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With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to the Century Club to save humanity -- from extinction!
With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to the Century Club to save humanity -- from extinction!
With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to the Century Club to save humanity -- from extinction!
1,516 backers pledged $42,769 to help bring this project to life.

Boom! New Stretch Goals! More Authors! More Pulp!


We’ve hit $10,000 -- in less than 60 hours! The full trilogy is now available, and ALL backers at $10 and above will get all three books in e-book form!

Look to the new THREE FISTS and TRIPLE HAMMERS levels if you’re interested in getting soft or hardcovers of Beyond and Forever, each shipped separately when first available. FIELD AGENTS on up will get a hardcover of Dinocalypse Forever in addition to the listed rewards.

But that was all just phase one of our master plan! It’s time to talk about our new stretch goals...


The Dinocalypse Trilogy introduces three new characters to the Spirit of the Century canon: the thinking man's ape, Professor Khan; the boot-kicking, motorcycle-riding Parisian Amelia Stone; and the rapier-wielding mystic detective Benjamin Hu.

Our other heroes -- Jet Black, Sally Slick, and Mack Silver -- are already well-known to fans of the Spirit of the Century roleplaying game. Now that we've hit $10k, for our next round of pulp-inflected fiction we'd like to explore the lives, back-stories, and side-stories of the newest heroes in our pantheon!

At $15k, we'll produce a stand-alone Benjamin Hu novel, written by Atomic Robo scribe & creator Brian Clevinger. (Have you seen the Atomic Robo movie on Kickstarter?) Why Benjamin? He's Sherlock Holmes from Hong Kong, running around like Indiana Jones as an Olympic-class fencer. Benjamin Hu is too fun not to reach for next. And why Brian Clevinger? Aside from building a great partnership with him following the announcement of Evil Hat's upcoming Atomic Robo RPG, we know from the comics that he's a master of snappy dialogue and pulp-era sensibilities. He's a perfect fit. Writing on the novel would begin this year, as soon as there’s an opening.

At $20k, we'll produce a stand-alone Amelia Stone novel, written by Walker Papers author C. E. Murphy -- or "Kit", as I've known her for years. Kit is absolutely the first person I thought of to write Amelia's story. She's aces for writing tough-as-nails but all-too-human ass-kicking women -- fans of Urban Shaman and beyond know just what I'm talking about here. And she's a kickstarter veteran, holding the #5 spot for most money raised for a fiction project ("No Dominion"). Another great fit! She'd be able to begin writing on this novel come November of this year.

Beyond $20K... Who can say? But we're pretty sure it'll involve an ape or three, and maybe a jetpack!


Once we hit $15k and $20k, we'll open up some new "upgrade" tiers and options for folks looking for e-book, softcover (+$20 per book), or hardcover copies (+$50 per book) of the unlocked novels.

This new set of fiction is, in essence, a new kickstarter that we’re layering on top of the first that got us to $10k so incredibly fast.You’ve taken us by storm! We’re scrambling here! But now, we have a plan. 

Once we hit $15k, if you’ve backed with at least $10, we’ll send you the 4th e-book at no extra cost. When we hit $20k, we’ll send you the 5th e-book at no extra cost.

But, here’s the full disclosure: the way we’ve structured things, we’re asking for almost exactly what our development costs are for each book (not including Dinocalypse Now-- we’re covering that cost ourselves), and that doesn’t even completely cover all the printing and shipping. Paying a little extra for each additional e-book would help soak up those costs. We'd be really grateful if you could up your pledge by $5 for each of the additional e-books when they become available to help handle the additional costs that aren’t getting covered by this campaign as it adds on more fiction titles. 

That said, if you’d rather sit tight with your current pledge, no sweat! You’ve already helped us get so far, and now it looks like fiction has a real, viable chance at Evil Hat. That’s simply incredible, and we owe it all to you guys. 



    1. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on April 14, 2012

      I see you asked this two places -- I'll answer it over in the main page comments. :)

    2. Alden Strock on April 14, 2012

      Currently pledged at ally + $10 to help with dev costs. Close to sidekick level, thinking about adding $5 more to upgrade. Three questions: would I be costing you money switching to a physical book? How much will the softcover books cost when they come out? Will they be in stores or only on Thanks.

