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Zeppelin Attack! is a lean, fightin' deck builder where you play a villainous mastermind in command of a fleet of deadly dirigibles!
1,200 backers pledged $35,524 to help bring this project to life.

Zeppelin Attack! Stretch Goals Come Early; New International Purchasing Option

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Wow! We hit our "announce the stretch goals early" milestone of 500 backers today. That's nuts. And we're orbiting the $13k mark. Steady progress and plenty of fans — we love it. Thanks for joining our Superb Owl party (that's a joke for the USA folks). :)

So as mentioned, today we're going to talk about the project's stretch goals. We're also going to try something new (for us) to help out folks who live outside United States get copies of the game. Details follow!

Stretch Goal One: Promo Pack Attack!

Once we reach 600 backers — that's just 100 away! — every physical copy of the game ordered through the Kickstarter (including the copies going to retailer backers) will come with a pack of four promotional cards: Edison's Atomic Robot (attack), Tesla's Atomic Robot (defense), The Man With The Plan (operative), and No Rest For The Wicked (fate). While it may be possible to get these cards after the Kickstarter, only backers and customers of our retailer backers will be certain to get them!

Stretch Goal Two: Doomsday Weapons Expansion!

Should your support bring us to $28,000, Doomsday Weapons will bring atomic energy, science zeppelins, and experimental weaponry to your game! 

Doomsday Weapons is the first expansion for the Zeppelin Attack deck building game. It adds a new deck of Mercenary Zeppelin cards (Science Zeppelins), a new type of Attack and Defense cards (Atomic), and new “Experimental Attack” cards for each player. It also adds new cards to each of the existing Mercenary decks, as well as new Fate cards. You can preview the rules these will add to the game here:

Once unlocked, you may add $10 to your pledge to add a copy of the expansion to your package (no additional shipping will be charged). And don't worry if you miss this getting unlocked before the campaign ends — if it is, we'll give you the opportunity to commit for it afterwards. 

Because we know you'll ask: If you want to increase your pledge by $10 now to help us reach this goal, we'd definitely appreciate it (no pressure, just appreciation!). After the campaign, we'll be bringing folks onto BackerKit to manage their shipment and address information; if you decide at that point you want to spend $10 on something else from Evil Hat, we'll be able to make that happen through that pledge manager service.

Lest We Neglect To Mention Our Digital Destroyers

Yes, our DIGITAL DESTROYER and higher backers at $10+ will get the print & play PDF versions of the promo cards after the campaign, if unlocked.

Yes, backers at $10+ will get the print & play PDF versions of the Doomsday Weapons expansion cards after the campaign, if unlocked.

No. Extra. Charge. :)

International Lieutenant: A New International Purchasing Option

We've heard from a number of you that you'd like to see a smaller-number-of-games international reward option for the campaign. As we've said previously, there's some trickiness to the math there. In particular, the $30 cost to get an item under four pounds in weight to a foreign country does not budge for us (our post office has been losing its mind the last few years with international shipping rates). So if we offered, for example, a $50 reward tier that included that $30 shipping, and it got popular, it would actually undermine the funding for the project — the percentage allocated to shipping would leave too little left to go towards actually manufacturing the game.

We've seen other kickstarter campaigns offer reward tiers that promise "shipping will be billed separately". Historically, in our analysis, we've been uncomfortable about this strategy; we feel it increases the chances that someone will back the project without reading their selected reward carefully, who will then balk at being asked to pay more after the campaign is done. 

While that's still a worry, we're going to experiment with offering this in our new INTERNATIONAL LIEUTENANT tier (which will go live within a few minutes of this post). Our prior Kickstarter for Fate Dice gave us a chance to get more acquainted with BackerKit, a pledge management service we'll be using for this campaign, and now we feel grounded enough with how it works that we think we can do this.

How it works will be fairly simple: folks selecting that tier commit for a $20 buy-in now (plus $20 for each additional copy desired), and after the campaign is over and BackerKit invites go out, they'll be asked to pay the $30 shipping fee through that service. This way, the shipping fee component does not contribute towards the campaign's overall funding, preventing the undermining effect we talk about above.

Please note that the math works out such that if you ask for 6 copies through this tier ($20 x 6 = $120), once the shipping portion is paid you'll have paid the exact same amount as the INTERNATIONAL ARMADA tier ($120 + $30 = $150), so there is parity between the two reward tiers. :) Given the shipping costs we're seeing, it's still smartest to go for at least two or more copies of the game! 

This will give our fans abroad the opportunity you've been asking for — and will help make sure those promo cards from above make it to more shores than our own. Thanks for sticking with us and helping us find our way to it! Y'all are aces in our book. :)

And that's it! Thanks for being a part of our first milliwheaton of backers for our campaign. Together the skies will be ours!

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    1. Eric Raué on

      The expansion sounds pretty interesting. I especially like how starting decks remain the same so players don't have defense against Atomic attacks unless they buy a mercenary defense card. Interested in seeing more science zeppelins.

      I've notice some mechanical themes to the attack types in the mercenary cards. Cold slows down your opponent by making them discard, explosive gains you fate cards accelerating buying, lightning is a mixture between opponent discard and gaining fate cards, and Psionic discards action cards. Glad to see Atomic cards play differently by affecting all players.

      How much longer does it take to play with the expansion?

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Correct, Kaarchin — the baseline shipping cost does not change no matter how many copies you add.

    3. Kaarchin on

      For the International Armada, adding the expansion does not alter your shipping costs?

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Your math is correct, Andrew.

    5. Andrew Loch on

      I'm assuming international armada backers don't all have to stump for the expansion if they don't want to. that is, if only 3 out of the 6 or more want the expansion then you just add $30 and you get three expansion? Better to make certain now then have problems later I figure

    6. Anonymous on

      We have 7 more backers and one more day to wait for an update :/ I shared Fred!

    7. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Harrison, good question! BackerKit is definitely a strong deciding factor here. I am confident we'll hit the stretch, but the reality is that if we don't we'll still be able to convert that overpayment into other stuff for folks via the 'Kit. Regardless, suffice it to say we have contingency plans. :)

    8. Harrison Swift on

      Some other boardgame kickstarters ask backers not to up their pledge in anticipation of an expansion stretch goal being met, because it can fritz up the math that keeps the project in the black (much like international shipping costs).

      I'm curious as to why that's not the case here. Is it because the effect is small enough in comparison to your margins, or is it because BackerKit makes it easier to account for it?

    9. Peter Cobcroft on

      I'm International Armada - so still looking for other locals for games before I start asking them if they want expansions as well :)

    10. Brian Rosenberger on

      I have faith we will get the expansion funded so I already added my $10. Let see who else matches me :)