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$37,008 pledged of $50,000 goal
$37,008 pledged of $50,000 goal

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We Are Not Associated With Wild Game Studios



I am one of the Co-Owners of Exato Game Studios. I've been receiving some pretty nasty messages regarding Wild Game Studios recent censorship issues. I wanted to clear some stuff up.

We are in NO WAY associated with them. We partnered with them back when they ran this as they were going to give us 10% of their Kickstarter's earnings if they succeeded and at the time, Canadians weren't allowed to start their own Kickstarters. 

We didn't know at the time that they were heavily into censoring their negative reviews and we in no way condone their actions. Actually, I think it's pretty appalling that they would go as far as they are with their censorship. The attack on TotalBiscuit was ridiculous and not very well thought out (what did they expect to happen when they attacked someone with so much clout in the industry?). Criticism is part of growth and learning and if you can't handle it, maybe this industry is not for you.

Rest assured, we won't be associating with a company like that and we really hope you guys won't hold their actions against our company, Exato Game Studios and our game, Guncraft.

If you are out of the loop, here's the video TotalBiscuit made in regards to their actions:

Day One Beta

Day One will be in Beta mode in 4 weeks!

We have add a lot of improvements.

- A complete new A.I. system

-2 new weapons

- 3 news objects to craft

- 2 new character

- Complete new Menu

- Add Xbox 360 controller

- A lot of new gameplay events and more!

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir

Thanks to all for your supports and comments!

We continue our good work with a small team to finish the first episode. And we will find another way to find our budget.

We expect to give a demo in April on our Steam account to promote our Steam Greenlight campaign. And expect to release the first episode on May 22th. Follow us on our Facebook and vote for our project on Greenlight

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir!


Garry power

Here is the third set of the character concept arts of our game.

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Garry Infection

Until the release of the most anticipated FPS Survival of 2013, here's a little overview of what Garry can cause with the alien infection that he is infected !

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