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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

August Update! Hey, It's Still August! This does too count! YUP HUH IT DOES!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Behold, another month, another chunk o' progress. Not as much to report last time (in terms of volume of text), but that doesn't mean big strides haven't been made. Let's get to it! So—


—Oh! Hey there. What's up?

You feeling ok?

Pretty great, actually, why?

You were getting right to the topic.

And that's... unusual?

We have expectations!

I—uh, okay there buddy, I'm gonna just go ahead and get to the point.

It's like we don't even know you any more.

And that's a pain I'll have to bear.

So! Here's what's happened in the intervening month since our July update:

  • All the art updates for the core set are done. (Work on the expansions, covering six novel decks, is currently underway.)
  • All the art necessary for the promo materials (Mouse Deck, Ra Deck, plus variants for Harry and Susan) is done.
  • We've started the ball rolling with the manufacturer to get the core set manufactured. (Turns out that since we're going to be ordering in such large quantities, there's no real savings to be had in waiting and printing the expansions at the same time, so this will let us get a bit of a head start on the whole months-long process of manufacture. It also spreads out the work so it's not all a frantic rush to get 4 new products set up with the manufacturer simultaneously.)

Right now the important work of getting the game ready for manufacture is eclipsing any other time I might put towards the project, like updating the print & play files for backers, etc. While that task does remain on my radar, I keep prioritizing — correctly, I think — to-dos that move the actual game forward & keep Evil Hat's cash flow flowing. So that's a hoped-for eventually without a date on it, and I apologize for that. I've only got so many hours available in the day for EHP work. :)

You can show us some Mouse art though, can't you?

I... could?


You're making the sad puppy eyes! Stop it!



 With bonus Blue Beetle!

Liver Spots is in a bad... uh, spot.

I'm saving a few of the images (forgive me) because I still want y'all to have a few fun surprises when you get hands on the promo deck. :) Also because I've learned from Jim how to bathe in the tears of the fans. It's GREAT for the complexion!

Another Demo Opportunity in the Washington, DC Area

It's true! I'm gonna do some more demoing in the DC area. It's like I live there or something! Actually it's totally because I live there.

As folks who've signed up for the Hat-Fans-DC mailing list already know, I'm going to be attending WashingCon in a couple weeks. Despite the name, the convention isn't about getting my laundry done at all! This is a small local convention just entering its second year, and run in part by one of the best game stores in the area, Labyrinth Puzzles & Games. Evil Hat is helping to sponsor the RPG Room at the con this year, and I'll be haunting the halls outside that room or wandering the tables within it both days. 

I will definitely have DFCO demos with me and we may be able to snag a couple tables outside the room to show off the game and give folks a chance to play. I won't be rushing to get there right at opening each day (it's a bit of a round-the-beltway trip to get there for me) but so long as you're not targeting a narrow range of times your chances of finding me and getting in a demo should be pretty good.

And that's it for the month's update! I need to get back to reviewing the revised quote from the manufacturer so I can get the core game job started in earnest. Stay tuned for next month's update, and thank you as always for your support!

July Update! Backerkit Timeline, Art Progress, Audio Tracks, and DC-area Demo This Weekend

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hey, Fred

Hey! Hey, you. Hey. There. There you are.

How's it going?

Oh, you know. Busy. 


I'm forgetting something...? OHHH, right, the UPDATE. I should post one.



... now? Now. Okay! Let's get into it.

BackerKit Target: October

I'm setting October as my target for getting the BackerKit set up and ready for y'all to start making your selections, changing your address information, all that jazzmatazz. (Not a real word. Should be a real word. Sounds snazzier than razzmatazz. Snazzmatazzier, even. ... I'll show myself out.)

As we've noted on an earlier update, there's no need to change your address info that you gave in your preliminary survey response, since that survey wasn't about delivery, it was about getting an overall sense of where folks are so we can do logistical planning. If your address has changed since then, no worries, just wait until October. You'll get a chance to change it then.

Art Update Continues

Tyler Walpole continues working on the update for the Book decks' art. It's looking real good, y'all. Real good.

In more auditory new—


Uh... you okay? You seem to be—


... vibrating, I guess? Oh, you want to see some of the updated art? How about Storm Front? Here's a look at how that scenario is getting a facelift, a little before/after action:

The snazzmatazziest!
The snazzmatazziest!

I love love love Tyler's rendition of Kalshazzak in particular. This is all going to look really great on the board. Thank you all for making it happen! 

