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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

Whoof! Ten days in, we're still on fire, mystery deck revealed, and more demos ahead!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

I figured I could go out of town for a week, safe and secure that the last update would cover me until I get back. But noooo, look at you guys go! I'd better write another update. Which I am. Uh, doing. Anyway!

In this update I'll:

  • Look at our progress (and how close we're getting to that preview chapter of Peace Talks)
  • Announce the identity of the MYSTERY DECK at 9-stars
  • Take a look at this update's featured add-on 
  • Talk about my demoing in Austin so far

Progress! You has it!

With every star you folks unlock we get ever closer to the big, ultimate, ten-star PEACE TALKS chapter preview from the next Dresden Files novel! It's less than $100k away at this point and, folks, I know that sounds like a lot ... but it's so doable, seeing how far you've gotten us already. We're only ten days into this 30-day campaign. And everybody who backs this project wins when that one unlocks, from our digital backers all the way up!

Will Harry wear a hat on the next cover?
Will Harry wear a hat on the next cover?

Speaking of which, let's take a look at what you've gotten done while I've been out of town—you've:

  • Unlocked two variant Harry Dresden cards for every backer copy of the game. Dress Harry in a Cheesy Vampire Costume, and tilt your ear to listen to the Whispers of Lasciel!
  • Unlocked three variant Susan Rodriguez cards for every backer copy of the game. Infect her deck, making her attacks more potent & riskier!
  • Unlocked a bunch of new digital art for the art folder available via Update #1 
  • Knocked $5 off of everyone's shipping rate!

That's over $40k of progress since I last posted... and I've only been away for a few days! This is nuts in the best possible way.

And this progress means the remaining goals of the Circle of Gratitude are drawing tantalizingly close:

  • Just a few thousand bucks to get to Murphy's art
  • Just a little over $30k (less than you've done in a handful of days) to get to the Sentinels of the Multiverse crossover deck for Ra, Sun God for Hire (featuring a Staff of Ra card that never leaves your hand until you want it to, a talent that intensifies the burn for injured Foes, and a stunt that lets you claim an Attack card from an ally's discard so you can imbue it with fire)
  • Just a little over $50k to get to Michael's art
  • Less than $75k to get to a new playable Dresden Files character deck REVEALED BELOW (yes, I'm making you wait; I learned from watching Jim!)
  • Less than $93k to get to the preview of Dresden Files #16, PEACE TALKS
  • ... plus increased shipping discounts at every step of the way!

The numbers might seem big, but the numbers y'all have already brought to bear are bigger. Everything here is well within reach ... and yes, there is a third circle if you clear all of these with time to spare. 

Bring the fuego, people!

So, demoing in Austin has gone great! This weeken—


Oh! Right, that wasn't what was next. Let's look at this update's featured add-on. Today I want to ta—


Hm? Oh, the mystery deck? I suppose I could talk about that next.

You'd Better!

Yeah. I could do that. Now, you think?


Wow, great impression of our mystery character! How'd you guess? 

That's right — our nine-star "Mystery Deck" is everyone's favorite foo dog and wizard's best friend, the mighty MOUSE. 

When unlocked, this free-to-our-backers playable hero deck brings some serious support to your efforts to beat the challenges of any deck. His Foo Dog Talent helps his allies cycle their hands, trading out less worthy cards to try to draw better ones. His Warning Bark Stunt refreshes a friend's already-used Stunt. And his balanced, potent deck includes a few tricks that can help unstick the stickiest of situations on the board. (Plus, Mister will make a guest appearance too.) 

We can't wait to make this happen for you!

Our Featured Add-On

We've been getting a ton of new backer traffic as the project rolls on, and many of you have also upgraded your pledges from the $39 to $69 level to get all three expansions. That's fantastic! But you may be wondering how current backers can do more to help us reach our goals. 

Starting with this update I'm going to talk about one of our potential add-ons beyond the expansions you've funded — you absolutely don't need to up your pledge to cover these items, but if you're motivated to push for that goal and you don't mind waiting for the items to ship when the game ships, these add-ons from our existing catalog can level up your impending package from fuego to pyrofuego.

