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Rise up against the Corporations in this RPG set in the same world as The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution.
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In a cyberpunk, dystopian future, the citizens of Paris Nouveau are no more than indentured servants. Virtual reality has come at a cost they can never pay, a tradeoff of freedom for technology. But there are freedom fighters who reject the system, unplugging from the illusion and working to make things right once again. They are la Résistance

Rise up and defy the corporations in the Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG, set in the same universe as The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution from Indie Boards & Cards.

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Uprising is the roleplaying game based on the hit Dystopian Universe (DU) games from Indie Boards & Cards, including The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution. Like the other DU games, Uprising is about cunning spies and government agents, loyalty and betrayal, propaganda, unrest, and violent revolution. Unlike the other games, it’s a roleplaying game or RPG. Uprising uses a modified version of the Fate Core rules. You’ll step into the identities behind the cards—or make your own—and foment rebellion, betray close friends, aid enemies, and hopefully survive the dark and gritty streets of Paris Nouveau.

An RPG? What’s that?  

In a roleplaying game, all of the players work together to tell a story--in this case, one about the lives of revolutionaries in the cyberpunk world of Paris Nouveau. Most of the players are PCs or player characters. These players decide what their character will do in response to what's happening in game. One person at the table will be the Game Master or GM. This player decides what the opposition and supporting characters do. When a character takes action, the player will roll the dice to see how successful (or unsuccessful) that effort is, but the real fun is in deciding together what happens next.

Your cyberpunk Paris experience may vary.
Your cyberpunk Paris experience may vary.

What if I’ve never played an RPG before?

You're in luck! RPGs are a lot of fun, and we've made special effort to insure this one is accessible to fans of the other DU games who might never have tried an RPG. Inside, you'll find the following beginner-friendly elements:

  • Character archetypes based on familiar DU cards – Ever look at the cards during a game of Coup: Rebellion G54 and wonder what the Aristocrat or the General was thinking? This is your chance to find out first-hand!
  • Beginner-friendly instructions – All this group storytelling sounds great, but what exactly do you do? This book lays it all out, along with an example of how it would play at the table.
  • Character playsheets – Like the other DU games, all of the characters fall into familiar types. Pick a playsheet, customize it, and get playing quickly.
  • Sample missions - To help out new GMs (and anyone short on time!), we’ve provided a series of pre-made missions. All the pieces, plot points, and characters are provided!
Step into the Dystopian Universe
Step into the Dystopian Universe

I’m a Fate fanatic! What’s in it for me?

For gamers familiar with Fate, Uprising offers some new and exciting mechanics—not to mention that compelling cyberpunk setting. Inside, you’ll find the following new elements:

  • Secrets – Fate Core is built around camaraderie and teamwork, but at its core, the Dystopian Universe is full of backstabbing and deceit. Uprising provides a mechanical system for in-character secrets that will keep everyone at the table guessing.
  • Prep scenes – Do more with your downtime than just refreshing your Fate pool with the new prep scene rules. Request favors, requisition equipment, and create advantages to use later.
  • New action rules – Instead of skills or approaches, Uprising uses means—Fight, Manipulate, Maneuver, and Observe. Adjust the outcome depending on whether the means fit the end goal.
  • Advancement system – Instead of milestones, character-specific goals lead to character growth—and sometimes put the characters at odds with each other.
In Paris Nouveau, danger lurks around every corner.
In Paris Nouveau, danger lurks around every corner.

At KS launch, we’ve already got a laid out copy of the game, which you can download immediately upon pledging. We're still finishing up the art, and we'll be sharing the development of the last few pieces with you throughout this Kickstarter! Next steps include proofing (which you can help with by downloading the instant PDF and reporting any problems here), finishing up that art, and print production.

Our current timeline has Kickstarter fulfillment happening in December 2018, but we're looking at possibilities to shave some time off of that. Of course we’ll keep you notified of how we’re doing at every step of the process. We’re rather proud of our track record when it comes to prompt KS fulfillment and excellent customer service, and, as always, we’re committed to making this KS a positive experience for our backers.

