The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

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    1. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      Tons unlocked - and we didn't even need Molly to use any of her abilities. ;-)

    2. Ralph on

      So there are 12 possible tracks, and counting Side Jobs as a book, 12 books in the base game and expansions currently funded. Are the tracks going to follow along with the books? A storm mixed in with Storm Front, howling mixed in for Fool Moon, Dead Beat having polka beats and roars, etc? In which case I would imagine Side Jobs would come first, as a generic Dresden track. Or will they just be more vague than that? From what I can see on their website, they have a lot of 10 minute loops that would work well for playing through a book, but I could imagine having one of those and shorter themed "Showdown" tunes, too. I'd just like to know what getting more people on board would unlock before I try to convince people I play with to back at the $1 level for we have ambient music for our games.

    3. Jeromy Korf on

      That is Harry riding Sue, and I must have it :|

    4. Godfather Punk

      With the drum kit, isn't that rather Butters & Sue?
      I agree with the must-have-it sentiment though =^)

    5. Jeromy Korf on

      Yes that would be Butters playing the zombie hypno beat that is keeping Sue under control, but I don't recall Butters riding Sue alone at any time, so Harry might be in the bigger picture. I loved that polka suit...

    6. Laura47

      I'm so happy for you all at Evil Hat! Very excited to see how you grow (and to keep backing your kickstarters!)

    7. Scott Large

      @Godfather Punk: Harry and Butters rode Sue from the museum to the park, Butters only getting off when Harry went into the battle.