    3. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on April 2, 2012

      This Tuesday's update will be a real humdinger. :)

    4. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on April 2, 2012

      Three jetpacked apes.

    5. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 29, 2012

      Yup! I super appreciate the discussion, that said. Thanks!

    6. Jon Rosebaugh on March 29, 2012

      I'm a coder, so if I were in your shoes, my first inclination would be to build a web form on my site, listing all the options. Then a backer could tick various boxes for various levels (ebook for this, paperback for that, limited hardcover for this other one) and it would generate a donation level.

      Then again, I've never done a kickstarter, so I'm probably focusing on the easy part of the process. Anyway, I'll just wait and see what happens. Nearly a month left, after all.

    7. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 29, 2012

      Ahhh, the hardcover? Yeah, point. I'll mull. I really don't want to complicate things horribly, but maybe I can find a good way to provide that option for folks like yourself.

    8. Jon Rosebaugh on March 29, 2012

      Though I still might want to get the limited edition of one of those. But you can't always get what you want, I guess.

    9. Jon Rosebaugh on March 29, 2012

      Reasonable enough explanation.

    10. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 29, 2012

      Well, consider this: if we were only doing the $10 e-book tier, we'd have raised $2,840 at this point -- the project wouldn't even be funded. That means that the second book, the third book, and the fourth book so far have been made possible by the folks who've pledged in at higher tiers, all the while increasing the value of that $10 buy in for the e-book set. We're spreading around the distribution of costs plenty, *except* at the $10 buy in, where presently folks are getting $20 worth of e-books for $10. Hence the text you're focusing on.

      We'll be selling the individual novels in physical form post-kickstarter on our webstore at -- I think it's better to position folks interested in his paperback and not Chuck's over there, when we've got it in print, rather than further complicating our pledge structure here. But I will think about it!

    11. Jon Rosebaugh on March 29, 2012

      Yeah, it was this bit: "and that doesn’t even completely cover all the printing and shipping. Paying a little extra for each additional e-book would help soak up those costs." It seemed to me that if it was the printing and shipping of physical books that added costs, the folks picking physical book reward levels ought to be your first place for asking for a little extra. Just seemed puzzling to me.

      Actually, something I'd like is to be able to order the physical books for the standalone novels (especially Brian Clevinger's, as I'm most familiar with his work) but not the dinocalypse ones. Think we could work out a reward level for that?

    12. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 29, 2012

      Ah! Hm, maybe you're thinking that when I'm talking about print & ship costs, I'm talking about the ebooks. I'm not. I'm talking about for the whole project. Only a little over 50% of our backers are getting in at the purely virtual levels, which leaves us with a lot of additional cost of production & delivery that's going to come out of the backing tally no matter what, which means that for every $5000 funded, all of which would go to the non-printing, non-shipping portion of the development of each novel, we're going to end up with considerably less than the development budget for each novel. So that's what lead to the bit at the end of the post.

    13. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 29, 2012

      There aren't, and I'm unclear on where you got the impression there were. Can you point at the specific text that left you with that takeaway, so I know what to clarify? :)

    14. Jon Rosebaugh on March 29, 2012

      I have to admit I don't see how there are printing and shipping costs for ebooks. Could you clarify that part?

    15. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 27, 2012

      Will do. As we've investigated, it's looking like audio might be something better licensed out to an outfit that focused on audio books, rather than something for us to burn extra cycles on making happen. We've got a line or two on how to license out those subsidiary rights, but like I said, it's the sort of thing that we probably can't resolve within the timeline-scope of the kickstarter campaign.

    16. Scott Acker on March 26, 2012

      Fair enough. As busy as I am lately I'm much more likely to get to consume these in audio though. Please let me know if this changes.

    17. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on March 23, 2012

      Good question. :) Right now, in our current range of stretch goals, we're focusing on expanding the fiction offerings instead of going deep on a single title's formats. We're also finding as we research audiobook possibilities that the whole audiobook thing may require a further research effort that'll run longer than this kickstarter drive. Upshot, we may not get to a point where we feel we have enough info to correctly structure the financials on the audiobook dimension. This is coupled together with an emerging feeling that those are something we could either license out to a partner to produce, or otherwise develop after we've proven that our fiction is reaching a wider audience.

    18. Scott Acker on March 23, 2012

      Any plans for audiobooks?