30 PM Eastern time. If you're a $50+ backer and you'd like an invitation, leave a comment on this post. The invitation will be sent to your Kickstarter email address.

I'll have more news at the end of the month. Thanks!

Development Resumed & Gameplay Video


I resumed work on the game a few months ago and am now working alone. I made a video of a level based on Castlevania. Monthly development updates will resume. All backers will be able to play early builds of the game. I will release a playable build of this level early next month. The game has been renamed to Operation Pyxel.

The game now has a different look because it uses dynamic lighting with pixel art. I did this to make up for my own lack of artistic talent and because it gives it a unique look. It also opens up more gameplay opportunities. The game will look better if I work with an artist, but for now I'm focused on gameplay and game design.

I started a Patreon campaign, and all backers will get the $1, $3, and $5 rewards. This includes browsing the site with no ads, getting download access to early builds of the game, and a monthly video. Rewards may change over time, but all backers will always get whatever the $1, $3, and $5 rewards are until the game is released. You can get the rewards by following the instructions on this page. Enter your Kickstarter email address in the Patreon email box.

Backers of $200 and higher will also get the $20 per month reward, which is currently an invitation to a monthly Google Hangout with my wife and I. If anyone thinks this should be handled differently, let me know.

Super Action Squad is Being Put on Hold


Please read this page for a very detailed explanation of why we are putting the project on hold.

We will be doing a live Q and A session on Thursday, March 20th, at 7:30 pm eastern time to answer questions and respond to comments. Feel free to post comments here or ask them live during the broadcast.

Please read the entire post before commenting. Thank you.