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Race to Adventure!™ is an easy-to-learn, pulp-themed family board game you can play in 20-30 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 & up.
Race to Adventure!™ is an easy-to-learn, pulp-themed family board game you can play in 20-30 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 & up.
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Race to Adventure — One Year Later

Hey there, Racers!

We last wrote to you in April of 2013, and asked everyone to get the word out about Race to Adventure!, to talk about playing the game, and to help it have the post-Kickstarter life it needed to close the $19,000 gap to break even. 

So where are we at now? Well, we haven't eliminated that gap yet. This project is still in the red. But that "gap" from 10 months ago is now less than $6,000. Big progress! And not too shabby for our company's first boardgame outing. 

As of last quarter, we're at nearly 1,900 games sold (including those sold in this Kickstarter), and the game is available and getting played across the world thanks to our contacts in distribution (and thanks to you)

This past Tuesday we've launched our second Spirit of the Century themed game, a crazy zeppelin-exploding deckbuilder from Eric B. Vogel called Zeppelin Attack! We see it as something of a companion-piece to Race to Adventure!; Race features a crazy globe-spanning adventure for the heroes of the Spirit of the Century universe, while Zeppelin Attack! amasses the villainous masterminds of the setting as they duke it out to be the one who gets to conquer the world. Come on by and check it out! 

We hope the past year has given you plenty of chances to play Race to Adventure!, and we'd love to hear how the game has been working out for you. Drop us some links to your online reviews of the game, too, if you've got 'em. 

And thank you again for helping this game take flight! We learned so much from this campaign, and from you, and from the craaazy process of making the game, and we've been applying it to everything we've worked on since. That experience has been worth way more than any "gap", and we owe it all to you.

Fly easy, guys! We'll see you around the world.

The Finish Line

Hello, Racers!

This is it -- the final update from this Kickstarter project!

Packages Are Shipped!

We got confirmation Monday morning that all remaining shipments have gone out from the warehouse. Many of you have received emails by now containing your tracking info. We figure most of our backers in the USA should have their packages before the end of the week. Exciting times! Loud noises! Gorillas and zeppelins!

Non-Backers Can Now Buy Race to Adventure!

We've put Race to Adventure! up for sale on the Evil Hat website (official announcement coming Tuesday). Jump straight to the store, here, for both the game and the expansion.

You can reach the Race to Adventure! page (make sure to check out the downloads page for translations and extras) here.

The Bottom Line

All told, this Kickstarter raised almost 48,000 actual dollars for getting Race to Adventure! into production. That said, expenses have been more like $67,000

But don't fret! That $19,000 gap (almost entirely from shipping costs) is something we were ready for, and now that we have the game up for sale, we will need your support to get more folks interested in playing and purchasing Race to Adventure! We'll need to sell about 600 copies via our website, or about 1600 in distribution, to make up that gap.

And so, we need your help to spread the word one more time! Make noise when your game arrives. Play it with your friends, and bring it in to your local game store of choice to show it off and get some table action going.

And because your input and boosting is so valuable to us, stay tuned to the Evil Hat website for an upcoming announcement on how you can earn cool stuff just by helping to spread the word about your favorite Evil Hat games, books, and more! You can also sign up for our mailing list on the front page of the site.

"We Have Returned!"

And so, we've made it to the finish line, dear Racers. Our passports are fully stamped, and with the thrum of zeppelin engines all around us, we can just see the top of the Empire State Building cresting over the horizon. Clear skies and a smooth landing ahead...

So one last time: Thank you again, so much, for everything you've done for us. We look forward to further partnerships in the months and years to come!

Race to Adventure at PAX East

Hello, Racers!

While our shipment continues to make its way to the warehouse for its labeling-and-shipping extravaganza (we're told it's off the boat and onto a train by now), Rob Donoghue and Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions will be at PAX East -- and Race to Adventure! will be featured on Friday as part of the Kickstarter Arcade!

From 3pm-6pm on Friday Rob and Fred will be in the Kickstarter room to talk with fans and demo the game. If you'd like to get a chance to look at the actual physical thing before it ships out, we'll have an advance copy or two at the demo table with us -- and likely on us as we wander around the convention outside of those hours. 

So if you happen to see us anywhere at PAX East, please introduce yourself as a Race to Adventure backer and we'll be thrilled to open up the box and let you see the gorgeously produced componentry in the flesh.

See you there, Racers!

Race to Adventure - March Fo(u)rth!

Hello again, Racers!

