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10 new Exit Clov tunes are in the oven! We need your help to make them sonically delicious for your consumption. :)

Hello all! In the last year, we've been busy penning tunes for our new album. As always, we're writing & recording in-house, w/o label support & on a DIY budget. But alas, the costs of tracking, mixing and mastering are adding up and our expense pouch is bursting at the seams!

Soooo, being in the pickle we're in, we've decided to appeal to YOU, our fans, friends & family, to help us reach the finish line. Check out our little 5-min homemade video (god bless iMovie <3), where we make our case for why you should spare a percentage of your holiday shopping budget this year to Exit Clov :) We promise not to squander it away! Every penny will go into the making of our new record. And, in fact, you’ll be getting something back for your money.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a kickass, innovative website designed to help artists fund their creative art projects. For each donation amount, we’ve designated a little “reward” that we’ll send you as a token of our appreciation (see the righthand column for our rewards list!) ===>

It's simple and fun! Here's how it works:

1) Watch our video!
2) If you like what you see(!), decide how much you’d like to donate.
3) Enter your credit card info when prompted. The amount will be pending on your credit card until the END of the 35 days of fundraising (Dec. 20). At that point:

  • If we've reached our goal of $3,000 in donations, your credit card will be charged your pledge amount.
  • If we don’t reach our goal  :(***  <sniffle sniffle>, you keep your money and we go home with our tails between our legs.

Thanks so much! We'd love nothing more than to keep making records and playing shows in your cities -- you can help us by reaching in your pockets and being so kind as to spare us some change! Any little bit will go a looong way. And don't forget to pass the video along to your friends. :)

Hugs, kisses, and infinite gratitude.

aaron, brett, emily, john & susan


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    Thank you "shout out" from the Exit Clov website!

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    Shout out + mp3's of the new record!

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    Everything above + a physical copy of the new record!

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    Everything above + physical copy of Memento Mori (our last full-length album) + a spot on our guest list at a show of your choice!

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    Everything above + mp3's of our discography (40 tracks) + an Exit Clov pendant!

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    Everything above + Exit Clov T-shirt + pick your favorite Clov song and we'll play it at an upcoming show!

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    Everything above + pick any song and we'll cover it at an upcoming show! (If you can't come to a show, we can cover the song on YouTube :)).

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    Everything above + we'll record a cover song of your choice and send you the mp3 + dinner with the band in NYC (our treat!).

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