The PDF: As a backer of this project at any level, you'll get immediate access to the early preview PDF before the Kickstarter campaign concludes. We're doing this because we want to make it easy for you to decide if this game is for you, particularly if you’re new to RPGs. It also gives you a chance to provide us critical feedback that will improve the game in its final form. We’ll update the final PDF for backers at the $20 level and up, as soon as that’s available. But folks who don't back this project will have to wait a few months before they'll get their hands on that.

Please note that you'll see some art placeholders in the book (outlines or blank boxes). If that wasn't clear above, we'll be filling those in with the remaining art once it's done.

The Hardcover Book: Those backing at $39 and higher will receive a 6"x9", hardcover, 310 page, full color version of Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG. Shipping late 2018.

Digital Bonuses: All backers at $20 and higher will receive a download link to a digital bonus pack. This downloadable folder of awesomeness will include copies of Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, Venture City (our superhero flavored cyberpunk supplement), and Designers & Dragons: The 70’s (the first volume in our four book history of the RPG industry), plus sample chapters from recent releases Fate Adversary Toolkit, Dresden Files Accelerated, and upcoming releases Tachyon Squadron and Scum and Villainy.

UNLOCKED: POD Secrets Deck: Once we reach $10,500, we'll unlock a digital coupon code for a POD copy of the Secrets Deck from DriveThruCards for all backers at $20 and up. The book comes with printable secret cards so you can get playing immediately (and you'll be able to download a clean PDF of them from our website), but we'd like to offer a more durable card option. The code will allow you to purchase the POD version at cost (around $1.22 based on our current quote, as opposed to the $5-or-so we'll charge outside of this KS) plus shipping.

UNLOCKED: Paris Nouveau Corporate Catalog: Once we reach this funding goal, we'll unlock the Corporate Catalog supplement for all backers at $20 and up. This electronic-only, approximately 5000 word supplement will include more corporations to act as foils, antagonists, or uneasy allies; equipment produced by each corporation to provide an easy PC-purchase list; and additional corp-specific implants and contacts.

UNLOCKED: Safehouses and Hotspots: At $23K, all backers at $20 and up will unlock the Safehouses and Hotspots supplement. This electronic-only, approximately 4000 word supplement will include 2-page spreads with ready-made encounters that the GM can drop into existing missions. GMs can also repurpose the included NPC stats for use in a home-brew mission.

UNLOCKED: The Second Fall and Other Stories: Our next stretch goal is for The Second Fall and Other Stories, which will be available to all backers at $20 and up. Many of the missions in the core book are stand-alone, but some connect into a loose story arc. This downloadable, approximately 5000 word supplement will provide additional story arcs, each broken down into six connected missions. These can be chained together or run as a ready-made campaign. Once we unlock this goal, we’ll start writing!

UNLOCKED: Beyond the Walls: Once we unlock this stretch goal, we’ll start working on the Beyond the Walls, which will be available to all backers at $20 and up. This supersized supplement (at approximately 10,000 words) will focus on a new city beyond the walls of Paris Nouveau, with a different style of oppression. It will include a setting write up, a trio of missions, and a new social class with three new playsheets.

UNLOCKED: Invisible Hands: The Black Market: Once we unlock this stretch goal, we’ll start working on the Invisible Hands supplement, which will be available to all backers at $20 and up. This 5000 word electronic supplement will give you a look at the underbelly of Paris Nouveau—with echoes of the Grifters of the Dystopian Universe. It will include new underworld contacts and plenty of illegal tech to fuel your campaigns.

UNLOCKS AT $52,000: Upfrancisco Uprising: Once we unlock this stretch goal, we’ll start working on a profile of Upfrancisco. Take your Uprising campaign to an entirely new setting and country with this 10,000 word electronic supplement. It will include a setting write up, a trio of missions, and a new social class with three new playsheets.

As with our other recent Kickstarters, we're charging a flat $6 shipping fee.  This also allows us to subsidize the shipping a bit--the actual S&H costs will be more than the $6 we're charging you.