At any rate, in less visual news...

Ambient Audio Tracks!

We've got em! As you may recall, our final round of stretches pushed for some thematic ambient audio tracks to play in the background while you're playing through the scenarios of the card game. 

And you funded six tracks, enough to cover Storm Front, Fool Moon, Grave Peril, Summer Knight, Death Masks, and Side Jobs — all the options in the core game.

So, since that was the goal you set for us, we figured we should over-deliver instead, and asked Wes Otis from Plate Mail Games for twice as many. 

That's right, you'll be getting twelve audio tracks today instead of six, with additional tracks covering the three expansions y'all funded as well. Sorry! You'll just have to enjoy them twice as much. It's a heavy burden to bear. We're sure you'll soldier on despite it all.

These are 10-minute tracks each of background sounds inspired by the events and cards of each novel & scenario deck. So with 12 tracks, you've got two hours of gameplay audio here. Enjoy!

You can find the files now (or soon, after they sync up) in the folder linked from Update #1:

Demoing, Playtesting, Etc in the MD/DC/VA Area

I live just north of Washington, DC. This Sunday afternoon (July 29th, 1pm-6pm, ish) I'm going to be at Comics & Gaming in Fairfax, VA to demo the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game! I'll do my best to have at least two or three sets to run games with, assuming available table-space. 

If you haven't gotten a chance to play yet, or if you'd like to come watch me blather about the rules and run around like a wild beast, come on by on Sunday between lunch and dinner time. Location: Comics & Gaming Fairfax 10385 Main Street / Fairfax, VA 22030, USA / ph. 703.865.8110

Relatedly, I'm interested in building up a list of folks who might be interested in playing and/or playtesting future expansions for DFCO who live locally to the DC area. 

So if you live near DC, whether in DC itself, or nearby in Maryland or Virginia, and you're interested in guinea-pigging for me occasionally, please sign up for the Hat-Fans-DC mailing list. Whenever I'm ready to play or test something, I'll post a message there. I'm splitting the design duties with Eric Vogel for possible-future-expansions #4 and #5 for DFCO, so that means you may get a chance to test-drive my designs of decks for Kincaid, Mortimer, and Ghost Story, as well as other stuff that Eric sends me to give a whirl. And this may expand beyond DFCO at some point — we'll see!

You can sign up for Hat-Fans-DC here:!forum/hat-fans-dc (I've only just now set it up, so if anything's hinky, please let me know.)

That's it for today's update — thank you as always for your support, and I look forward to giving you 

Dem Funky Expansion Characters

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hey! Uh... hi! I'm back from Origins, right? 

I feel like I should be back from Origins.

Fun Time, Fred?

The funnest! We got to run a bunch of demos for people at the IPR booth and in the Board Room. Plus eat Jeni's ice cream. All the Jeni's ice cream.

Not LOTS of Jeni's Ice Cream. ALL of Jeni's Ice Cream.
Not LOTS of Jeni's Ice Cream. ALL of Jeni's Ice Cream.

 At any ra—

Fred, I Just Read The Title Of This Post.

Awesome! I'm glad. It's the first thing I wrote. I'm writing more right now. Are you r—


Okay! Let's start with the first part. Eric Vogel has made another entry in his DFCO-inspired funk opus, a follow-up to the previously-released Foo Dog. It's called Magic Man and... well, I won't precisely say that you should listen to it, but... well... you'll be forever curious if you don't, and forever changed if you do

Here, I'm just gonna leave this sitting here and let you make the call.

Don't say I didn't warn you. 

At any rate you can download your copy over on Update #1: — I put it in the Audio Magnificence subfolder along with the Foo Dog track, because, c'mon, it's pretty clear those two belong togeth—




... yes?

It's Time.

To... tell you m—


—ore. Right! Stop shouting, sheesh! 

I put something else in Update #1 too. Something... wonderful.

My gods... it's full of cards!
My gods... it's full of cards!

That's right, the expansion hero decks are now available to you as well. You can find print & play files for both the expansion book decks (as mentioned in a prior update) and the hero decks (as mentioned right now) in Update #1: 

We don't have the variant cards and decks done yet, so never fear, I'll still have some more fun stuff to give you later this year. :) I suppose you'll have to settle for this pile of awesomeness for now.

In the meantime, I'll continue to work with Tyler Walpole on the art, and with, uhhh, me, on finishing up the overall graphic design and packaging for the game and expansions. Everything looks like it's remaining right on track!