Here's a quick progress report as we approach the Empire State Building with our passport full of stamps...

We're finalizing our spreadsheet. Do we have your correct shipping address? If your address hasn't changed in the last six months, all should be well, but if it has and you haven't let us know yet, now is the time. We need to know about all address changes before March 15th.

(You should be able to see how you answered the backer information survey by clicking the links that show up underneath your selected reward tier over on the right-hand side of this Kickstarter page.)

The boxes are definitely on the boat! We have confirmed (and re-confirmed) with the shipper that the big pile of Race to Adventure boxes are on the transatlantic boat to our shores. Arrival is expected at mid-March, with customs clearance taking at least a few days, then a week for it to get to our shipping warehouse. 

So where's Race to Adventure! right now? Somewhere around here:

We've got our corrected information labels already printed up and ready to go at the warehouse, and all the bags (dice and shoulder) that folks are due are on their way to the warehouse as well. Essentially, the only missing pieces at this point are the games themselves! We'll be shipping everything out just as soon as we can get those labels on the boxes after they arrive.

Strange Travels are here! We've just recently been able to put the final touches on our final stretch goal for this Kickstarter -- the Strange Travels PDF, featuring three alternate board arrangements, plus the six-player and solitaire rules and printable componentry. You can download Strange Travels from our Race to Adventure downloads page!

Foreign language translations are now available! You may notice that the rulebook and location guide are now available in languages other than English from our downloads page. We're thrilled to offer the rules in French, Italian, Spanish, and German!

If you see a missing language and would like to provide us with a fan translation, we're happy to share it on our download as well. (It will be text-only, not laid out like these four, but we figure your fellow speakers will enjoy having them all the same!) Please let us know if you'd like to contribute your fan translation!

That's it for now. We hope you'll enjoy Strange Travels while we wait for our final lap to conclude! We've cured our curse, rescued our prisoner, and our jetpack is fueled for the final push. See you at the top, folks!

Sometimes "Adventure" Is Too Apt!

Helloooo, Racers!

We've had an interesting couple weeks since our last update to you. Here are the details.

Safety testing took longer than projected: Some of you may remember that we had a bit of a snowstorm hit us in the USA these past couple weeks. The chemical testing portion of our safety testing provider got held up by this, creating a big back-log -- the chemical testing didn't wrap up until just this past week, and the great news there is that the game passed with flying colors (as we expected). That said...

Safety testing revealed some problems with our packaging: Coming into this, we were big newbies on the whole board game production and labeling thing. While we thought we'd communicated this, clearly, with our manufacturer, they provided us no oversight on whether our package labeling was up to standard (tho over on our side, we thought they were, and we were fine). And it turns out, it wasn't! In perhaps one of the silliest ways: our packaging simply didn't provide the full address of Evil Hat Productions. This is enough to make the labeling requirement of safety testing fail in multiple markets: it's not CPSIA compliant in the USA, and it's a problem in Europe, and other places besides. When we learned that...

We put a halt to the big shipment to the USA until safety testing concluded: With the bad news about the labeling hitting us, it threw our previous confidence in "just go ahead and ship it" into question. We asked LudoFact to hold off shipping the big pile of games to the USA until we found out what the full results of the safety testing were, and to take time to figure out what the right way to address the problem was. Turns out we should be able to address it by un-shrink-wrapping each box, applying a sticker to the bottom, then re-wrapping it -- so then the question was, where's the best place to do that, for the most affordable rate? And the answer to that turned out to be -- at our fulfillment partner's (Alliance Games Distribution) warehouse here in the States, for about 55 cents/package. All in all our goof amounts to about a $3000 added cost, which we can definitely absorb. The other cost is...

A two-ish week delay on our timeline: Our shipping contact in Germany has been keeping a space open for us in case we gave the "go" sign, so we're able to get back onto the boat pretty quickly here. (Non-European international customers should see their packages shipping out from Germany as well during this timeframe.) Our new arrival estimate (in Norfolk) is 13th of March; the same provisos from before still apply about that then involving customs check-thru and clearance, travel time from the port to our warehouse, and now add in time to unwrap, stickerize, and re-wrap, before we can ship out to our US customers. But...! 

That should be the last of the speed bumps: The safety testing was the last big roadblock on this race of ours. Everything else should just be "standard process" to get the games from Germany on over to Fort Wayne, Indiana and then out to everyone else. 

Thanks as always for sticking with us, and we're super eager to get everyone their games by late March. Eyes on the skies, Centurions -- zeppelin's coming!