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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

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The Broken Token DFCO Box Organizer Arrives

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

You can grab this fine thang at

We really love the folks at Broken Token; they've done great work, consistently, across all their organizer products, and fans of DFCO (especially sleevers) will get a lot of value out of this item. I've gotten a chance to see it up close and can't wait to get my own in. Not to mention they turned this design around super-fast (we first talked to them about doing this in February)!

Hope at least a few of y'all enjoy this, and of course, thanks as always for your support. If you've got any questions, as usual, hit me with 'em in the comments.

App Preview & Origins Nigh

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

DFCO app news! No, no release date yet — still plenty of bugs to get hunted, features to build in, etc — but Hidden Achievement has been tearing it up with the DFCO app. Get a look at a solitaire playthrough of Fool Moon at the end of this post! Can app developer Tess beat this scenario, or will she end up meat for the wolves? Watch and find out.

In other news, the public release date of DFCO (and for that matter Dresden Files Accelerated) is right around the corner, with the Origins convention hitting next week, where we'll make our debut. If you're there, come on by to have a chat or get an in-person demo of the game (we'll have multiple tables and are starting demos every half hour) — we'll be at the Indie Press Revolution booth, #129, at the show. 

If you're not coming to Origins, we'll miss you, of course. But maybe you can make some noise locally, as the game hits stores... :)

Can't see the video here? Go to youtube:

And of course, thanks as always for your support!

Brief Status

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

I'm taking care of a sick kiddo today so I will be brief! 

Okay, okay okay. Brief-ish.

Friday afternoon my contact at Alliance told me that it's his understanding that all of the big 6,500 shipment ship-out to US backers have gone out as of Friday, but he was seeking confirmation and tracking information still as the close of business hit. So, I won't have certain confirmation of this happy event until Monday earliest, and I definitely won't be sending out tracking for those remaining shipments any earlier than then either. 

So, this means we've stuck the landing on our promise not only to ship within March, but deliver within March. (I will indulge in a small pat of my own back here, because that's a timeline I had to work out before I launched this campaign a full year ago. Pat pat, there you go, back! You done good! Who's a good back? You are!)

There is no cause to worry about your package not arriving until we hit April. Most packages will get to their destination in about a week, and this past Friday was one week before the end of March, so that's just, like, math, dude. Also there were a bunch that were shipped out last week and their ability to report on tracking hasn't caught up to that volume yet, so stay tuned!

So assuming that's all as told, are there any stragglers? Yep. 43 people who should be getting shipments have not responded to BackerKit at all in the months they've had to do so.  Another 4 have as-yet unresolved card charge issues that have gotten no attention from them for a couple months as well. So if you're one of those 47 folks... well, you know what you need to do:

In addition, there are ten backers in the USA who did respond to the BackerKit, but well past the deadline, and I've been holding onto their orders until I got word that the 6,500 were done (since those were responses done by the deadline). Since I've gotten at least tenative word that this is so, I'll be sending those over to the warehouse to ship later this coming week. Those ones will take until a little into April to deliver, perhaps, but them's the breaks when sailing past deadlines. :)

So that's where we're at!

As always:

  • Speak up when you get your game!
  • Post about playing the game online around social media & gaming sites!
  • Contact us via Kickstarter private message or email to — NOT in the public comments on posts & project here — if you have problems with your order (defects, missing cards or components, missing shipments, damaged shipments, hungry gnomes eating your game, okay maybe not that last one)
  • Receive our vast amounts of appreciation for your support for this project!
  • I SAID RECEIVE THE APPRECIATION (thank you thank you)

Your Most Popular Shipping Questions Answered!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

I am in the USA

Hey, me too! Wait... was that a q—

I am in the USA and I haven't gotten tracking or my shipment yet

I said questions! Not—oh! Oh, I see. Yes, you're doing the wondering thing. 

Volume & timing: Alliance has a load of about 6,500 shipments to do to serve the USA population, and are moving at a steady clip of around 350-400 shipments/day (in amongst all the other business they're doing; 400/day is a really solid pace). That tells us that we're looking at a 3-4 week shipping window (16 biz days minimum), and we're only about a week-and-change into it, with the less efficient stuff having already shipped first (to work out the kinks). So we're over 1,000 shipped so far — I think the number's closer to 1,500 actually, but whatever, it's in that range — but that still means you've got another 5,000-ish backers keeping you company playing the waiting game. Shipping at this scale, especially when it's at no cost to you thanks to your country of residence and our funded stretch goals, takes time! Set your sights on seeing the game within three weeks, and be delighted if it arrives early in that span. I SAID DELIGHTED.

Tracking: I'm getting tracking on a roughly 1-business-day delay from Alliance and I'm emailing out notices as soon as I get that info, but it means someone's gotta take time off from shipping to compile the data and send it to me, so, priorities.

Method: Unless you've got a PO box address, your shipment will likely come via UPS.

Geography: No grouping is being done by geography — there's no efficiency gain for Alliance to do things that way — so, yes, it's possible a few people in the same state as you may have their copies earlier or later than you do. That's just luck of the draw.

BackerKit Failure: There's a very small number of people in the USA — about 50 or so — who either didn't fill out the BackerKit after dozens of attempts to contact them and get them to do so, or who had a credit card failure when it came time to charge cards & haven't corrected the failure. That said, 50 is only, what, 0.77% of 6,500 if that even is a real number so the chances of this being you are really small unless it totally is you in which case ... checking my math here ... there's a 100% chance that you are actually you. Because that's just science, man.

