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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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Lockdown Is In Effect, Credit Cards to be Charged Nearer to February

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hey there folks! 

The BackerKit has been locked down (this means that add-ons can't be added any more, but address changes can still happen), and the credit cards on file for those who had additional sums to pay for shipping and add-ons will get charged nearer to February, a.k.a., the start of our shipping window. 

When we get to the card-charging time in a week or two, that'll be when the addresses will have to lock into place as well. 

Stragglers (you know who you are) will still be able to respond after that point but may see a delay on their shipping, and International stragglers may have to be refunded or pay additional since we'll be past the time of using our cost-saving methods for shipping the games out.


Ah, you're back.

You said most of that already in the title of the post, and in prior updates.

That is true. That is a thing I did. I'm not ashamed of it!



... did you have anything else to tell us?

Not really. But I can say a few things.

We're in the long slow time of stuff shipping and, eventually, filtering through Customs. There are three destinations for the shipments right now: the USA, the UK, and Australia. Shipments to those locations are scheduled to arrive towards the end of January, and it could then make speedy progress to our shipping centers through Customs, or Customs could cause things to take up to a month longer to get over to us. 

So while I'm targeting February as the start of the ship-out, it could be anywhere within February, possibly late into it, before we actually CAN start. (Canada may lag slightly because we've got to get its portion from the USA's portion on up to them, due to the vagaries of how much it made logistical and financial sense to ship to them from China vs. from our eventual US supply.)

This is no joke, folks: I believe this is the first time we've had a shipment come from China that even filled one shipping container — and all told, if I read the details right, all of the DFCO stuff is coming in three of those 40-ft-long suckers. By far this is the biggest product release we've ever done, and we're committed to getting it right. Getting it right will take time here & there, and I'll continue to (over)communicate about it as news comes in. 

I'll send out another (short, I promise I'll try!) message when I'm about to charge those cards. In the meantime, sit tight and think good thoughts to the gods of the Pacific waters, upon which so many copies of this game now float. :)

And — of course — thanks as always for your support!

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    1. Derek Mackinnon on

      and sorry about spelling your name wrong Godfather Punk*!

    2. Derek Mackinnon on

      @Gdfatherpunk What I would suggest if you are really concerned is either ship it to a family member, or see if you can ship it to a post office. I know in Canada, you can ship to a Canada Post office, and then just pick it up from there, and in Canada and the US you can ship to a Fed-ex store and pick it up. That saves you perhaps missing it, and costs like 5$ at most, so is really not that expensive. If you're not in the US or Canada, try seeing if you can find something similar, but I mention those as I've used them both before

    3. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Responded to your private message on the topic, Cat. You're fine. :)

    4. Cat Kenney on

      I think I need to pay for shipping but I don't know how. Technology and I aren't particularly friendly.

    5. Cat Kenney on

      I think I need to pay for shipping but I don't know how. Technology and I aren't particularly friendly.

    6. Sarah Reed

      Yay! So excited to get this!

    7. Missing avatar

      chris leko on

      I'm really excited to get this. It feels like just yesterday that this was funded (e.g., it feels really fast). Great work guys (and gals).

    8. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Yep, we're shipping to Starlit Citadel in Canada, they'll fulfill to all Canadian addresses from inside the country.

    9. Godfather Punk

      Ok, I should read the update before commenting. Still, it's gonna be close.

    10. Daniel Liu

      @Brian Fried. Campaign page says Starlit Citadel in Vancouver will do distribution in Canada.

    11. Eric B Vogel on

      James, "KAIJU!" totally counts as a good thought. Gatchamanera is the friend of all children...

    12. Godfather Punk

      Are we still looking at March delivery?
      I'm moving in a few months and if shipping is later I will have to change my shipping info while I still can to the new address.

    13. Jeff Kahan on

      Sweet! I just really wanna have my copy arrive before the JoCoCruise

    14. Brian Fried

      Are the Canadian shipments coming via a Canadian distributor or are they coming from the US?

      I ask because certain couriers (*DHL*cough*FedEx*) charge Canadians a brokerage fee on top of the taxes and additional costs. [If you go through a Canadian distributor, they transfer stock from a US warehouse and eliminate all those costs.]

    15. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Iain, I may be able to remove those for you. Would you like me to?

      Wolven, I'm not sure; could be a West Coast port, could be (hah) Chicago.

    16. WolvenKnight on

      Out of curiosity, do you happen to know what port in the US these will ship into? I drive by a pretty big port everyday and would love to imagine one of the cargo ships holds these jewels...

    17. James McKendrew

      I suppose "KAIJU!!!" doesn't count as a "good" thought...

    18. Missing avatar

      Iain McCormick on

      Ugh. Just checked my backerkit and noticed that my pledge seems to include the 3 expansions but I also have it as an add-on. Anbody interested in the 3 expansions that doesn't have them added on?

    19. Mark Geller on

      Me and my fellow Dresden files Fan friends can't wait to play it... I know they have told me... what's funnier is we are in the middle of a Dresden Files campaign right now.... Home Brewed New York....

    20. C.K. Lee on

      I'm really looking forward to getting my dirty little hands on this :)