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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

Stars and Stones Indeed!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

BACKERS! Weekends are supposed to be soft, underperforming days in a Kickstarter campaign! Instead, you pledged over 30,000 additional dollars over the weekend! You should sit and think about what you've done, backers! Are you proud of yourself?!

... You frakking well should be!

Amazing! As of this writing we've knocked a few bucks off of shipping for everyone, with more digital art unlocks close at hand, and new exclusives approaching for our backers. We aren't even done with our first week yet (that's at midnight tonight). This is a golden time—we're enjoying the hell out of it!


So. This is a long update, but I don't want to make you read a bunch of stuff unless you feel you must, so here's the short version of what I'm gonna get into below. 

  • I'm demoing DFCO in Austin, Texas this week! Come see me at Wonko's on Wednesday evening and Dragon's Lair on Saturday afternoon.
  • Eric Vogel has been testing the swap-in cards for Susan's deck — our five-star stretch goal — and early signs are promising.
  • We're revealing some stones and adding new stones too to the Circle of Gratitude!
  • ★★★★ NEW STONE! Vary Harry, Verily: Two swap-in cards for Harry's deck when we reach our four-star stretch goal: Whispers of Lasciel and Cheesy Costume! (We've added a second new stone for a Dresden Files character deck to the circle as well, but we're keeping which character a mystery for now until we're satisfied with the play-testing.)
  • ★★★★★★★ STONE REVEALED! World's Fieriest: Sentinels of the Multiverse Hero RA crosses over and goes full urban fantasy with an exclusive playable Hero deck for DFCO, designed by me (Fred Hicks) with Eric Vogel's supervision, when we reach our seven-star stretch. For those times when one fire-slinging mystical badass isn't enough!
  • ★★★★★★★★★★ STONE REVEALED! When we reach our final ten-star stretch in the Circle of Gratitude, you'll unlock an exclusive benefit for backers, delivered when the campaign ends in mid-May: an early preview of the first chapter of Peace Talks — the next novel of the Dresden Files!

Got your attention? Well, read on, then!

Austin Bound

I'm going to be visiting Austin (Texas) later this week as part of an anniversary trip with my wife! But while I'm there I'm going to have a couple opportunities to demo the game.

Wednesday evening, I'll be at Wonko's Toys & Games in Austin as part of their board game night. I'll have four or so prototypes with me, so I should be able to run multiple simultaneous demos without much trouble, assuming there are tables enough for the action. 

Saturday afternoon, I'll be at Dragon's Lair Austin for International Tabletop Day. I'll be there from 2pm to 7:30pm or so, with my demo window scheduled for 4pm-6pm. As with any ITTD it's gonna be a busy time, but 2 hours is still a nice window to get several games played.

Hope to see our Austin-based backers at one of these! I love demoing this game and I extra love seeing people get hooked. And you will be! It's a consistent response to actually getting the cards on the table. But don't take my word for it.

Is all this talk of printing and playing mystifying you? Wondering where to get the files to do that? It's covered in Update #1:

Stars & Stones & Statussesses

Next, let's talk a bit more about what's in the Circle of Gratitude — and reveal a few new stones while we're at it. 

Eric is hard at work making sure the variant cards for Susan's deck test well. It's looking pretty solid, based on initial findings:

But that's not all...

New Stone! Two Swap-Ins for Harry's Deck at Four Stars!

We're adding a couple new stones to the Circle. 

First up, at FOUR stars, we'll provide two variant swap-in cards for Harry's deck with each backer copy of DFCO (including copies for our retailer backers) :

  • Whispers of Lasciel - Park the Blue Beetle on a side-street and pick up this new Overcome card that also lets Harry discard a card to draw a card. Are you willing to risk a silver price to for a chance to improve your (burnt?) hand?
  • Cheesy Costume - Swap out Harry's shield bracelet (Riffletum!) for a Take Advantage featuring new custom art from Tyler Walpole — Harry donning the cheesy vampire costume he wore to the Red Court Masquerade! (Implementation pending some testing.)
Give Harry a hand!
Give Harry a hand!

