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Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!
8,616 backers pledged $549,486 to help bring this project to life.

The Circle of Essentials is Complete! The Circle of Gratitude Begins!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

FUEGO! We've hit $162,000 and that means our third expansion is funded and the Circle of Essentials is complete! Thank you! That's totally awesome. I cannot believe we got there in 63 hours — what a world we live in. A world on fire, as it were...

I'm burnin, I'm burnin, I'm burnin for you
I'm burnin, I'm burnin, I'm burnin for you

Anyway! Tyler Walpole is working on the Thomas Raith art right now, LIVE, and you can check it out here while he keeps the streaming going:

I think that's about it—


Hm? Was there something else? 


Wait, nope, the circle's all done... updated the graphic... crossed the i's, dotted the t's...


My face! My wonderful face! Why? Why did you—Oh! ... OH! Right, the next circle! 

(Please make the burning stop.)

Let's Have It Then.

So for our next big sequence of stretch goals, we want to make sure the benefits are all about you. We have ten goals in this circle — ten Obstacles, as it were — which, as you clear, will each reduce the shipping costs for every backer by $1. (That's not all, but bide a moment while I talk about the math.)

This one was a bit brain-breaky to figure out. To make this work, I need to account for costs to implement new rewards, keep track of any reward factors that cause costs to scale the more backers we get, and take into consideration royalty payouts, added manufacturing capacity, and Kickstarter, credit card, and Backerkit fees. 

After all that's taken out of the funds generated, I need to make sure that this doesn't turn into a big pile of expenses the company can't afford to pay out of pocket, so I need to work up a reasonable model for predicting (or at least educated-guesstimating) the number of backers it'll take to reach these goals, and the theoretical maximum number of backers the project might get. For each $1 we knock off shipping for everyone, we're knocking $1 off for all future backers as well, so they need to be taken into account, up to a point. Our biggest previous Kickstarter to date topped 10,000 backers, so we decided to use that as our target here. All in all that amounted to — at most of the next ten stretch targets — an increment of about $20k per step if we wanted to do this stably, safely, and without undermining the project or the company.

So with that in mind, here's the Circle of Gratitude graphic. I'll talk more about what's on it (and what's not) further below.

So here's how this works:

  • Each time you clear an Obstacle (as listed above), the obstacle converts to a star.
  • Each star reduces shipping costs by $1 for every backer getting a shipment. (If we reach all ten stars, that'll mean free shipping in the USA, and a $10 reduction on all international shipping rates.)
  • Certain numbers of stars unlock one of the stones on the circle, as indicated, providing an additional backer benefit along with the reduction in shipping costs.
  • Every star includes some additional benefit, even if it doesn't unlock a stone; we'll be releasing high resolution digital copies of the game's art in the same folder that's linked in Update #1 as we hit those goals, as indicated on the table in the above graphic.

Right now, we're revealing two of the stones, and we'll reveal the third and fourth stone soon as we're able to. (Both involve a certain some approvals first.)

The First Stone: Achievements Checklist (1 Star)

Eric Vogel has gone through the game's design and come up with a series of achievements for you to strive for in your gameplay as an added challenge. Now it's not just about winning; it's about hitting those goals, too. Use it to track how you're doing taking on some of the trickiest and most thematic elements of gameplay. We'll include this in the downloads folder when you unlock the first star in the circle.

The Second Stone: Infect Susan's Deck (5 Stars)

When we reach the fifth star, not only will you have a bunch of digital art files to play with, you'll also have three exclusive variant Attack cards for Susan's deck

A bit of background here: as we thought about how we'd do a Vampire Susan deck, and we realized we'd keep a lot of her current deck the same. Since doing a full Vampire Susan deck seemed like a bit of a waste, we decided that rather than fit her vampiric (or pre-vampiric) self into a future expansion, we'd give you a taste of Red Court venom through this Kickstarter. 

These three variant Attacks will replace her current Attack cards whenever you're looking to have her "vamp out." They'll make  her attacks more potent, but more risky—after all, when she really goes full black-eyed-and-toothy, someone's gotta be there to help her calm down. Design and playtesting is underway, and we'll get into the details once we've validated the gameplay mechanic, but rest assured, it'll have "teeth". 

And yes — we'll definitely have Tyler Walpole do a new piece of art for this card. I'm personally excited to see fangy susan with her Order of St. Giles tattoos in full effect—the art Tyler did for Susan's deck is among my favorites in the game so far.

And that's it for now! 

I need to go update the front page of the campaign, and get a few hours of rest before you all inevitably make me update the graphics again. :)

Don't worry, I won't post an update for every single 'star' we get done; if something unlocks, I'll do my best to get it into the download folder on update #1 ASAP.