More soon. Enjoy those new cards. And thanks as always for your support!

Fixing/Upgrading Your Pledge, Our Retailers & Group-Buy Helpers, and Origins Bound

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

I'm out of town most of next week for Origins in Columbus, Ohio, so let's get you an update before I go. Origins is one of m—

Fred, I Need Help

Oh! Jeez, sorry, I should have asked. What's up?

I Chose The Wrong Reward Level ... 
I Want to Add Items to My Order...
I Need to Add Expansion Packs...
I'm outside/inside the USA but I selected a reward level that's inside/outside the USA...
I already want to change my address...

Wow, there are a lot of you with a lot of things you want done with your pledges.

Good news! It's all fixable. 

Using BackerKit.

In a few months, when we launch it.

In fact, that's one of the big reasons we're using BackerKit. It gives us a lot more flexibility to address post-campaign problems like those above. So if you have a concern that matches any of the stuff above, please sit tight. Like I've been saying, it'll be a few months before we launch the BackerKit, and that's where and when you'll be able to take care of any of these sorts of issues.


Right. :) We got your back, no worries. 

Harry, you worry too much! It's only the end of the world!
Harry, you worry too much! It's only the end of the world!


Anyway, I'll be at Origins next w—

Hey Fred, I'm not a backer.

Oh! Uh, hi. How'd you—

But I wanna be.

Well, see, the Kickstarter was a limited time off—

Is there anyone I can team up with to buy in after the fact? Maybe another backer, or a retailer?

That's why I ran the preliminary survey last week, so we could gather that data, and oh all right you're practically quivering go ahea—


I do! We're gonna be hosting it over on Evil Hat, and I'll update it when I can. We've gotten in the vast majority of survey responses already, though, so this should be a pretty solid starting list.

You can find it over here:

Big thanks to those who volunteered to be put on this list!

If you expected to be on the above list, and aren't, either a) you didn't respond to the survey in time, or b) you responded and indicated you weren't willing to be published as a contact, or c) you responded and indicated that you were willing to be published as a contact, but then gave no workable contact information in the contact information field (e.g., "Facebook page" instead of a website URL for your facebook page, or "n/a", etc). Feel free to leave a contact-info-providing comment on the post linked above in such a case. :)

If you are on the list and are wondering how to add on more copies for the folks who contact you, see the above, re: waiting until BackerKit launches!

Thank You Talk About Origins Now

Origins is one of my favorite conventions. It's big without being too big, it has lots of social and play opportunities, the best food options of any convention I've been to, and it's just so very relaxing.

That's not to say I don't have plans for the thing when I get there next week, June 15th-19th.

Dealer's Hall: If you're looking to check out Evil Hat's stuff while you're at Origins, we are represented (as always) by Indie Press Revolution. They'll be at booth #826 — go to the second-from-the-right aisle and head on down until you see them, on the left just past Hill's Wholesale. Here's a map of the hall as planned.  

Haberdashers Represent: I'll be at Origins (I'm Fred Hicks), as will DFCO designer Eric Vogel, Evil Hat co-founder Rob Donoghue, Project Manager Sean Nittner, Editor Karen Twelves, and VP of Business Development Chris Hanrahan. (Probably more too but those are the ones I immediately know about who are DFCO-relevant.)

How to Find Us: Make sure to follow me on Twitter, as I'll post semi-regular updates about where I am throughout the con. It'll be smart to follow Evil Hat's official twitter account as well for similar reasons. 

Booth Appearances: We do have a couple booth appearances scheduled with Indie Press Revolution at booth #826. Given the success & excitement of DFCO, we're going to use those times to focus on a series of short DFCO demos by the designer himself, Eric Vogel. I'll swap in and help out if he needs to leave early. It's a single table thing, tho, so you may have to spectate rather than play (but see further below).

  • Friday 17th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Evil Hat 
  • Saturday 18th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Evil Hat

Outside of the Booth: When I'm not descending upon the North Market like a swarm of pixies, often as not I'll be at the Board Room area of the con — it requires an additional $20 ribbon to enter, but there's lots of open seating and a BIG board game library. Plus I'll have a bunch of prototypes of DFCO with me and I'll be very happy to play it with you, or set it up for you to play with your friends. So flag me down on the tweetnets if you're looking to make that happen. Or look for the guy with the blue or purple hair who looks like that face on my twitter account because spoiler alert that's totally my face on my twitter account. No not the gorilla, the other monkey in the avatar image oh forget it.