We'll also be using BackerKit, where you'll also be able to configure your rewards. BackerKit is a pledge manager--a separate website that gives you (and us!) greater control over what happens after the campaign than a simple survey would. You'll also have the option to add on a few select items via the BackerKit if you choose to do so, with no extra shipping costs.

We’ve made the difficult decision not to offer international shipping in this Kickstarter. To put it simply—the shipping costs our distributors are able to offer is as much or more than the products we’d ship. We can’t in good conscience ask you to pay it. However, we still want international folks to be able to get their hands on the goodies. You can try a freight forwarder or a friendly American willing to forward the shipment to you. If that's not feasible for you, we've made it a point to make all of the materials available in an international-friendly electronic tier to make sure you can join the uprising no matter where you live. And of course we'll make the book available in international distribution, when we get to that point.

Developers: Brian Engard, Anna Meade

Editor: J.D. Yearsley

Proofreader: Rita Tatum

Artists: Jordy Knoop, Laura Diaz, Arthur Asa

Layout & Graphic Design: Dale Horstman, Fred Hicks

Art Director: Brian Patterson

Creative Director: Brian Engard

Creative Consultant: Anna Meade

French Language Review: Sophie Lagacé

System Developer: Ed Turner

Line Developer: Leonard Balsera

Stretch Goal Authors: Sophie Lagacé, Richard Bellingham

Business Development: Chris Hanrahan

Marketing Manager: Carrie Harris

Project Managers: Sean Nittner, Sophie Lagacé  

Product Developers: Fred Hicks and Chris Hanrahan

Voice of the Hat: Paul Tevis

Video Production: Eric B. Vogel

Credit for Derivative Work: Based on the Fate Core System by Leonard Balsera, Ryan Macklin, Brian Engard, Mike Olson, Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue 

IP Holders: Travis Worthington, Indie Boards & Cards

Risks and challenges

Evil Hat is an experienced RPG publisher. We've printed many role-playing games in a variety of physical formats over the past few years—twelve in the past two years alone. This puts us in a fine position to take on the risks and challenges that will arise. Experience tells us that things don’t always go as planned.

Here's what we can anticipate as potential problems.

The Art: The art could take longer to execute than we're hoping it will, or could simply manifest in a fashion we find unsatisfactory (requiring a 'do-over'). Artists are people with real lives and those lives come with schedule-complicating problems. If any delay looks like it will be short, we'll likely roll with it, and we'll let you know what's up. If it looks like something long, we have an assortment of other artists we've worked with over the years who we know can execute quickly and on-time for a deadline.

The Text: While the editing, layout, and playtesting of Uprising is largely done, it's possible that you will identify some glaring issue that we need to address before we take this fully to publication. That can add time, for sure. Luckily we have several talented writers available if we need a fix, as well as layout and editing people on standby, so any necessary changes should proceed quickly.

Printing: We have a strong, established relationship with our printers. We’ve got them on tap to print the books in whatever quantity we end up needing. But printers can run into problems all the same: supply shortages, unexpected delays due to company holidays or industry events, shipping problems, printing errors, and so on. We’ve got the experience to stay atop those potential problems and the flexibility to pivot and address them promptly. In the event of defective product, we will send a replacement at no cost to you.

Shipping: Packages get lost. We'll send replacements. Shipping can take longer than expected. We won't put the book on sale until they've shipped out all backer copies. Shipping costs can end up higher than expected. We'll absorb the overage.

Finances: Thanks to the success of the Dresden Files RPG and our other projects, Evil Hat is a perhaps atypically solvent RPG company. We've already invested time and money to get Uprising to this point, and our bank account continues to look plenty healthy. If an unexpected cost arises, we've got the cushion to take the hit.

If there's any risk or challenge YOU can think of that we haven't mentioned here, please write in and ask. We love to answer questions, and we do our best to provide an unparalleled customer service experience whenever possible. We intend to impress you.

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