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A map, journal and deck of cards that help you design a meaningful 90-day project – all housed in a beautiful folio.
A map, journal and deck of cards that help you design a meaningful 90-day project – all housed in a beautiful folio.
A map, journal and deck of cards that help you design a meaningful 90-day project – all housed in a beautiful folio.
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    1. Ryotaro Eguchi

      Thanks for the reply! Started sharing on twitter ;)

    2. Experience Institute Creator on

      That's great to hear @Ryotaro! We're excited for your Leap. Feel free to share photos on Instagram or reach out with any questions along the way.

      Thanks for backing this project!

    3. Ryotaro Eguchi

      Hi, it's been awhile but I just wanted to say, thank you!
      I finally opened my map and started filling in, and I'm loving it :)
      My project is to provide medical supports for travellers (English speakers) in Japan. #myleap ;)

    4. Experience Institute Creator on

      @srikanth - Was shipped back in March. Please check your email so we can figure it out!

    5. Missing avatar

      Srikanth on

      Hi EI, I have not received my leap kit yet. Can you please check and let me know the status of the package?

      Thanks, Srikanth

    6. Missing avatar

      William de Cordova on

      One of my folios is defective - the elastic band tore free from it without any provocation. How can I get this folio replaced?

    7. Missing avatar

      lexouN on

      Received it !

    8. Missing avatar

      lexouN on

      Does an international backer didn't received it too ?

    9. Experience Institute Creator on

      Hi @Peggy! Your package is on its way and should arrive within the next few days. Please let us know if it doesn't land!

    10. Missing avatar

      Peggy Murphy on

      I am sad . . . I have not received my LEAP Kit and I am ready! Please send

    11. Experience Institute Creator on

      Great to hear @Eric! Excited to see what Leap you take!

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Seiberling on

      Great job team! I just got my LEAP kit and I am impressed by your clear communication and strong delivery of a great product. Well done.

    13. Rajesh Bhardwaj on

      Hi Guys, Great vibes and greetings. Looking forward to a fantastic leap year and it is off to an insightful start! Three things: 1. My original pledge was for $20 for the paper kit. I would like to up this to the leap kit folio. How do I do this? I don't want to order extra ones simply upgrade my existing pledge. 2. When will we receive the 2012 project edition of the leap kit. this was originally due to be available in December. i have not received any link or information on this. 3. Very open and interested to be part of the Slack group for testing. feel welcome to email me if there is opportunity to contribute.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lauren Feingold on

      Hi Ei Team! Thanks for the updates and Happy New Year! If you're still looking for more people to join in the Slack testing, I'm in! :) I love that you are creating an online community for leapers and can't wait until I receive my kit.

    15. Missing avatar

      Laís Vitória Cunha de Aguiar on

      Hi... I would like to be part of the testing with the online community. Besides, when are the online courses going to happen?
      Thank you,

    16. nathan burley on

      Hey @Tim Collins, sorry I never responded - finally moved in to our new place and we're loving it :) I now need to get my workshop and office set up so I have the space and motivation to leap next year. Totally up for chatting and in case you miss this I'll try and message you


    17. Tim Collins on

      Congrats again to all on our future Leaps. It's going to be amazing.

      @Nathan Burley - I hear you on the mortgage piece. We were in a similar boat a number of years back and ended up moving to get away from it. Our new house is much more modest, and near fully paid off. This is big as it's our last debt and part of our goal of early retirement.

      A few good resources out there that might help are Mr. Money Mustache (yep, you read that right), Chris Hogan, etc.

      And I agree on an online community, and I'm happy to help get that started with chatting to you!

      EI team - do you have any plans around this? How can we help?

    18. nathan burley on

      Hey guys,

      So I've pledged already for a folio. but I'm curious about whether there will be some sort of online community support for this project...

      I'm keen to make a career change (science and a little engineering into something more creative) but right now I've just bitten off a bigger mortgage and I cannot afford to change the day job until I can ensure a decent salary coming in. I'm creative though and I'm a true 'Jack of all Trades'. My aim is to build a small business on the side and really commit to it, but I suck at really seeing projects through. So, I'd love to have a community to help me stick to my guns and make 2016 the year which enables my career change!

    19. Diana

      Or should I order them separately?

    20. Diana

      Hi, I've made a pledge for 70 under the folio, and I was hoping to get the folio and an extra map and field guide. Will this be possible?

    21. Experience Institute Creator on

      Hey @Tim & @Angelica,
      Great suggestions! We've been tried to keep the number of reward levels to a minimum so you weren't flooded with options. How about this, if you'd like to order two folios, simply double your pledge and we'll make note of it on the back end. This will follow suit with how we're handling multiple copies of the paper folio.
      Let us know if you have any other questions or thoughts. And thanks for considering ways to help us reach the goal. So great of you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Angelica on

      Ditto Tim - I think a 2 kit option would be great or even the option to have an add-on for more kits. It could also made a difference in meeting the goal if there are a few people who would like two kits.

    23. Tim Collins on

      Is there any thought of adding a 2 kit option? Thinking this would be sweet to share with my wife.

    24. Hugh Weber on

      Proud to have our our 20 OTA Builders ready to take the leap in 2016! Thanks to Victor & EI!

    25. Experience Institute Creator on

      Hi @Elizabeth. The PDF of the Leap Year Project 2012 book will be available right away. The PDF of the Field Guide won't be ready until the start of the new year (late January) and shipping in March.

      If you have any other questions, let us know.

      Thank you!

    26. Elizabeth Pierce on

      Does the $20 version also come with the PDF available in Dec?

    27. Tim Collins on

      Super excited to get this next year. It will come at a perfect time as my work is getting ready to hit a crossroads and I see an upcoming need to make a leap. Nice that others will be working through it with me.

      Thanks again. Again shared it on my social media this morning for ya. Here's to getting over "the hump."

    28. Johnnie Walker

      Joy Will Take You Further. Johnnie Walker. Keep Walking