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$6,224 pledged of $40,000 goal

April 2016 Update

As mentioned at the end of the Kickstarter, Zems is still being developed although not as actively as it was previously due to the lack of funding. In this update, we present the developments that have happened since January as well as upcoming changes to the game.

Main Menu Redesign

We felt the main menu was 'dark and a bit claustrophobic' so are replacing it with a new one.

This has not been implemented yet but is in process at this time of writing.

The main menu background is fully animated. You can view the render here:

Rearrange Cards In Hand

You can now click and drag to rearrange cards in hand. This video is a development screencast of the feature.

Card Pool Changes

It may seem ironic to increase the card pool when our funding was cut short, but we believe it is a necessary change to be able to compete in the CCG market. It will likely delay the game's release and cause us to pursue an Early Access option at some point.

  • Each color has its pool increased from 30 to 40 cards (deck size is still 30). This will increase deckbuilding variety and is a step in making mono-color decks viable.
  • The color Purple has been removed and many of its mechanics have been merged into the planned color Red.
  • A Neutral set of 20 cards will be added. Neutral cards can be used in any deck without affecting color restrictions. We want to keep this set small in order to focus deck construction on colors and to prevent the neutral set from becoming a 'staple set'.

Hero Stats' Rework

Alpha players often complained about the low health of heroes and in the cases of a few, their high attack power. We are drastically increasing the health of each hero while making slight decreases to their attack values in order to make games last longer and to prevent 'hero rush' from being too dominant.

We believe a fun game is one where both players have had a chance to play numerous cards and undertake many actions. Our goal is to ensure evenly matched games do not end before both players reach the resource limit.

Main Website Update

Significant work has been done at zems.com

Check it out if you haven't visited us for some time!
Note: Some pages, such as Media, are still in content production.


Funding of the game has moved to Patreon. Some of you are already supporters and have been supporting us since January. We thank you.

If you are not a current supporter and are interested in helping us financially, check out our campaign below:


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