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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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What's Next?

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hey all! 

How are the withdrawal symptoms going? Still clawing at the walls, searching desperately for a reload button that'll change the numbers on the front page of the campaign? Wandering the streets at night in search of a werewolf you can place 4[2] hits on? Singing "Foo Dog Funk" in the shower?

... So that's just me, then? 


Let's talk about what's next.

Sanya shown here in a dramatic reenactment of my inbox.
Sanya shown here in a dramatic reenactment of my inbox.

Currently: Payment Processing & Errored Pledge Cure Period

We've got to wait two weeks for Kickstarter to process all the payments and such.

Those of who whose pledges errored out when Kickstarter went to charge your card have your "cure period" contained within this timespan. For most of you who are in that group — there are about 149 of you as of this writing — that means it's something you need to fix by Thursday. Kickstarter would've sent you emails if this happened, so so long as you're getting your other emails from Kickstarter, if you haven't seen one about a problem, you aren't onto the list. You can private message us if you want to be sure (he said, nervously looking at the image above).

Once all that stuff is resolved, things can slowly start to roll forward.

In 2 Weeks: First Survey

In two weeks we're gonna use the Kickstarter survey engine to ask y'all for your current address information. You'll be able to update your address later in BackerKit (see below) so this is a low-stress request; we just need a sense of where everyone is currently so we can finalize some of our plans and expectations about how we'll be doing our shipping in 2017. Folks will also be given an opportunity to opt into our mailing list (we won't add you without your explicit consent). 

Assuming all or most of that info comes in promptly, it'll give us ample time to do our logistics planning. 

In Several Months: BackerKit Launch

We want to wait a few months before we launch BackerKit. It's a timing thing. 

In the unlikely event that we find even more ways to reduce shipping costs, waiting a few months on BackerKit gives us a window to do so. Once we launch it we'll be locked in, there. 

There's also the question of payments for shipping and add-ons in BackerKit; cards entered for payment in BackerKit won't be charged until we're much closer to shipping, likely in 2017, and there may be complications with us collecting that information months ahead of when the charges will actually happen. So it makes sense for us to launch this later into the year. 

Added benefit: it lets our retailer-backers and group-purchase-folks use the intervening time to make sure they've got a solid handle on how many copies they want to order. :)

Speaking of which, a sidebar.

Sidebar: Folks Who Missed the Kickstarter

Due to the limited time offer nature of the Kickstarter, we won't be offering buy-in for all the benefits that were available to folks who pledged during its 30-day window. Folks who missed the Kickstarter will be able to order a copy of the game in early 2017.

From a tax and licensing perspective it doesn't make sense for us to take further preorders on the game until 2017, and those preorders won't get the same benefits as the folks who made the game possible (i.e., backers) are getting.

If folks want a shot at getting those benefits still, their best bet is to convince someone who did back the Kickstarter — a retail store (we've got over 70) that backed or an individual — to upgrade for additional copies through their own pledge, in BackerKit, in a few months.

If you are interested in being a potential preorder partner for folks who missed the Kickstarter, we'd love to point people your way (we've gotten a couple handfuls of inquiries so far). Let us know in the comments that you're interested, where you're located (particularly helpful for international stragglers) and how you'd like to be contacted. Once those start showing up, we can point any latecomer-inquirers we get to the comments. :)

Back to the "nexts"!

In October: Tyler Finishes the Extended Art

We've got over 80 new pieces of art Tyler Walpole will need to create thanks to the extended art budget you funded early in the campaign. That's a lot, and with other schedule items between here and now as well, that means he'll be working on that art through to October. Once that's done we'll finish up graphic design and get things sent onwards to the manufacturer.

In November: Kickoff of Manufacture

With Tyler's art done at this point we'll get things rolling with Grand Prix International, our manufacturing partner for the game. This process can take 4-6 months from start to the games arriving at our US warehouse — especially with Chinese New Year happening towards the end of that span. So...

In March/April 2017: Kickoff of Fulfillment

... we're reasonably confident about our March 2017 estimate for the start of our own shipping efforts to individual backers. Could easily slip into April 2017 due to manufacturer and slow-boat-from-China issues, but with luck, won't slip any further than that.

Luccio contemplates the mysteries of International shipping. Outsiders may be involved.
Luccio contemplates the mysteries of International shipping. Outsiders may be involved.

Throughout: More Stuff for Our Backers!

