The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

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    1. Grant Muir

      Please tell me that you're not holding back pledges with zero non-DFCO add-ons from delivery in Australia, because that would be ridiculous.

    2. Munji Studios on

      @Grant, Unfortunately that's what is sounds like, but hopefully he just means DFCO only will ship as soon as they can and the Non-DFCO add-ons will ship as soon as they have all the parts.

    3. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      No, what it sounds like is that Australia is gonna have to clear customs first before anything happens at all.

      Please folks — assume the best here, not the worst. I strive for the best.

    4. Munji Studios on

      Thanks for the reply Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Production. Australian Customs is usually pretty quick from my experience with them usually about a week turn around (we let anything in :P ) but yes it could take longer if there is some sort of hold up. And Aetherworks are very prompt as well I have dealt with them many time. I guess we backers as usual are just super excited and keen to get our hands on this games as soon as possible and once again delve into the world of Harry Dresden.

    5. Yonni Mendes on

      Any news about international shipping to other countries besides Canada, uk and Australia?

    6. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      As mentioned, the UK will cover other countries, so that status = their status.

    7. Isabelle Parsley on


      That is all.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuart Quinton on

      In previous KS (and generally getting stuff shipped over to the UK), I've found that UK customs has generally taken about a week to let stuff through (although it could vary depending on how it comes in and where - dropping into London isn't necessarily the same as, say, Folkestone).