Seven-Star Stone Revealed! 
A Sun God From the Multiverse Crosses Over!

Sometimes, even with a fire-throwing wizard in your squad, you still don't have enough fire to burn all the monsters down. So we put out a call to our friends at Greater Than Games, publishers of the Sentinels of the Multiverse cooperative card game.

Personally I'm a huge fan of Sentinels, from the gameplay to the packaging. In fact I took some cues from their package design when I was figuring out how we'd want to do our own, with deck dividers and space aplenty for expansions. Plus their company's run by some of the friendliest folks in the business! It seemed only natural that we should team up at some point.

And now we will, with the seven-star stone! When funded, I will personally (with Eric Vogel's supervision) design a playable hero deck for the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game based on an urban fantasy version of the Sentinels of the Multiverse fire-throwing hero Ra

Art by Brian "D20 Monkey" Patterson
Art by Brian "D20 Monkey" Patterson

When funded, we'll ship one of these decks with every backer copy (true for retailer-backers too)! No added charge (this is not an add-on, it's a thank-you).  

FINAL Ten-Star Stone Revealed! 
James Gets His Wish!

So, early in the campaign (wait—it's still early; um, EARLIER), we got this comment.

James — and the rest of you — you're on! We figured it wouldn't hurt to ask Jim if this was possible and, well...

When the campaign reaches its tenth star at $375k, unlocking the final stone, you'll unlock a new exclusive benefit. 

Right after the campaign ends in mid-May, in a special, backers-only post, we'll post the first chapter of the next Dresden Files novel, Peace Talks. (THANK YOU, JIM!!!)

And with that, that's it for today. 

And man, what a doozy of a day ... weekend ... week ... campaign we're having! Thank you so much for carrying us so far in such a small amount of time. We can't wait to see more of these goals, so we can continue to say THANK YOU in bigger, better, brighter, burning-er ways. (Plus steadily reduced shipping rates.)

So let's shoot for the stars, folks! I'll see you next in Austin, or when I return from my trip next week. (Ah, who's kidding who here—probably also online all throughout the week, because I can't quit you!)


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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      (Not to mention, even a $1 no-reward backer is gonna be able to see the thing.)

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Let's be clear, he'll probably end up rolling out a series of Peace Talks preview chapters in the months that run up to the published release of his book, over on How do I know? Because I run that website for him, and that's what we've done for practically every new release.

      This is just an _earlier_ preview of the first chapter. Folks upset about that should settle down, unless they also get upset about him reading excerpts at conventions they aren't attending, I guess. :)

    3. Jeff Dougan on

      @ryan Dresden is one of a couple IPs that I care deeply enough about to not support if it's not actually licensed. (Wheel of Time beats it on the list; Peter V Brett's Demon Cycle rounds out the list, since I've never seen merch available for either Percy Jackson or Ally Carter's thieves.)

    4. Ryan Petel on

      First of all, huge Dresden fan as well as a board game fan, so yeah, I'm pretty excited. Second, I'm disappointed in some of the rather nasty comments about offering the chapter preview as a reward. Especially the ones directed at Jim Butcher himself. He doesn't owe anyone a damn thing. I've purchased a number of Dresden related items (shirts, a shield bracelet, etc) that Jim Butcher never benefits from. Happy to support something officially licensed!

    5. Jeff Dougan on

      No, but man is it pissing off people in the Dresden Files subreddit.

    6. Bill Harting on

      As exited as I am to get and play this game, is it wrong that all I can focus on at the moment is getting the "Peace Talks" preview?

    7. Jeff Dougan on

      @Eric - Given established Dresden mythos so far, Ra is definitely a better fit than Haka, and either is (probably) a better fit than Fanatic (alluded to in Jabooty's comment). It was simply that there were two characters I thought fit /better/, if that distinction makes sense.