Throughout all of this timespan, we'll be releasing more stuff to you as it becomes available. 

We'll start giving you a look at the expansion book decks (with the current placeholder art) soon in the print & play format we're using on Update #1, so you can start giving those a try. 

Characters are certainly the most flashy and exciting part of the game, but the books are the real beating heart of replayability the game brings. And since it's gonna be a long while yet for that extended art budget to play out, it's actually easiest for us to get the expansion books to you in their current prototype form. 

After you've had a chance to mess about with the expansion books, we'll roll out print & play for the expansion characters using their fully rendered art & all. 

Also in there somewhere we'll share the audio files from Wes Otis once he has them done. We're a ways out from the app existing, let alone supporting giving you codes for your freebies in it, but that's on the agenda as well.

Keep the Party Going

This campaign has been great in many ways, but one of my favorites is the sort of "pop-up community" we've seen emerge in the comments. If you'd like to continue on playing and discussing the game from now until release and beyond, you've got a few options.

First up is the official discussion forum for Jim Butcher over at There's a sub-board specifically for the card game there, and it's pining away for your delicious topics. For just no dollars a day, you too can support a forum board. Please help.

The Hidden Achievement folks have also set up a discussion forum on their site for conversations about the app version of the game. If you have any questions at all about the app, their board is the place to do it. You can find the app discussion board at 

And don't forget Board Game Geek, if you're one of those brave souls made of stern enough stuff to take on their interface. (Love the community, struggle with the interface. But maybe that's my age showing.) Board Game Geek has its own forums for the card game, which you can find here: 

That's It For Today

Hope you found all of this useful; I wanted to make sure you all had a road map so there wouldn't be any guessing about what's coming up ahead. 

Thanks again for your support, and if you have any questions, please do let us know!

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    1. Torsten Stelling

      I can help with any Germany late backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Kautz on

      I'll be more than happy to help out any late comers! I am in the Columbia, SC area.

    3. Matt Zitron on

      I've fixed my payment issue! Sorry!

    4. Adrian Smith

      I'm in Perth, Western Australia. Happy to help stragglers and organize a group buy.

    5. Andrew Jonas on

      Oh man! The Board Game Geek comment is so true! When will they update that interface... When?! lol

    6. Jeff Dougan on

      I'm in East Central Illinois, roughly 3 hours south of Chicago. Centered on Champaign/Urbana, folks in a "radius" that stretches from roughly Bloomington/Normal in the west, Danville in the east, and Charleston/Mattoon in the south can get a hold of me.

      jffdougan (at) comcast (dot) net

    7. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      You already got the first chapter, in the update prior to this one. :)

    8. Spencer Correia on

      I'd be willing to assist anyone near Rochester, NY. Also, when do we get the first chapter of Peace Talks?

    9. Vincent DiCello

      I'm happy to assist anyone near Memphis, TN. Tarheel at rittermail dot com.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Paschket on

      I'm a retailer in Eastern North Carolina and will be sharing the heck out of this. We have brought in at least a dozen readers, started the RPG and so looking forward to the deck building game. No problems partnering for those that need a store to order or demo/play.
      tierzer0gaming at mail dot com
      tierzer0gaming dot com
      Send them my way!

    11. Jesse Pudewell on

      I'd be willing to help out, but anyone who is close to me should just contact I'm Board Games and Family Fun in Middleton, WI (just outside Madison, WI) and ask them for it. Bryan is my man and he'll hook you up if you preorder.

      Speaking of the 70 retailers - any chance of getting a list of who they are and where so people know?

    12. Rico Cordova

      I'm also willing to help and echo John du Bios. I'm located in Salt Lake City, UT.

    13. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Fair enough, I can always have the inquirers contact me specifying which commenter they're trying to reach, and then use my projectrunner abilities to figure out how to put them in direct contact. :)

      (My biases show here, I have no problem putting a public contact email address out into the world, tho I usually spell things out, e.g., evilhat at gmail)

    14. Missing avatar

      Daryl Bamforth on

      I'm willing to help UK stragglers but echoing John du Bios.

    15. John du Bois on

      If I'm willing to help latecomers in Southeast Michigan out, how do I provide info for those latecomers to get me info and/or dollars (since I'm not posting an e-mail address in a comments section and they can't comment themselves)?

    16. John Skotnik on

      Thanks for the timeline!