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Race to Adventure!™ is an easy-to-learn, pulp-themed family board game you can play in 20-30 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 & up.
884 backers pledged $52,117 to help bring this project to life.

Running With Dinosaurs

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Hello, Racers!

We're one week in and over halfway to our first goal, which will include the Dinocalypse Now promo expansion. With your help (and the help of your friends), we're well on our way!

We've made this expansion part of the basic first funding goal for the project, and we're excited to give our backers a chance to see how it can add a few extra tweaks of complexity to the play experience. 

This promo item changes the Race into a bit of a chase as well, as you must dodge deadly dinosaurs on the way to getting your passport stamped, or risk losing your clues! You'll also visit two new locations (one of which acts as a replacement home base) taken straight from the pages of the Dinocalypse Now novel, available now from Evil Hat.

As noted in our project FAQ, the promo expansion isn't the only support we're giving to folks looking for a more complex play experience

In the core game, the Shadow Side locations add a few new actions and mission effects to keep the game lively and fresh. You'll encounter barriers that can only be jumped with the help of a jet pack or zeppelin ride, more difficult mission objectives, combo moves available at certain locations, and a more potent Mummy's Curse that sends you in search of an alchemical cure in the jungles of the Amazon -- no help possible from the medics back at the Century Club!

In the interests of showing you what exactly you're racing for, here's a sneak peek at the elements of the Dinocalypse Now promo expansion. Enjoy -- and better yet, show it to a friend!

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