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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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Brief Status

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

I'm taking care of a sick kiddo today so I will be brief! 

Okay, okay okay. Brief-ish.

Friday afternoon my contact at Alliance told me that it's his understanding that all of the big 6,500 shipment ship-out to US backers have gone out as of Friday, but he was seeking confirmation and tracking information still as the close of business hit. So, I won't have certain confirmation of this happy event until Monday earliest, and I definitely won't be sending out tracking for those remaining shipments any earlier than then either. 

So, this means we've stuck the landing on our promise not only to ship within March, but deliver within March. (I will indulge in a small pat of my own back here, because that's a timeline I had to work out before I launched this campaign a full year ago. Pat pat, there you go, back! You done good! Who's a good back? You are!)

There is no cause to worry about your package not arriving until we hit April. Most packages will get to their destination in about a week, and this past Friday was one week before the end of March, so that's just, like, math, dude. Also there were a bunch that were shipped out last week and their ability to report on tracking hasn't caught up to that volume yet, so stay tuned!

So assuming that's all as told, are there any stragglers? Yep. 43 people who should be getting shipments have not responded to BackerKit at all in the months they've had to do so.  Another 4 have as-yet unresolved card charge issues that have gotten no attention from them for a couple months as well. So if you're one of those 47 folks... well, you know what you need to do:

In addition, there are ten backers in the USA who did respond to the BackerKit, but well past the deadline, and I've been holding onto their orders until I got word that the 6,500 were done (since those were responses done by the deadline). Since I've gotten at least tenative word that this is so, I'll be sending those over to the warehouse to ship later this coming week. Those ones will take until a little into April to deliver, perhaps, but them's the breaks when sailing past deadlines. :)

So that's where we're at!

As always:

  • Speak up when you get your game!
  • Post about playing the game online around social media & gaming sites!
  • Contact us via Kickstarter private message or email to — NOT in the public comments on posts & project here — if you have problems with your order (defects, missing cards or components, missing shipments, damaged shipments, hungry gnomes eating your game, okay maybe not that last one)
  • Receive our vast amounts of appreciation for your support for this project!
  • I SAID RECEIVE THE APPRECIATION (thank you thank you)
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    1. Eric Guyer on

      Not sure if I commented in one of the threads previously but I did receive my copies of the game in good Condition some time ago and have managed some solo and group plays since then

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      You can wait until its June 14th release for it to show up in game stores, online vendors, etc, or you can preorder that stuff now at

    3. Missing avatar

      bancroftrugby on

      Game arrived 3/28, Great condition. Everything is high quality. Game is very fun and very hard. What is the easiest way to order the expansion characters?

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Mark, don't forget that solo play is possible. :)

    5. Mark Storer on

      Just got mine all sorted and stored and augh no one to play with. Stupid gamer group at work... too many people to play, didn't want to split the group. We'll just see about that! Bah! Humbug.

      Love the art & theme, everything arrived undamaged yesterday.

    6. David Martin on

      Just received my copy yesterday and immediately fell in love with the design and art! Very quick and easy to learn and play. Not so easy to win if you bypass the easier difficulty and jump right into a standard game.

      I already have 6 two-player games under my belt and cannot wait to try out the different combinations of characters/stories. So far I've only played as the Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith combo in the first three stories. My partner in crime really seemed to like the Mouse and Carlos Ramirez combo. We are both really enjoying this!

    7. Missing avatar

      bstern on

      Game arrived on Thursday but was delivered to the neighbor's house. I rescued it but have not yet inventoried it to make sure everything is there.

    8. Kate Chamberlin on

      Very hard to be one of the last to get the game. I am still waiting. But it is still March so you have kept your promise (which is greatly appreciated!!) Please explain again why you didn't send them out in order? Hope your kiddo is feeling better.

    9. Scott Rutter on

      Mine has just arrived - appears to be of excellent quality. I look forward to playing it.

    10. Owen Stupka on

      got mine last week, played through the first two books a couple times. Great game! great little strategy puzzler!

    11. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Marjolein Noyce-Bellinga - Vampire Susan is represented by three variant cards that came in one of the separate baggies. On each vampire susan card there is text specifically directing you as to which cards swap out of Susan's regular deck for those ones to swap in. That's how you "infect" her! :)

    12. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Ertic Your shipment would've gone out in the last few biz days. I don't have tracking on that batch yet either.

    13. Missing avatar


      I still have not received a confirmation. I am certain I am not one of the 46 people as my backerkit was filled out and approved months ago.

    14. Charles J Edwards on

      Received mine on Friday, 3-24. Played two games solo to get a feel for it. My better half and I played tow, and our gaming group (5 of use) played three times yesterday. Won once. Great game guys.

    15. Adam Materne on

      Got mine (Austin Texas) and played twice with my bothers. 2/3 of us enjoyed it a lot, third is not a fan of DF and was bored with the game. Idk if DF fandom is a barrier or not, but I've played with another set of friends and all were much less appreciative than I. I hope that is not indicative of how many people will feel.

