AU$ 501,965
pledged of AU$ 35,000pledged of AU$ 35,000 goal
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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 3 years ago
UsBidi ChargerBy UsBidi Charger
First created
UsBidi ChargerBy UsBidi Charger
First created
AU$ 501,965
pledged of AU$ 35,000pledged of AU$ 35,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 3 years ago

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Myrup

      To those that are asking for a refund. I'm not sure you're on the right campaign. This campaign was suspended by Kickstarter almost 3 years ago, and funding was never collected. I know because I backed the campaign and to this day in my list of backed projects it says "suspended". I was never charged either. Indiegogo, now that would be another story.

    2. Missing avatar

      Reem Al-Nouri

      Please refund

    3. Missing avatar

      Lee Warwick on

      Please refund my pledge as I have not received this product.

    4. Myazin Ivan

      Same one👇🏼, no product, no correct information, no refund... Give some reasons, why that happening?!

    5. Missing avatar


      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backers whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      This is my formal request for a refund of my pledge amount.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ka on

      Cables are defect soon after using them. In case u find them on the market: do not buy.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Surber on

      Please refund my kickstarter pledge....I have not received this item.

    8. Missing avatar

      thomas galicia on

      refund please, as well.

    9. Ryosuke Nakagami on

      It on the market if you find for refund.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hellström on

      I have not noticed kickstarter taking any money to this project.
      Are you sure they did? When was that?

    11. Joe Harris on

      Please issue me an immediate refund!!

    12. Senthil Kumar Damodaran

      Haven't received my item. Please refund if you unable to make it

    13. Bradley Warten Attente on

      i still have not recived my item wtf this is a fucken joke where is my item

    14. esbibi on

      Refund please

    15. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Lake on

      Anyone else experience tons of failed projects? Not sure if I have been extra unlucky. I have lost hope in this platform. I'm tired of getting taken advantage of.
      Would love to know if funding was suspended, how is it we haven't been reimbursed?

    16. Valerie Tyson on

      What does "campaign suspended" mean? Will backers be refunded?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jan Manek on

      Funding suspended by Kickstarter - this means I've thrown my pledge out of window probably. Nothing received ...

    18. Missing avatar

      Ka on

      Oh, wrong place - they are on indigogo and the product makes very bad Impression same as team

    19. Missing avatar

      Ka on

      Please, refund my money. All products have defects and I now refer to the warranty included. Thanks

    20. Joe Bravo on

      Haven't received product. No new updates. Haven't heard from kickstarter. I suspect the project is either cancelled or delayed. Either way we need an update and and option to refund. What's up kickstarter, are you going to respond?

    21. Kevin Dowling on

      Never received the product. Refund please.

    22. Seoane on


      Can you tell me when I will received my product?



    23. Missing avatar

      Newkid on

      never received the product
      What is the update?
      Scheduled delivery in February
      Hate kickstarter project because of this

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lynn on

      Can I get a Refund?

    25. Aaron Lu on

      I haven't received anything TOO!!

    26. Mike Marazzo on

      Says funding was suspended--did anyone recover their money back??

    27. Missing avatar

      aziz abdulreda on

      I haven't received anything :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Man Yue, Choy on

      I didn't received the product, pls clarify!

    29. BERTRAND on

      got mine a month ago, very disappointed about the quality... the connexion is as poor as on regular cable and i can already see the wires out of the connector.
      2 out of 3 cables are not recognised by my iOS devices so it is like the cables are completely useless. I ti si said that it is not a certified accessoiry and wont work on this device...
      After such a long wait, more than 9 months, it is big disappointment....

    30. Mohammed Alghanim on

      Can I get an update on when is this product is going to be shipped to me and if I need to put an input before you ship it

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on

      Any news from Kickstarter or the company? This is a little bit ridiculous

    32. Missing avatar


      I have not received it either!!

    33. esbibi on

      I have not received it either~~~

    34. MEP on

      I haven't received my UsBidi Charger yet!

    35. Rune Sovndahl on

      I have not received it either!!

    36. Craig Chemaly on

      So ridiculous that it got suspended here. Just received mine, so thanks so much guys!!

    37. Rav Indra Kumar on

      Hi there I haven't received my UsBidi Charger yet, I've been waiting so long that I've now changed my phone and will need to change 1 of my orders to a Type C charger - can you please facilitate.

    38. Missing avatar

      Johan Sandborg on

      hi, I haven't received product or any update concerning delivery dates . Any hope of getting this ?

    39. UsBidi Charger Creator on

      @William,You received your perk from Indiegogo, but not KS, this campaign suspended here on KS.

    40. William on

      I received my order! Work well and the features are nice. A little bigger than expected but not a problem.

    41. Missing avatar


      @creator I have not received my product. And there are no updates from you. It would be nice or rather good customer service support if you updated us.

    42. Valerie Tyson on

      I never received the product. What is the update?

    43. Missing avatar

      Chin Yung Kao on

      I don't receive any think at all.

    44. esbibi on

      i don't get anything. no money no thing.

    45. Valerie Tyson on

      So this says it was suspended, was I charged? I didnt receive the product

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