Thanks again, so much, for making this game the best it can possibly be when it launches in early 2017! Looking forward to giving you guys some fun new stuff to play with in the goals ahead.

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    1. Colin Spears on

      So shipping is free in the US because these goals were met, right? Very nice bonus!

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      The expansions here are the only ones we're likely to pursue for shipment with the core game. Any other add-ons are gonna be from our existing catalog, as described on the campaign page.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Seems to me like Evil Hat's Kickstarters always go a certain way, to the approximate tune of ...

      Fred: "Okay, here's a stretch goal you're not gonna make it to."
      [backing intensifies]
      Fred: "... and now I gotta come up with another stretch goal."

      Anyway, just upped my pledge to include the expansions. I might hold off and get any further expansions through BackerKit; not totally sure yet, but my credit card has been suffering lately.

    4. Eric B Vogel on

      I find myself thinking of the circle of gratitude as a chocolate advent calendar. Although I suppose it's one where I make the chocolate.

    5. T. Everett on

      Stars and Stones, huh? I see what you did there.

      Anyway, like most I'm really curious as to what the other two stones might be, but I'm sure we'll hit them before the end.

    6. Mark Storer on

      I'll cast my vote for "Jewish Jedi For Jesus" Butters.

      (and does anyone else think Butters with a full suite of Jedi powers plus whatever he and Bob can concoct is going to be crazy-awesome?)

    7. Alfredo Tarancón on

      The Circle of Gratitude seems like a really great idea. Big fan of how Evil Hat keeps trying new things and analyzing the crowdfunding platform and concepts that we usually take for granted...

      Also... anybody asked already for a Sue the Dinosaur deck???

    8. Mike Holyoak

      This project gets more awesome by the day, er hour, ok…minute! Thanks for being a tireless update monkey.

    9. Jesse Pudewell on

      Don't Turn Your Back is one of my game group's favorites - duelling at the moment with Glory to Rome.

    10. Ben on

      Thank you, Eric for making games like this. My only complaint about Don't Turn Your Back was how hard it is for me to get friends together to play it, but that's not something the game designer can fix.
      Unless it is a co-op with a single player option like this! That made me very happy, and probably bumped me from just doing the digital preview to all-in for expansions and a set of dice.

    11. John du Bois on

      Since everyone seems to be posting their pony wishes for character decks, I'm cast a vote for the Paranet ;)

    12. Eric B Vogel on

      I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you. In the words of Hall and Oates - you make-a my dreams come true.

    13. Missing avatar

      Shawna Buchanan on

      I think Mouse is the next one I'm hoping for most. Although Marcone, Gard, Toot-toot, or even Charity would be cool. (I know Charity doesn't have superpowers, but she still rocks.) Love the idea of more variant cards for existing characters, too.

    14. Ben on

      I am content that most of the characters i still want to see make sense for books that wouldn't be ready for the kickstarter. My hope of the remaining expansions:
      Changes - Mouse
      Ghost Story - Mortimer Lindquist
      Cold Days - Za Lord's guard
      Skin Game - Anna Valmont

    15. J.R. Riedel on

      Vamping out sounds like fun.

    16. Shannon Appelcline on

      I played the Vampire Susan variant in Eric's prototype last night. It was very nicely thematic (which I feel is the case for the whole game). I sweated over playing the vampire cards, and lost control once, costing me my ability to take an advantage as a result. However, thanks in part to Susan's new strength, we managed to kill *every* foe on the (Grave Peril) board and barely won thanks to our solving of one of the three cases. So let's go for five stars or more. I want to see that exclusive variant!

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      I appreciate all the enthusiasm about additional decks. And one may be coming (but it's not one anyone would expect, as suits an exclusive). Make sure to check the project FAQ, re: "can you add a [favorite character] deck?" for more on the topic. We're definitely listening to what folks are saying with an eye on what we might put in future expansions, of course. :)

    18. Priscilla Spencer on

      The wisdom of uncoupling shipping costs from the KS pledges continues to grow. :D

      @Derek, I second the crossed fingers for Wintry Harry and Molly! Holy Knightsaber Butters would also be crazy fun.

    19. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      Uriel? Are you doing something behind the scenes here? :-p

    20. Jesse Pudewell on

      Reducing shipping costs as a secondary stretch goal is amazingly clever.

      And you know I want vamped-out Susan.

    21. Allan Schnoor on

      Please let one of the stones be a Mouse deck :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Shawna Buchanan on

      This looks pretty sweet. I have a feeling this Kickstarter will be exciting to watch all the way through.

    23. Derek Lynch

      Sweet. Makes me hope the 7x or 10x are White Night Harry or Winter Lady Molly :)

      Winter court represent!