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Race to Adventure!™ is an easy-to-learn, pulp-themed family board game you can play in 20-30 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 & up.
Race to Adventure!™ is an easy-to-learn, pulp-themed family board game you can play in 20-30 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 & up.
884 backers pledged $52,117 to help bring this project to life.

The Finish Line

Hello, Racers!

This is it -- the final update from this Kickstarter project!

Packages Are Shipped!

We got confirmation Monday morning that all remaining shipments have gone out from the warehouse. Many of you have received emails by now containing your tracking info. We figure most of our backers in the USA should have their packages before the end of the week. Exciting times! Loud noises! Gorillas and zeppelins!

Non-Backers Can Now Buy Race to Adventure!

We've put Race to Adventure! up for sale on the Evil Hat website (official announcement coming Tuesday). Jump straight to the store, here, for both the game and the expansion.

You can reach the Race to Adventure! page (make sure to check out the downloads page for translations and extras) here.

The Bottom Line

All told, this Kickstarter raised almost 48,000 actual dollars for getting Race to Adventure! into production. That said, expenses have been more like $67,000

But don't fret! That $19,000 gap (almost entirely from shipping costs) is something we were ready for, and now that we have the game up for sale, we will need your support to get more folks interested in playing and purchasing Race to Adventure! We'll need to sell about 600 copies via our website, or about 1600 in distribution, to make up that gap.

And so, we need your help to spread the word one more time! Make noise when your game arrives. Play it with your friends, and bring it in to your local game store of choice to show it off and get some table action going.

And because your input and boosting is so valuable to us, stay tuned to the Evil Hat website for an upcoming announcement on how you can earn cool stuff just by helping to spread the word about your favorite Evil Hat games, books, and more! You can also sign up for our mailing list on the front page of the site.

"We Have Returned!"

And so, we've made it to the finish line, dear Racers. Our passports are fully stamped, and with the thrum of zeppelin engines all around us, we can just see the top of the Empire State Building cresting over the horizon. Clear skies and a smooth landing ahead...

So one last time: Thank you again, so much, for everything you've done for us. We look forward to further partnerships in the months and years to come!


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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Matthew and others - If you have a piece that's damaged enough to need replacement, please email us at feedback AT evilhat DOT com with photos of the damaged pieces so we can confirm & document the damage and know which ones to replace.

      We've raised the issue with the manufacturer, who will credit our account for defective stuff, so don't fret about whether or not to report in. If you want a piece replaced, tell us!

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Tim - That's more a typo in the Dinocalypse rules than a misprint on the pieces -- shouldn't affect playability at any rate. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim Soholt on

      Got mine a few hours ago. There was some tearing but it was was fairly minor.

      There seems to be a misprint on the Dinocalypse pieces, though. Instead of 5 Lundy Island flags and 5 extra stamps, I have 10 Lundy Island flags. All the location cards are different, so it's not an entire duplicate board, just Lundy Island flags where according to the rules there should be stamps.

      No crippling problems, though, and I'm looking forward to unleashing this on my board game group on Tuesday! Thanks Fred, the rest of the Evil Hat team and everyone else who backed!

    4. Matthew Titelbaum

      I have to echo what Robert said about pieces tearing when punching them out. I tried to be as careful as possible, and I still had trouble. I particularly had trouble on the location cards. I eventually fetched an X-acto knife to help out, but I didn't think that should be necessary. If we rip pieces in the process of punching them out, is there possibly some sort of part replacement program?

    5. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      We haven't made a decision about Zeppelin Armada's selling/funding strategy yet. Thanks for your interest!

    6. Rollin' Skulls Andy

      Just got mine and I'll be forcing my wife to play it with me tonight...haha! I'm amazed by the quality of the game, everything in the box is top notch! Can't wait to see when the Zeppelin Armada card game will be available, will this be a Kickstarter as well? If so, this will be a for sure backed project for me just from the experience I had with this project. Thanks Fred!

    7. Missing avatar

      DLThurston on

      Know those people who film themselves opening their new iPhone or iPad or other tech toy, expressing a near rapturous joy about the experience? When it comes to a new board game, that's me. Minus the camera. Especially if there are pieces to punch out, it's fun to wonder what they're all for.

      I'd like to give you kudos for two things that are very simple, but still too few games miss. (1) Giving us bags for the pieces, awesome for someone as anal retentive as I. (2) There's enough room in the box for the expansion.

      Haven't played yet, but I'm already having fun with the game. Back to punching out Hollow Earth pieces.

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles Waterman (Kumamoto, Japan) on

      Sigh. I'm glad the games are in the mail, and I'd love to break mine out and play it when it arrives. Unforch, I have Kickstarter projects sent to my family's address in the USA. I live in Japan and just got back here 4 days ago. Won't see *my* game until March 2014 now. I live and learn.

    9. Jeff Vandine

      Thank YOU for making this an amazing, fun and relatively quick process. My copy isn't here yet (due in on Thursday), but you folks have been Johnny on the spot with getting the extras out and keeping us super well informed, so again, thank you for a marvelous Kickstarter and superb Evil Hat experience. You guys rock!

    10. Joshua Sauer on

      Cool! This will be my first Kickstarter product (still waiting on 3 others). Guess I should check my e-mail.

    11. Robert Kamphaus II

      Mine just got delivered. While punching out the pieces I've noticed some aren't cut as well as others and tear a bit as they come out.

    12. Paul S. Enns on

      Update: It's here! Woot! First physical reward I've gotten from a Kickstarter project this year. One less to wait on.

    13. Adán Tejada on

      Congrats! I got my email, and I'll be lurking at the mailbox!

    14. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Where are you located, Marc?

    15. Missing avatar

      Marc Hertogh on

      Great news.. I suspected that the cryptic My UPS warning several days ago was RtA! Very nice. Est Delivery Date Thursday!

    16. Sean Nittner

      27 kinds of hell yeah!

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Yup, folks within quick UPS distance from Ft. Wayne Indiana are likely to see theirs pretty damn soon indeed.

    18. Paul S. Enns on

      According to the tracking number included in my email, I should get my copy by the end of the *day*! Thanks, Evil Hat!