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With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to the Century Club to save humanity -- from extinction!
1,516 backers pledged $42,769 to help bring this project to life.

Off to the Races!

We're twelve hours in on this crazy ride, and we're already over 80% of our initial goal. You all rock like great big rocking things! It's certainly looking like Chuck will be turning his September "pencil in Beyond Dinocalypse" into ink real soon now.

But remember, our initial goal only gets us halfway to the full trilogy. So that 80% is 40% of the way to the whole kit'n'kaboodle. Still incredibly impressive, but we don't want to count our chickens just yet.

Kickstarters "catch fire" or just smolder in the first 3 days of their life. We want to burn! And to do that, we need your help -- backers and friends alike -- to get the word out. Tell people about our project on your social media of choice and use the handy "embed" link to show off the video and the project. (We also have a 728x90 banner you can download & post on your site if you're inclined.)

Every voice counts, especially one that's personalized. Let people know why you're excited about the Dinocalypse Trilogy! 

But enough cheerleading -- how about some detailed updates?

We've already provided sneak peeks at the first two chapters of Dinocalypse Now. Make sure to drop on by Deadly Fredly and check out Chapter One and Chapter Two. Now with talking apes! But we won't stop there -- every Tuesday at 8am eastern time, we'll post a new sample chapter, for the duration of the kickstarter drive!

We are adding to the FAQ regularly as we get questions. If you're not sure about something, or even if you just have a suggestion, let us know! In the FAQ you'll find out about adding extra copies, retailer access, grabbing a paper copy of Spirit of the Century along with your pledge, and more.

Fred Hicks, Chuck Wendig, and Chris Hanrahan talk Dinocalypse and game fiction on the latest That's How We Roll. Drop by and have a listen!

Flames Rising has posted a review of Dinocalypse Now. Spoiler content is very light at worst. We've contacted a few other review sites, so you may see more of these come along as the kickstarter drive continues.

Ever wonder what Mack Silver and Sally Slick might've looked like in real life? Check out this crisp, full color WWII-era photography and see if you can't spot them under their 1945-era "aliases"...

And don't forget, you can follow Fred and Evil Hat on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus for some "in the moment" updates on the Dinocalypse Trilogy and more!