    16. Paul C. Drew on

      OK I'll be honest - received the game weeks ago (and I'm the UK - whaaaaaat!?) - and my wife and I just played two straight games and really enjoyed it. Like. A lot.

      If anything I'm quietly frustrated I didn't have the funds at the time to back more of the guess what we'll be spending money on NOW.

      The quality is great, the game is fast and fun and I've enjoyed every, last, update. Bravo.

    17. Missing avatar

      dan senn on

      Game arrived the 23rd. Looking forward to giving it a try!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas E Constantine IV on

      Got my game on the 23rd- looks great! Can not wait to play!

    19. William Lewis Taylor II on

      I received my copy but haven't had a chance to play yet. I can't wait!

    20. Joel Cannon on

      I just received my package yesterday. I couldn't be happier. I've only participated in 2 Evil Hat Kickstarter projects so far, but they are the best two projects I've ever "kicked." My plain- old regular hat is off to Fred and the whole Evil Hat team. You fine people have created a fan for life.

    21. Wilhelm Murdoch on

      Got mine weeks ago, loving it!

    22. Isabelle Parsley on

      Here and all in one piece and awesome!

    23. Munji Studios on

      Got my copy a couple of weeks ago in Australia, have only had the chance to play it twice but I really enjoyed it and look forward to my next games night to let it to hit the table.

    24. Alison Marlowe on

      Our box arrived a few days ago. We haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

    25. Raymond L. White on

      Since when has Dresden ever received appreciation :P

    26. Missing avatar


      We got it yesterday (or was it Thursday?), but I just got to do the unpacking/organizing today. We're looking forward to playing it! Thanks! :-D

    27. Alexander Cherry

      It arrived yesterday! Thank you! Excited to try it out.

    28. Sichr on

      I love the game. Really, thank you. Brillliant.

    29. Marjolein Noyce-Bellinga on

      Received it this month (in the Netherlands). Love the game, played it twice already. We are only trying to figure out whether vampire Susan is part of normal Susan cards :). And yes, had to reread all the books, as did the spouse :)

    30. Bryan McLemore

      Love the game. Hope to see more book decks hit soon!

    31. Jim Waters

      I got mine on the 8th. I've played it a few times as a single player.

    32. Eric B Vogel on

      Let me add my thanks to Fred's, thank you very much to everyone who back to this game and made it a concrete reality. I am very pleased to hear so many of you are enjoying it. That is what makes the work worthwhile.

    33. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Rick, to quote the post above, "... their ability to report on tracking hasn't caught up to that volume yet, so stay tuned!"

      I'm not entirely sure how to answer the "how big" thing. Big enough to be noticed? :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Rick Lansdown on

      Will I receive a tracking number? How big is the package? I don't know if it hasn't arrived yet, or someone stole it off my front porch.

    35. Joseph Pilkus

      Great job on both the campaign and the delivery! Now, I'll take it north to Philly as it serves as a late Christmas gift to two friends who love the books.


    36. James P Walker

      Got mine a few days ago. My gaming group is getting together today and we'll give it a go tonight.

    37. Matthew Petruzzelli on

      Got mine and played weeks ago. Awesome fun game. Is it odd, or just funny, that I still haven't gotten a tracking number?

    38. Haldurson on

      One more thing... after playing a few times, I just had to go back and start reading the books again. You guys did a bang-up job on the theme.

    39. Haldurson on

      I got my game a couple of weeks ago, and so far am very happy with it. I've been playing mostly 2-player games, though we had a 4 player game earlier this week. I've played about 5 or 6 (?) games total (random books). This one friend who was totally unfamiliar with the books and TV show, LOVES the game so much and it's practically all he will play now lol. I really enjoy the game also -- don't get me wrong. But he just LOVES it, all the more so because it's TOUGH (and he and I finally beat it today! Yay!!)

      Anyway, great job, and Thank you!

    40. Michael B on

      I got my game back on March 8th! While I was on the JoCo Cruise, lol. There was a copy on the cruise, which was great - we played it three times. Then we've played a story mission or two every weekend since we got back. It's a fun game, looking forward to trying it on harder difficulties!

    41. Missing avatar

      Erick Allen on

      Got mine a couple weeks ago (and amazingly got the tracking number beforehand, so bravo, sir) and got to play it with my friends. Got through the first book okay, second book kicked our butts twice, same with two Side Jobs, but the third Side Job we finished. Generally my friends don't like games that'll kick their butts, but the majority of them are Dresden fans (thanks to me) otherwise we wouldn't have played it that much.

      Keep up the good work, Evil Hat crew!

    42. Leonardo Negron on

      In the pipe, five by five.

    43. Chris Scott

      Got it yesterday. Great game.

    44. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      Got it yesterday. Need to sleeve it. Looks great.

    45. Jesse Brown on

      Got it, played it with friends, much fun was had!