And today's add-on(s) is — Fate Dice

You're already getting 8 dice in your copy of DFCO, but some groups may want to have more to scatter around the table so nobody's having to reach too far to grab what they need when the cards call for a roll. Or maybe you're also an RPG fan and you want to accessorize for our line of Fate RPGs, including the Dresden Files RPG. 

No matter the reason, we've got Fate Dice in all sorts of colors and materials to suit your style! Each package contains 12 dice. For the Dresden Files fan, we have the Dresden Files Winter Knight set, priced at $18, and featuring some fiery orange, silver-on-blue, and icy iridescent dice. It's a very satisfying set, designed specifically to suit our favorite wizard.

But we have a number of other sets priced at $15 each, including...

  • Our newest set, Frost Dice, which have this great matte-frosted translucence to them, for the Winter Lady in all of us;
  • The Vampire Dice set, dark and rich, black and purple and red
  • Our super-popular Core Dice and Antiquity Dice sets
  • Eldritch Dice with glow-in-the-dark symbols on swirling green dice that any Outsider would approve of
  • Valentine Dice for the Thomas or Justine in your life
  • And more!

We do our best to craft our sets of Fate Dice with a strong sense of theme and style. Check them out, and if you like what you see, just increase your pledge by the amount indicated now, and after the campaign's over make your selection in BackerKit for the set(s) you desire. You can never have enough dice!  

Austin: Wednesday & Tomorrow

This past Wednesday I got a chance to demo at Wonko's here in Austin (my wife is at a tech conference; while that's happening, I've been getting some game biz done). It went REALLY well. I'm so happy to have seen many of you there, including other out-of-towners who, as it turns out, were here for — yep — the same tech conference. 

Lots of happy faces resulted that evening, as well as a chance for people to check out some of our expansion content for the game. At its peak, we had 5 simultaneous demos going, 20+ players, more waiting in the wings. It was a great time!

Thumbs up indeed.
Thumbs up indeed.

There's still another chance to catch me before I leave town, if you're in the area. This Saturday I'll be at the mighty Dragon's Lair here in Austin, as a part of International Tabletop Day. I'd expect the store to be super-busy, and I only have two hours to demo from 4pm-6pm, so demo opportunities may be a bit tight. 

But I'll also be on hand as early as 2pm, and probably won't leave until we get close to 8pm, in case you'd like to talk in person about DFCO, Evil Hat, Fate, or really, anything. I promise I'll only run my mouth a little bit nonstop if you get me started. 

Plus, while supplies last, the store should have a few copies of a promo card for one of DFCO designer Eric Vogel's other games, Don't Turn Your Back (a super innovative combo if deck building and worker placement — seriously, Eric, stop using up all the fantastic board game ideas, leave some for the rest of us). 

Both Dragon's Lair and Wonko's have really impressed me. You've got some great stores in the area (I wish my schedule could've accommodated me visiting more of them—they all sound so good) and I'm super pleased to be a part of bringing folks into the stores to play the game and lend a little financial support to these local businesses. Brick & mortar stores are the backbone of the hobby. 

Dragon's Lair, with bonus Brian Engard from Evil Hat. It's huge!
Dragon's Lair, with bonus Brian Engard from Evil Hat. It's huge!

And that's it for today's update. (Thanks for sticking with me. I had a lot to say!) You all have done so much for us, for this project, for this game already ... I can't wait to see where the next ten days take us. Thank you, so much!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pau Blackonion on

      Please, think in the people who likes to sleeve the cards.
      Nobody mades an insert that accepts sleeved cards, and its a pity.

    2. Ken Wood on

      Please try to demo at Madness Games and Comics in Plano sometime.

    3. Ben on

      Considering at least half of the solo games I have played ended with uneven hand sized, this is possibly even MORE welcome. I have already been trying to decide starting player based on who is most likely to have an extra card at the end.

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @ Eric B Vogel: Haha, right, I oversimplified the explanation of his talent -- I forgot that the person who discards a card isn't necessarily the person who draws the card.