    8. Eric B Vogel on

      When I played SotM I mostly played Hakka, and I think RA is probably a much better fit with DFCO than him.

    9. Jeff Dougan on

      @Fred - fair enough. Perhaps after I get a chance to play it a bit, I might try my hand at one. (I can think of a property that might tie in as a guest appearance, but which could also double as Anna Valmont if that author isn't willing to sign off.)

    10. Jeff Dougan on

      @jabooty - thanks for the response. If you're willing to try it again sometime, I'd love to toss you some "tough by probably winnable" scenarios along with one or two "You will get your backside kicked" versions.

      There's a huge spread of variety in the game, both in terms of difficulty and style of hero. The care you cite from the second game is one of those "one copy in the whole deck", but can be a game changer if drawn along with the three cards to discard in order to make it work.

    11. Poisonfish Games on

      As a fan of the book series! Im not surprised by the increase. I enjoy the characters and the world; and my friends, who also enjoy this series, will have a blast with this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Early preview of Peace Talks = AWESOME! XD This will help tide me over until the book comes out (in paperback; I literally don't have the shelf space or the budget to collect the Dresden Files in hardcover).

      Of course, we have to get to that tenth star first. And everything else between now and that is looking pretty sweet as well ... congrats on the additions. :)

    13. Jabooty_3 on

      @Jeff - The game felt like a question of WHEN we were going to win, not IF. I can't tell you which characters/expansions were used (they weren't memorable.) We played two games - the second game was tighter but then somebody pulled a card that provided damage equal to the life he had lost all game, and won the game. Felt broken and cheated.

    14. Ben on

      Oh well, worth asking! Thanks for giving it even this much consideration, figured it would be a long shot, but could only guess as to why.

    15. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Jabooty_3 Please try to stick with the spirit of this campaign by celebrating what we both enjoy rather than yucking other peoples' yums.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Ben, I get what you're after there, but we'd need to see wider-spread awareness *of* those games than has presently been achieved for that to make good sense. SOTM has big mindshare. DF has big mindshare. Mad City etc ... considerably less so.

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @jeff - 1) I'm designing the deck and I'm less familiar with those characters (I've played them, but not to the extent I've played Ra), 2) I went for the fire theme, since it's Dresden Files.

    18. Ben on

      So, we have the chapter preview for people here because "The Dresden Files", which seems well received, and people here for "cooperative card game" seem happy with the Ra cameo. Any chance a future stretch goal might be a nod to fans of Evil Hat and Eric's earlier games? Just saying, a kickstarter exclusive book deck based in the Mad City (obviously a little pocket of the Nevernever) would certainly interest me, help with cross-training Fred's development skills, and might allow for some art reuse. Also not opposed to a Zeppelin based book deck.

    19. Jeff Dougan on

      I'm really interested in the Sentinels deck (my fifth-grader dressed up as GI Bunker for Halloween this year), but I'm curious why Ra rather than, for example, Nightmist, Expatriette, or the Argent Adept. Nightmist seems like she'd fit really naturally; Expat could be a prototype for Kincaid (although that in itself might explain why not), and Tony could represent a different kind of magical tradition altogether.

      @Jabooty without trying to change your mind specifically, do you mind describing for me what you didn't like about your experience with Sentinels?

    20. Alex Villagran

      Thanks for getting back to me. I wish I could make it up North. To say I'm excited by this game would be an understatement. Can not wait to play

    21. Eric B Vogel on

      Pretty tight schedule I meant to say.

    22. Eric B Vogel on

      Thanks for the offer Alex. Right now everything I am testing is a on a pretty tight, so I need to stick with my tried and true local playtesters.

      If you (or any other backers) make it up to the Bay Area in the near future (not the first week of May) you can usually catch me gaming at public venues on Wed and Fri nights, and get a demo game out of me :)

    23. Alex Villagran

      Thanks Eric. Any chance you taking play testers? I'm willing to demo. Thanks for the hard work guys

    24. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on

      A Mouse deck might have been cool, not sure I see him as a full expansion character.....