I'm NOT in the USA

Lucky you! Only, that's not a q—

I'm NOT in the USA and I haven't gotten tracking yet

Hm, well, that's still not a question, but, I hear the question you're asking all the same, like I'm Listening or can spot a pattern or something. 

This falls into three scenarios.

You have only DFCO related items in your order: You should have shipped already. It's possible the fulfiller for your region didn't send you a tracking email, or did but it got eaten by Internet gnomes on the way. Contact us by Kickstarter private message or email and we'll work on figuring this out.

You have non-DFCO related items in your order: Your package either shipped very recently or will be shipping soon. All Canadian orders in good standing went out already. Aetherworks either shipped those add-ons recently or will soon; and GamesQuest should be doing their round of shipments of this description this coming week (Mar 6-10). Soon. Sooooon.

You didn't fill out backerkit or never corrected a credit card charge failure: Worst-case scenario, this is what's up, but there are only eleven outside the USA who haven't filled it out (still!) and only 3 or so who haven't corrected card charge errors, so the chances of you being one of them are pretty small. That said, this small handful is in danger of me needing to cancel and refund their pledges, because we're well past the deadline and if the international supplies run dry, we cannot afford to ship the package directly from the USA at the low rate we were able to get. So if this is you, get on it!

I Saw The Game In My Local Game Store And I Do Not Have It Yet

It's like people who are me aren't even reading the subject line of this update that I wrote! Jeez!

Yes, some stores do have their copies up for sale... because (spoiler alert!) those stores were backers too, and as tempting as it was for, like, a store to keep all its copies for itself so it can play with the other stores at the big Inanimate Nonsentient Gamestores Con they never tell us about for some reason, they probably decided they should, like, sell a few of the copies instead?

We had 75 retailers back this project — a huge number for specialty game store retail, BTW — so there's certainly a chance that if you're fortunate enough to live near one of the best game stores out there... that they backed the project. 

No other game stores have the game yet! The game's official release into distribution isn't until June 14th (the start of Origins, which we'll be attending), and no reorders are happening prior to then, so these are also limited supplies you're seeing on their shelves.

And remember, some folks chose to support their local stores as a higher priority than directly backing this project — which is entirely okay, we love seeing people keep their local game stores healthy, as they're the backbone of keeping our tabletop hobbies alive — so this is how they get their early shot at the game.

Bottom Line For All Of This

Ultimately, either people are getting their copies early, or at worst, on time as promised

We took our March ship date, seen on the reward tiers, seriously. We continue to take it seriously. All our shippers are doing their level best to have all the packages that can be shipped, shipped, before the end of this month — often well before the end of this month. 

But there is no magic button (oh, how I wish there was) that, when pressed, causes all packages to go out simultaneously to all backers. Yes it sure does look like tons of people have gotten theirs already, and when you're working with a population sized such that 100 people is only a little more than 1% of the backer count, you can both have the appearance of a big number of people getting their games even while only 30-or-so percent of them have been shipped, world-wide. This time next week, we hope to be closer to 50% if not past it, and we'll continue to push things forward at every opportunity to do so. 

I'm pretty sure the shippers are tired of me checking in with them every day, chasing down every reported defect or missing item ... but I ain't tired. I'll keep at it. Like a boss.

Because you deserve getting your stuff on time. And, if you're lucky, ahead of time.

Thanks as always for your support!

DFCO? I Ship It!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

All hands! Status report!


  • Yes, the Dead Beat dividing organizer in the core game has a typo on it. That deck does not in fact have 23 advantages in it. The typo was caught and corrected in the duplicate divider card found in the actual expansion that contains the deck, so, uhhhhhhh, don't use the wrong one I guess?
  • Sleeves required total to around 350-360 sleeves if you're factoring in the base set plus the expansions plus the bonus decks and variants. You'll want euro poker sized ones, if you're one of them damn dirty sleevers! (It's a madhouse, a maaaadhouuuuse!) Clear on both sides would be useful for a couple of the talent cards. Sleeves are not required for the organizing dividers because that's just nuts.
  • Why yes, you totally should leave a review on Board Game Geek once you get a chance to play the game and I know this isn't really a FAQ topic because where's the damn question Fred but who cares I'm craaaaaaazy Deadly Fredly, I throw caution to the wi—

Status! Report!

Sir, yes sir!

United States

  • Alliance has shipped about 5-10% of the US orders so far. (Keep in mind that's still like 325-650 packages.)  These were most of the complicated/individual attention required orders (i.e., the slowest ones).
  • Tracking information is on a delay, but I will try to email out notices when I get them. For added comedic value, this means that many of you will get the tracking information after the packages are already delivered.
  • The big batch ship-outs of identically composed packages should start in earnest this coming week. 


  • Starlit Citadel done shipped, yo. Should all be on the way if not already delivered.

Australia / New Zealand

  • Aetherworks shipped all the no-add-ons-required ones a while back, giving the folks Down Under the rare opportunity to be the first to receive copies rather than dead last.
  • Add-ons arrived recently and the shipping data file has been handed over, I imagine those will ship out this coming week.

United Kingdom, Europe, Elsewhere

  • About 1,000 shipments have gone out, the ones that didn't require add-ons from outside the DFCO family.
  • The 100 or so add-ons-required ones have not shipped yet.
  • The add-ons arrived at the end of business today, if tracking is to be believed.
  • I'll be handing over the data for the add-ons-required shipments today, so I have every expectation GamesQuest will begin shipping those next week.

Thanks as always for your support. Now please enjoy this musical interlude.