    5. Eric B Vogel on

      Note that The most important thing Mouse's Tallent lets you do is to even out the number of cards held by each player, so that you all run out of cards at the same time, and nobody has to spend fate to pass! He also has a couple of cards that let you switch the row of two cards at the same range, so he can potentially set Harry up for a more potent Pyrofuego!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Weil on

      Thanks for the update and mystery hero deck reveal Fred, happy Mouse was chosen. Being a first time backer I could not think of a better campaign to contribute $69 (needed those expansions right away) to since I am a self described Dresden Files dork. It also helps that my wife (who has not read the books) is willing to play and lets me buy anything Dresden Files related even the RPG books that I have not played yet and the Winter Knight Fate Dice that might get used with the card game. She even let me buy a t-shirt that said "Team Dresden" so I could wear it when I got to see Jim for the first time to get a signed copy of Skin Game.

    7. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Nope, that image is from one of the graphic novels — all I had on hand, since no art's been done yet. I expect to provide some specific real life references for the mammoth. ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Miriam on

      My dog-lovin' partner is now as excited as I've been about this game. But he wants to know: Is that image how Mouse'll look in the game? If so, he is curious to know what motivated the choice to make Mouse a different breed than in the books. I didn't know what he meant, so I did a Google image search for Tibetan temple dogs, and they are epic! So, I guess I'm curious too!

    9. Christine Lawrence

      Fred - thanks for clarifying the colors of the dice! I am apparently very bad at seeing colors. LOL

    10. Ben on

      I gotta admit, I never thought we would get mouse as an exclusive. I thought he was TOO popular and would get paired with Changes.
      Very glad to get him, but now I feel bad for anyone who misses the kickstarter and will not get Mouse at all.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shawna Buchanan on

      So glad to see a Mouse deck. I had a feeling he'd be next. Glad Mister gets a card. Cats need love too.

    12. Forar on

      Oh man, those Ghost Dice are indeed awesome! That said, $14 US shipping for 4 dice is a bit on the rough end, so if they were available for international backers that would certainly hold appeal.

    13. Isabelle Parsley on

      I haven't been this excited for a Kickstarter since the Fate Dice ;)

    14. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      They're representative only in a loose notional sense (those are vector graphics, not real pics, as you likely noticed). The actual dice will be translucent, 4 orange and 4 purple-blue, like the two modes of Bob's eye-lights. We don't have translucent dice in those colors in our current sets.

    15. Christine Lawrence

      Are the colors used to represent the dice on the main page of the campaign (purple and yellow/gold/brown?) representative of the actual colors the dice that come with the game will be? Debating which dice to eventually add on and not wanting to overlap colors with what's coming in the game, if possible.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      "Will the Ghost dice be available in the backerkit also?" — If they're not, remind me, and I'll make sure they are. Might need to be a US-only thing tho, as they're harder for us to convey in a workable format to our int'l shippers.

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      "Fred, if I add any of the DFRPG books to my pledge, I know the physical books won't ship until DFCO does, but how soon would we be able to get the PDFs?" — Might be a few months; in order to make that work, the BackerKit is gonna need to be set up, but we'll want to give that a few months anyway to finish up our "verify we've got our most workable shipping deal" process, to get that set up, and to get a bit closer to the very-far-out ship date.

    18. Bill Harting on

      RH, Mister is part of Mouse's deck

      "(Plus, Mister will make a guest appearance too.)"

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Will the Ghost dice be available in the backerkit also?

    20. RH

      Mouse then we have to bring on Mister! ;-)

    21. Bill Harting on

      Fred, if I add any of the DFRPG books to my pledge, I know the physical books won't ship until DFCO does, but how soon would we be able to get the PDFs?

    22. Michael D. Kelley (MVP Boardgames) on

      Mouse's talent sounds fantastic! Being able to replace almost worthless Overcome and Gain Advantage cards with new cards after all Obstacles and Advantages have been cleared from the board will be HUGE.

    23. Sean Nittner

      YAY! Mouse!

    24. Derek Lynch


    25. Forar on

      Wait wait wait... the Eldritch dice glow in the dark?

      Damnit, who told you about my weakness!?

      Awesome update, thanks for keeping us in the loop, and glad to see Mouse gets a deck of his own!

    26. Dylan Baldanza

      MOUSE?! We must make this happen.