    25. Jabooty_3 on

      Personally been unimpressed with my limited experience with Sentinels. Also, wouldn't want to spoil getting to the actual book. I try best to avoid blurbs and the book jacket in advance.
      Oh well, if the masses are impressed.

    26. Eric B Vogel on

      Hi Andrew, sorry but for right now San Diego more of a schlep than I can manage (and I would be the one to do it, since I live in the Bay Area). I have a lot on my plate with the Kickstarter, and I am going to Bruno Faidutti's Ludopathic Gathering the first week of May. It might happen between now and fulfillment if I have cause to go down that direction.

    27. Andrew Suarez on

      I agree Michael. I'm always a sucker for reading the advance chapters at Jim Butchers site, so the opportunity to read something before it's even there. Count me in. Oh, I'm already in.

    28. Michael D. Kelley (MVP Boardgames) on

      I want that first chapter!!! Gimme my Dresden!

      This all sounds fantastic.

    29. Alex Villagran

      Any chance of demos in San Diego? Kingdom Con is this weekend

    30. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      After dinner until I'm told to leave, probably. Likely means I'll be aiming at 7pm, maybe earlier, for arrival.

    31. Robert Hanz on

      Wait. Wonko's is *literally* on my way home.

      There'll be no escape for you, my new old nemesis, when we finally meet for the first time, for the last time!

    32. Chris Minner on

      Oh awesome! What time will you be at Wonko's on wednesday?

    33. Eric B Vogel on

      Andrew, in DFCO terms, Harry isn't the Winter Knight yet, but I have the feeling there is a lot more DFCO in my future. However, Fred and I have been talking about the numbers and heuristics that underlie character construction in DFCO for awhile, with an eye towards him designing parts of the next expansion. When he brought up the idea of the RA deck, I thought that was a good opportunity for him to get his feet wet, since he knows SOTM much better than I do.

      Venture, an additional plus to adding RA is that since he is drawn by another artist, he doesn't push out the date by which Tyler gets the art done, and we can go to press.

    34. Andrew Suarez on

      Let's not forget that Harry is also the Winter Knight. I think Absolute Zero from SOTM, would be a wonderful addition.

    35. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Character ideas are easy, deck designs are tricky. We felt we could make this happen more easily, and without messing with stuff we'd want in expansions as actual products, etc. :) Plus, we're big SOTM fans!

    36. Venture on

      @Fred: Fair point, well made. :) I hadn't considered the exclusivity of this expansion, I just got carried away thinking about the sheer number of Dresden Character's that could potentially be added to the game...

    37. Beth Perrin

      Harry and Ra?!?! I am toooo excited!!

    38. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Venture: "Do we want to cannibalize the roster for a future expansion in order to produce exclusive content that the general public won't be able to access as easily, or could we instead create a character that'll be a fun extra thing that brings in potential new audience for the game but doesn't step on said expansion toes?"

    39. Sarah Reed

      Oh yeah! Ra is my favorite Sentinels hero! That will be so awesome to play him in DFCO!! Woot! And thank you to GTG for agreeing to it!

    40. Venture on

      Wow, that's a massive update! I'm particularly excited about the alternate cards for Harry and the, yet to be announced, additional Dresden files character deck!

      Can I ask what the rational behind creating a deck for a "Sentinels of the Universe" deck was rather than going with an additional Dresden File's character?

    41. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      I'll be at Origins as will Eric Vogel. Your best bet is to track me down (I'm the guy with the blue hair) via Twitter or similar, and have a Board Room ribbon so we can grab a table ad-hoc.

    42. Douglas MacIntyre

      worst case the print and play is there... Though i have heard mages and technology (printers) do not mix so well....

    43. Shane Allen

      Mind Blown! I'm curious if we could expect or hope for a demo at Origins Game Fair in June? I imagine Gencon is the most likely but I'm chomping at the bit to give this a try.