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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
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The Circle of Gratitude is Complete! The Next Circle Awaits... Semi-Redactedly

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Amazing! When we launched the Circle of Gratitude we thought it might end up lasting us to the end of the campaign. We are very happy to be proven wrong!

The Circle of Gratitude Has Ended, But Our Gratitude Is Endless

Here's what you done done:

  • Knocked $10 off shipping for everyone (domestic shipping on this Kickstarter is now FREE)
  • Unlocked tons of digital art 
  • .... plus 3 variant Red-Court-Infected Susan cards for her deck, which will be shipped free with every backer copy of the game.
  • ... plus 2 variant cards for Harry's deck. (Also included free)
  • ... plus a full playable Ra, Sun God for Hire deck. (Also included free)
  • ... plus a full playable Mouse, Foo Dog deck. (Also included free)
  • ... plus a preview chapter of PEACE TALKS to be posted as soon as this Kickstarter ends (Jim needs to get us the revised version)

... Not to mention all the Essentials you took care of first, extending the art budget and funding multiple expansions for the game! 

So What's Next?


After the Circle of Gratitude.

You already got two! 

Drop Dead, Fred

Wow! Blast from the past. That was a fun movie.


Oh! Ohhhhhh. Oh. Hm.

I mean, I suppose I could tell you about—


Uh oh.


I know that sound!


It's the lawyer alert! 

Turns out the update I had planned for this past Tuesday contains stuff that I'm not in the clear to share yet. So — really, honestly, truly, it is not me teasing y'all this time — I'm gonna have to leave the $450k stretch goal we have ahead of us a mystery until the ink dries on the associated contract. 

That said, I can share with you the stuff that's around that goal.

Let's just say that when the White Council's lawyers tell you to wait to announce something, you wait. :)
Let's just say that when the White Council's lawyers tell you to wait to announce something, you wait. :)

What's Up With All The Backer Counts On The Circle?

Ah! Ah, yes. That's the other part of this circle.

Besides the mystery $450k goal that I really want to share with you but can't.

I suppose I could tell you about those.


Sorry, sorry! I draw things out because I love. Also because I'm sustained by your tears of agony. White Court represen—

Hey, put that blasting rod down. I'm getting to it!

This is the point in the campaign where we've really hit all of our financial goals for the game, so we thought it would be fun to pivot over to some backer-count-based stretch goals (and, yes — you've already hit at least one of them!). As the main part of this, we're partnering with gaming-audio genius Wes Otis from Plate Mail Games

Under the Plate Mail Games banner, Wes has created a variety of gaming-friendly ambient audio loops that have been backed here on Kickstarter, and are up for sale on DriveThruRPG. If you've ever wanted to play your tabletop game against the audio backdrop of a medieval tavern, a raging space battle, or the dark streets of a haunted town, Wes is your guy. Here's the Official Blurb:

Wes Otis started Plate Mail Games in 2013 with the goal of bring professional audio to tabletop games. After working in Hollywood for companies such as Warner Bros. and Disney as a sound designer, he decided he wanted to take his experience in audio and mix it with his love of all things gaming. To date, Plate Mail Games created over 500 tracks covering all genres. Each track is made to help set a mood without interfering with the story or game play.

So for this Kickstarter, we're asking Wes to create a series of Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game inspired ambient audio tracks that you can have on in the background while you play the game. Starting at 6000 backers (happening REAL SOON) you'll unlock 1 track, and we'll add another track to our order for every 500 additional backers we get past that point, potentially going all the way up to 11,500 backers and 12 total tracks.

I've backed several of Plate Mail's gaming audio Kickstarters in the past, and Wes always delivers professional, layered sound that really ups my game at game night. I'm super excited to work with him to develop some new urban fantasy oriented tracks as an additional thank-you for our backers!

So, while the Circle of Gratitude might be complete, but we're still aspiring to thank you in other ways too. Some of which we can share. Some of which... well, I'm really hoping it's all resolved early next week. :) Speaking of which...

How Bout That Circle of Gratitude?

Just imagine if we'd launched the Kickstarter with everything in the first two Circles factored in, with an initial funding target of $375k. 

Folks would've said we were deep into warlock territory.

So thank you all, so much, for staying with us, for keeping the faith through all the stretch goals we broke that $375k down into. Doing things the way we did them, in the order we did them, has made this a stronger campaign than it might've been otherwise, and that means we've got our feet firmly planted for a strong launch for this game in 2017.

That is just incredibly valuable, and might just be the key event that kicks Evil Hat — as a company and game publisher — to the next level, just as our Fate Core Kickstarter did just a few years ago.

So, as the Circle of Gratitude completes its final arc, I'm sending you a gigantic round of thank-yous from all of us at Evil Hat. There's more to come, for sure — but you've already made possible (and even expanded) the dreams we had when we pressed "launch" just a few weeks back. 

Y'all just knock us right out. You're the best.

Y'all make this look goooood!
Y'all make this look goooood!
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    1. Scott Large

      @Godfather Punk: Harry and Butters rode Sue from the museum to the park, Butters only getting off when Harry went into the battle.

    2. Laura47

      I'm so happy for you all at Evil Hat! Very excited to see how you grow (and to keep backing your kickstarters!)

    3. Jeromy Korf on

      Yes that would be Butters playing the zombie hypno beat that is keeping Sue under control, but I don't recall Butters riding Sue alone at any time, so Harry might be in the bigger picture. I loved that polka suit...

    4. Godfather Punk

      With the drum kit, isn't that rather Butters & Sue?
      I agree with the must-have-it sentiment though =^)

    5. Jeromy Korf on

      That is Harry riding Sue, and I must have it :|

    6. Ralph on

      So there are 12 possible tracks, and counting Side Jobs as a book, 12 books in the base game and expansions currently funded. Are the tracks going to follow along with the books? A storm mixed in with Storm Front, howling mixed in for Fool Moon, Dead Beat having polka beats and roars, etc? In which case I would imagine Side Jobs would come first, as a generic Dresden track. Or will they just be more vague than that? From what I can see on their website, they have a lot of 10 minute loops that would work well for playing through a book, but I could imagine having one of those and shorter themed "Showdown" tunes, too. I'd just like to know what getting more people on board would unlock before I try to convince people I play with to back at the $1 level for we have ambient music for our games.

    7. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      Tons unlocked - and we didn't even need Molly to use any of her abilities. ;-)