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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

Where We Are At

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Bullet points and headers this time, keeping it as short and to the point as I can manage!

Problem Pledges

  • We have roughly ~20 backers whose cards did not correctly charge when covering their remaining balances in BackerKit.
  • We have roughly ~60 backers who are due shippables, but who will not be getting them because their information is not complete in BackerKit, due to never or only partially responding previously.
  • I have written to each of these backers via the Kickstarter messaging system, so if you have a message from me dated today (Feb 1st 2017) in your Kickstarter Message inbox you are likely one of the above backers. Please read the message and take appropriate action today!
  • Not sure where to find your Kickstarter Message inbox? It's one of the many links in the little drop-down menu on your avatar in the upper right corner of most KS pages, but what the hey, let me link you there directly: 

State of Shipping

  • United States backers, some great news: the first shipping container (of three — three!) arrived at Alliance yesterday, and another is due in today, with the final one showing up around the end of the week or just into next. That means we should be able to start our shipping operation by mid-month at the latest. It's by far the largest segment we need to ship, so it's not certain where in the process your specific shipment will go out. Given our large backer count I expect it to take several weeks at least.
  • Canada backers, we need to get all your stuff from the USA up to Starlit Citadel so the Canadian ship-out effort can begin. That process will begin next week, and I'm not yet sure how long it will take before stuff is with Starlit and ready to go.
  • Australia & New Zealand backers whose orders only contain DFCO items (e.g., no non-DFCO add-ons) will begin to ship thanks to Aetherworks in the next week or so. Proximity to China for the win!
  • Australia & New Zealand backers whose orders do contain other add-ons will need to wait a few extra weeks while we wrangle getting those items across the entire frickin' Pacific Ocean to Aetherworks.
  • United Kingdom and all other international destinations, the shipment has arrived at port but needs to be cleared through customs by GamesQuest's folks before it can get to them and the shipping effort can begin. I don't have a solid time estimate on how long this process will take, but I won't be surprised if it's still a few weeks out before shipping can fully begin.
  • Regardless, overall it looks like we're going to beat our start-of-shipping estimate of March by a month, and in the worst case we'll land right on that target. Almost as if we planned it that way.

The Road Ahead & Thanks

  • We'll have a bunch of DFCO (literal tons) available to sell in distribution and game store retail come late May/early June, and we'll launch the not-as-special-as-you-folks preorder on our webstore later this month...
  • ... so we hope you'll tear into the game and tell folks about the fun you have with it when it arrives for you over the next couple months! Word of mouth as always is the strongest factor in a game's commercial success. That's your delicious mouth-words we're talking about there. For real!
  • You are awesome and super great and don't you ever forget it.
  • Thanks as always for your support!

24 Hours Left for Address Corrections, Cards Charging this Weekend, and other info

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

So as not to bury the lede: If you need to correct your address in BackerKit you've got about 24 hours to do so. I'll be moving all responses that are complete over to "ready to ship" status and charging cards where necessary this weekend.

As mentioned before, the BackerKit is found at and if you have trouble getting in there to make your corrections you should waste no time leaving me a private message here on Kickstarter so I can get that sorted for you.

Overall status is as follows:

  • USA's shipment is due at our shipping warehouse (Alliance Games Distributors) by the beginning of February, or just past it. So we'll be trying to get as many of those packages out in February as we can.
  • Canada's shippables will be sourced out of the USA's, so we'll have a window between the arrival in the USA and getting the items up North to Starlit Citadel to get shipped out. I'm hopeful this can all happen within a timeframe that makes it work for our March shipping commitment.
  • Australia's shipment has arrived at their port in Sydney but it may take a few weeks to percolate through Customs and get to our shipping partners at Aetherworks. While that's happening I'll be working on getting any non-DFCO add-on items shipped over to them so that the shipments Down Under can commence by our March commitment at the latest.
  • UK's shipment (which serves most other international locations for us) is expected to arrive at port around the end of the month, so it may take much of February to percolate through customs and make it to our shipping partners at GamesQuest. During that timeframe I'll be working on getting any non-DFCO add-on items shipped over to them as well. If that happens to get us an early March commencement for shipping I'll be delighted; could be a little later into March depending on how the variables sort out.

