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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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Step 2: Gather Preliminary Data!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)


Before I get into details, please let me remind you that our prior post on May 23rd covered our next steps for the campaign. This post is written with the assumption that you already understand everything from that update. So, if you didn't read that then, please read it now. :) 

Hello, welcome back! Since you've read that post, that means you know what's coming here. I'll talk about the first survey a few paragraphs further down. But first some transparency!

It's been two weeks since the campaign ended— 


I know? I know! I totally know.

— and that means all payments made to Kickstarter have been processed and are being transferred over to us. That alone has a cost associated with it — Kickstarter takes a 5% cut, and payment processing runs 3-5% (in our case it's turned out to be a very pleasant 3.2%). Here's the screen that shows those numbers:

$45k off the top, please. Keep it neat and simple. No sideburns. I SAID NO SIDEBURNS, TOMAS!
$45k off the top, please. Keep it neat and simple. No sideburns. I SAID NO SIDEBURNS, TOMAS!



Yep. I don't begrudge that $45k tho, and neither should you. Kickstarter made this all possible and totally earned their 5% cut = $27k. And it's really hard to get a payment processing fee lower than we did on over $500k of sales. 

That said, with the money coming our way at last it's time to start spending it in other ways too. Which brings me to the survey.



Before we fire up BackerKit, I'd like to get a solid, reasonably accurate picture of where everyone is. This will help us finalize our shipping plans and sort out whether we need to look for additional fulfillment options near particular concentrations of backers. 

So, we're going to ask you to supply your shipping address as part of this survey — but it will not need to be the final shipping address for you. BackerKit will give you the opportunity to change your address all throughout 2016 and into early 2017 before we lock that all down and charge cards for any extras or shipping fees. (Part of why it makes sense for us to hold off on launching BackerKit right away.) This is just to give us an overall sense of the map.

We'll also ask you a few questions so we can get those of you who want to be added to our email list can get added, and so we can start mounting a more coordinated effort to help people who didn't back the KS to find people and stores who did and maybe arrange for a group-buy. 

After trying to spin up group-buy options via the comments on our last post, we've realized that that probably wasn't the best way. Instead we'll ask anyone who wants to be contacted for additional buy-ins to provide a website link that someone can use to reach out. This could be a store's "contact us" page, a blog link, a facebook page — whatever works as a public contact interface. If you're not comfortable with offering at least that (we totally get why folks didn't want to put their raw email address out there), that's okay — but rather than increase our workload trying to coordinate communications on your behalf, we're gonna opt instead to leave you off the list. :)

In a couple weeks we'll post a page rounding up all the folks who responded, including (hopefully) most of our retailer-backers as we believe they'll be the best focal point for this sort of thing.

It might take a few (potentially interrupted by kids & such) hours to get all the surveys sent out, so keep an eye out and please provide your preliminary info soon as you can. Our logistics folks thank you in advance! (And so do I. Not the least of which because I'm one of those logistics folks.)

Anything else?

Audio and app development are both underway and sounding/looking rad. It's pretty early, so there's not much to show for it yet. Well, there is this screenshot. I mean, it's a camera shot of the screen of a phablet. It's sitting on a couch. But you can't see that because the screen's so bright (you gotta wear shades). Anyway, it's —



I wanna tap on it. Tap! Tap tap tap taptaptap!
I wanna tap on it. Tap! Tap tap tap taptaptap!

This is just an early, work-in-progress draft of the play screen, as they work out the placement of elements and how they'll condense information to work on smaller screens, but here's what I can tell you. When you zoom in on a card, it'll expand to show the full text. On larger-screen (or higher resolution) environments there will be an option to show the print version of the cards all the time rather than the condensed version. Talent and Stunt spaces are still needed, as well as a spot for the discard pile, so those aren't shown. But it's a heck of a first peek even if it ends up changing a bunch and ANYWAY IT'S COOL HEY WE'RE MAKING AN APP THAT'S SO GREAT AND

That's it for now! 

Keep an eye out for those preliminary surveys. More updates as we've got 'em. And thanks as always for your support!

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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Ehhh, that's functionally no different from a yes or no. Yes is what tells us to at least try to add someone to the list. If it's a no, we don't make the effort. :)

    2. Ben on

      @Alfredo Good idea, I would have liked that option anyway :-)

    3. Alfredo Tarancón on

      "Do you want to be included in our mailing list?
      - Yes
      - No
      - I've been on it since like 3 kickstarters ago..."

      Tha could be nice, I always feel bad to say No to you :P

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      I'd figured the more sustainable & consistent location on was the better choice there.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jayson Stevens on

      It would be super handy if there was a copy of the rulebook included in the For Backers area as well. Not strictly necessary, but would be very very convenient :-)

    6. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @ Martin Bell: If the message doesn't include a way for you to specify what products you want, it's a safe bet it's not time yet to ask for the other stuff you want too. :)

    7. Martin Bell on

      Thanks for all the heads up Fred and is now the time to poke you over the Ghost Dice or would you prefer when backer kit launches ?

    8. C.K. Lee on

      As always appreciate the transparency - best in the business, and other companies (even those not involved in gaming) should try to model the same.

    9. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      @Fred So I see ^^
      Filled it out and hope to help any who was unlucky to miss this gem :)
      Plus it'll help met others who enjoy this amazing world of ours ^^

    10. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      In the survey, Michael. Just finished sending them out. :)

    11. Sicariothrax on

      Lord Ferrovax is pleased, Mortal.

    12. Michael "Nighteyes" Poulsen Dürr on

      Do you want the link where we can be contacted here in the comments or do you plan to collect that data through the initial survey as well?? :)
      Only point in the update I was fuzzy on :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Wow thanks for the breakdown on fees and such! I've never seen that shown to backers before!