Anyway if I manage to have all my prototypes with me, I can support up to 25 players at once pretty easy, so if you're headed to Columbus and have a burning desire to play DFCO, let's make that happen!

That's it for today's update. I'll see you after the con. And thank you as always for your support!

Step 2: Gather Preliminary Data!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)


Before I get into details, please let me remind you that our prior post on May 23rd covered our next steps for the campaign. This post is written with the assumption that you already understand everything from that update. So, if you didn't read that then, please read it now. :) 

Hello, welcome back! Since you've read that post, that means you know what's coming here. I'll talk about the first survey a few paragraphs further down. But first some transparency!

It's been two weeks since the campaign ended— 


I know? I know! I totally know.

— and that means all payments made to Kickstarter have been processed and are being transferred over to us. That alone has a cost associated with it — Kickstarter takes a 5% cut, and payment processing runs 3-5% (in our case it's turned out to be a very pleasant 3.2%). Here's the screen that shows those numbers:

$45k off the top, please. Keep it neat and simple. No sideburns. I SAID NO SIDEBURNS, TOMAS!
$45k off the top, please. Keep it neat and simple. No sideburns. I SAID NO SIDEBURNS, TOMAS!



Yep. I don't begrudge that $45k tho, and neither should you. Kickstarter made this all possible and totally earned their 5% cut = $27k. And it's really hard to get a payment processing fee lower than we did on over $500k of sales. 

That said, with the money coming our way at last it's time to start spending it in other ways too. Which brings me to the survey.



Before we fire up BackerKit, I'd like to get a solid, reasonably accurate picture of where everyone is. This will help us finalize our shipping plans and sort out whether we need to look for additional fulfillment options near particular concentrations of backers. 

So, we're going to ask you to supply your shipping address as part of this survey — but it will not need to be the final shipping address for you. BackerKit will give you the opportunity to change your address all throughout 2016 and into early 2017 before we lock that all down and charge cards for any extras or shipping fees. (Part of why it makes sense for us to hold off on launching BackerKit right away.) This is just to give us an overall sense of the map.

We'll also ask you a few questions so we can get those of you who want to be added to our email list can get added, and so we can start mounting a more coordinated effort to help people who didn't back the KS to find people and stores who did and maybe arrange for a group-buy. 

After trying to spin up group-buy options via the comments on our last post, we've realized that that probably wasn't the best way. Instead we'll ask anyone who wants to be contacted for additional buy-ins to provide a website link that someone can use to reach out. This could be a store's "contact us" page, a blog link, a facebook page — whatever works as a public contact interface. If you're not comfortable with offering at least that (we totally get why folks didn't want to put their raw email address out there), that's okay — but rather than increase our workload trying to coordinate communications on your behalf, we're gonna opt instead to leave you off the list. :)

In a couple weeks we'll post a page rounding up all the folks who responded, including (hopefully) most of our retailer-backers as we believe they'll be the best focal point for this sort of thing.

It might take a few (potentially interrupted by kids & such) hours to get all the surveys sent out, so keep an eye out and please provide your preliminary info soon as you can. Our logistics folks thank you in advance! (And so do I. Not the least of which because I'm one of those logistics folks.)

Anything else?

Audio and app development are both underway and sounding/looking rad. It's pretty early, so there's not much to show for it yet. Well, there is this screenshot. I mean, it's a camera shot of the screen of a phablet. It's sitting on a couch. But you can't see that because the screen's so bright (you gotta wear shades). Anyway, it's —



I wanna tap on it. Tap! Tap tap tap taptaptap!
I wanna tap on it. Tap! Tap tap tap taptaptap!

This is just an early, work-in-progress draft of the play screen, as they work out the placement of elements and how they'll condense information to work on smaller screens, but here's what I can tell you. When you zoom in on a card, it'll expand to show the full text. On larger-screen (or higher resolution) environments there will be an option to show the print version of the cards all the time rather than the condensed version. Talent and Stunt spaces are still needed, as well as a spot for the discard pile, so those aren't shown. But it's a heck of a first peek even if it ends up changing a bunch and ANYWAY IT'S COOL HEY WE'RE MAKING AN APP THAT'S SO GREAT AND

That's it for now! 

Keep an eye out for those preliminary surveys. More updates as we've got 'em. And thanks as always for your support!