So that's where we're at! Thanks as always for your support. :)

Now, I must go back to the wilds of tax preparation and year-end financials! Awayyyy!

Lockdown Is In Effect, Credit Cards to be Charged Nearer to February

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hey there folks! 

The BackerKit has been locked down (this means that add-ons can't be added any more, but address changes can still happen), and the credit cards on file for those who had additional sums to pay for shipping and add-ons will get charged nearer to February, a.k.a., the start of our shipping window. 

When we get to the card-charging time in a week or two, that'll be when the addresses will have to lock into place as well. 

Stragglers (you know who you are) will still be able to respond after that point but may see a delay on their shipping, and International stragglers may have to be refunded or pay additional since we'll be past the time of using our cost-saving methods for shipping the games out.


Ah, you're back.

You said most of that already in the title of the post, and in prior updates.

That is true. That is a thing I did. I'm not ashamed of it!



... did you have anything else to tell us?

Not really. But I can say a few things.

We're in the long slow time of stuff shipping and, eventually, filtering through Customs. There are three destinations for the shipments right now: the USA, the UK, and Australia. Shipments to those locations are scheduled to arrive towards the end of January, and it could then make speedy progress to our shipping centers through Customs, or Customs could cause things to take up to a month longer to get over to us. 

So while I'm targeting February as the start of the ship-out, it could be anywhere within February, possibly late into it, before we actually CAN start. (Canada may lag slightly because we've got to get its portion from the USA's portion on up to them, due to the vagaries of how much it made logistical and financial sense to ship to them from China vs. from our eventual US supply.)

This is no joke, folks: I believe this is the first time we've had a shipment come from China that even filled one shipping container — and all told, if I read the details right, all of the DFCO stuff is coming in three of those 40-ft-long suckers. By far this is the biggest product release we've ever done, and we're committed to getting it right. Getting it right will take time here & there, and I'll continue to (over)communicate about it as news comes in. 

I'll send out another (short, I promise I'll try!) message when I'm about to charge those cards. In the meantime, sit tight and think good thoughts to the gods of the Pacific waters, upon which so many copies of this game now float. :)

And — of course — thanks as always for your support!

If You're On This List You're Not Getting Your Stuff

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

The good news is, we've gotten a bunch of responses since my last message!

The less good news is, we're still at slightly over 110 backers who appear to be due a physical shipment, but who haven't responded on BackerKit so they will not be getting one... unless they respond this week.

On top of that, it turns out there's no easy (read as: not-whole-day-time-consuming, efficient, etc) way for me to directly message everyone who hasn't responded to BackerKit yet beyond the weekly reminder emails I've been sending to their Kickstarter email address of record. 

And yet, here we are, in the final week before lockdown (I'm aiming at January 10th) past which anyone who hasn't responded yet will either need to get a refund (if international) or at least deal with a delayed shipment (if domestic)! So, I'm resorting to posting a list. If you're on this list, you won't get a shipment on schedule if I don't have your in-BackerKit response by this time next week.

The list:


If you can't get things sorted out in BackerKit yourself:
Send me a private message using Kickstarter's messaging system — today!

We'll get back to our typical updatery after the lock-down's complete and we can forecast more of a trajectory for you. Everything looks to be on track for stuff to arrive in at our shipping centers in the USA, UK, and Australia around the end of the month/start of next.

Thanks as always for your support!

Boxing Day: 166 of you need to box your pledges up!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Not to hammer on the point too much, but of the 225 backers who haven't yet responded in BackerKit, 166 of you (including 6 retailer stores) are definitely supposed to get something, but will not be a part of the ship-out effort starting sometime in February if you don't respond in the next week-or-so.

Details are in the immediately prior update, but here's the link to the BackerKit again.

If you're a "straggler" and miss the backerkit window, but you're in the USA, we will probably be able to help you catch up at a later date, but don't let that stand as encouragement to drop the ball. :)

International "stragglers" will have to be refunded if they miss the BackerKit window, as shipping costs spike significantly when a pledge isn't counted as part of the bulk ship-outs to our international fulfillment centers (i.e., we'd have to ship it individually from the USA, destroying all of the savings & shipping budget for our int'l fulfillment effort).

Hope you all had a great 25th, and get plenty of relaxation and play-time between now and 2017. Thanks again for your support!