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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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August Update! Hey, It's Still August! This does too count! YUP HUH IT DOES!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Behold, another month, another chunk o' progress. Not as much to report last time (in terms of volume of text), but that doesn't mean big strides haven't been made. Let's get to it! So—


—Oh! Hey there. What's up?

You feeling ok?

Pretty great, actually, why?

You were getting right to the topic.

And that's... unusual?

We have expectations!

I—uh, okay there buddy, I'm gonna just go ahead and get to the point.

It's like we don't even know you any more.

And that's a pain I'll have to bear.

So! Here's what's happened in the intervening month since our July update:

  • All the art updates for the core set are done. (Work on the expansions, covering six novel decks, is currently underway.)
  • All the art necessary for the promo materials (Mouse Deck, Ra Deck, plus variants for Harry and Susan) is done.
  • We've started the ball rolling with the manufacturer to get the core set manufactured. (Turns out that since we're going to be ordering in such large quantities, there's no real savings to be had in waiting and printing the expansions at the same time, so this will let us get a bit of a head start on the whole months-long process of manufacture. It also spreads out the work so it's not all a frantic rush to get 4 new products set up with the manufacturer simultaneously.)

Right now the important work of getting the game ready for manufacture is eclipsing any other time I might put towards the project, like updating the print & play files for backers, etc. While that task does remain on my radar, I keep prioritizing — correctly, I think — to-dos that move the actual game forward & keep Evil Hat's cash flow flowing. So that's a hoped-for eventually without a date on it, and I apologize for that. I've only got so many hours available in the day for EHP work. :)

You can show us some Mouse art though, can't you?

I... could?


You're making the sad puppy eyes! Stop it!



 With bonus Blue Beetle!

Liver Spots is in a bad... uh, spot.

I'm saving a few of the images (forgive me) because I still want y'all to have a few fun surprises when you get hands on the promo deck. :) Also because I've learned from Jim how to bathe in the tears of the fans. It's GREAT for the complexion!

Another Demo Opportunity in the Washington, DC Area

It's true! I'm gonna do some more demoing in the DC area. It's like I live there or something! Actually it's totally because I live there.

As folks who've signed up for the Hat-Fans-DC mailing list already know, I'm going to be attending WashingCon in a couple weeks. Despite the name, the convention isn't about getting my laundry done at all! This is a small local convention just entering its second year, and run in part by one of the best game stores in the area, Labyrinth Puzzles & Games. Evil Hat is helping to sponsor the RPG Room at the con this year, and I'll be haunting the halls outside that room or wandering the tables within it both days. 

I will definitely have DFCO demos with me and we may be able to snag a couple tables outside the room to show off the game and give folks a chance to play. I won't be rushing to get there right at opening each day (it's a bit of a round-the-beltway trip to get there for me) but so long as you're not targeting a narrow range of times your chances of finding me and getting in a demo should be pretty good.

And that's it for the month's update! I need to get back to reviewing the revised quote from the manufacturer so I can get the core game job started in earnest. Stay tuned for next month's update, and thank you as always for your support!


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    1. Kaarchin on

      Mouse! Glad to see you!

    2. Sarah Reed

      I love Mouse on top of the car! Looks awesome! And I love the creative addition of the license plate. It really fits.

    3. Shay on

      Thanks Fred, I must have missed that part of the previous update as I was still working from 2-3 months from May as per update 14 :)

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Roughly, October (as I believe I've said before). That's my target. I'm trying to get the manufacturing side of the puzzle solved before I move on to the pledge manager part, since that's the most time-critical.

    5. Shay on

      Hi Fred, any thoughts on when the pledge manager might open so late pledges can be taken. I've backed for a few copies and have since had more people want to join.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Kropp on

      Art looks good to me. There are always going to be some people that aren't happy with the interpretation of a character.

    7. Isabelle Parsley on

      I think they're smashing. Thanks for the update!

    8. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Far as tackling Liver Spots goes, sometimes an image has to go with staging that's visually better even if that's slightly less accurate to the events.

    9. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Sorry to hear you're disappointed. If there's any inaccuracy it's my fault as the art director. That said we did use reference photos that Jim had previously pointed at as part of this, so I'm not gonna agree with you on the entirety of the feedback.

      Regardless, I'm not sure we're gonna be able to get the coloration addressed, given timeframes. I'd had it noted down as dark paws & head on a grey body.

    10. Joe Davidson on

      I'm disappointed by this artwork. He looks nothing like a Foo Dog (or like a Caucasian Mountain Dog either He just looks like a giant wolf dog. Also, why is his head black? He has black on the tips of his hears and the bottoms of his legs only. Did the artist for these even read a description of him or was he just told to paint a big dog? Does Jim get to approve the artwork on the cards?

      Also, when Mouse tackles liver spots, he hits him from behind and bites the back of his neck, not the front. If he bit the front he would have torn his throat out, not crushed his spine like he did in the book.

    11. M Terrell on

      Wow, Mouse is HUGE! I always pictured him a little leaner. With that kind of weight. Wow! I want one!

    12. RH

      Love the Mouse art!

    13. Missing avatar

      James Weaver

      I'd actually go with it being a joke from Molly. Especially seeing as it kinda looks home-made and not like an actual license plate... But Murphy works too.

    14. Steven Lord

      Mouse IS the Brute Squad!

      As for the custom plate, Harry could write it off as an advertising expense or perhaps Murphy got it for him as a joke birthday present. But it doesn't exactly match the duct tape holding on the headlight, does it.

    15. Jason Hawks on

      Awesome work; thanks to you and your team, Fred! Hoping to make it to WashingCon!

    16. Phil Stocks

      Love the art, but irrationally, my first thought was "Harry's not the type to blow money on custom licence plates!"

    17. Brent Brown on

      Mouse and the Blue Beetle makes me irrationally happy...

    18. Yair Silbermintz on

      But Fred, think of all the money you'll save on warehouse expenses! :P

    19. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Partial fulfillment as in "ship core game sooner, ship expansions later" would probably add tens of thousands of dollars in shipping costs for us. Not interested in that. :)

    20. Linda Alcorn-Burg on

      Yippie! I'll see you at WashingCon!

    21. Yair Silbermintz on

      Awesome to hear that some things are already going to production. Maybe we'll get partial fulfillment early? Nah, thats just a pipe dream.

      Also, if your heading to the east coast, consider doing a demo in NYC. I'm sure there are a lot of other fans here who would want to give it a try.