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Help Evil Hat expand its Fate Core line with Fate More (Part One)! This first KS of 2016 focuses on taking digital content into print.
Help Evil Hat expand its Fate Core line with Fate More (Part One)! This first KS of 2016 focuses on taking digital content into print.
2,074 backers pledged $73,357 to help bring this project to life.

The Everything You Need To Know Post


What's up, Tuesday?

Wait, it's Monday? Haha. Ha. Um. Right. So, when we said we'd see you next Tuesday, we forgot that the 48-hour timer on this Kickstarter pops today, Monday. 

When a campaign hits its 48-hour mark, people who previously starred the project get an email, triggering an influx of new backers. So, at this point in a campaign, it's both the time when we're likely to see a number of new supporters — and where we're at our maximum amount of info for a newcomer to try to take in. So, welcome, new backers! This post will help.

That said, this is also when people who've already backed the project finalize their pledges! So even our current, loyal backers might need a refresher.

So with that in mind, this is...

Below we'll cover:

  • What's already funded
  • What we're still trying to fund
  • How shipping will work
  • Where & when you can download your digital stuff
  • What happens after the Kickstarter ends
  • What this Backerkit thing is all about
  • What add-ons will be available (important for folks looking to help us hit our goals before the campaign end!)

What's Currently Funded?

  • Venture City, a full-color hardcover Fate Core sourcebook for playing a "superpunk" setting. Anyone can be a superhero — if they can pay their bill. $20.
  • Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, a stand-alone full-color hardcover Fate game about teenagers coming of age, searching for a lost temple and raising a newborn dragon in a universe-spanning sky filled with tiny planets that need their help. $20.
  • Atomic Robo: Majestic 12, a full-color softcover supplement for the Atomic Robo RPG where you play members of a secret elite governmental organization focused on keeping the world safe from the dangers of unregulated Tesla technologies. Total science bastards—unlimited gun budgets. $20.
  • Young Centurions, a stand-alone full-color hardcover Fate game about teenage pulp heroes learning how they fit into the world—and how they'll ultimately save it. An Accelerated-style "prequel-sequel" to Spirit of the Century. $20.

PLUS: Thanks to hitting our $45k "Extra" Goal, we're also on the hook to release big chunks of the Atomic Robo RPG under an open content license on once we've had the chance to pay someone to do that.

What Are We Working On Next?

We're now working on funding a trio of compilation books, each a $25 full-color hardcover book containing four of our previously digitally released Fate Worlds of Adventure

  • At $50k, we'll put Fate Worlds Take Flight into print, collecting The Three Rocketeers, Frontier Spirit, Sails Full of Stars, and Gods & Monsters into one hardcover volume priced at $25.
  • At $65k, we'll put Fate Worlds Rise Up into print, collecting Masters of Umdaar, Nest, Psychedemia, and Behind the Walls into one hardcover volume priced at $25.
  • At $80k, we'll put Fate Worlds Run Deep into print, collecting Eagle Eyes, Slip, House of Bards, and the slated-for-February-release Deep Dark Blue into one hardcover volume priced at $25.

In support of these goals, we're adding a few new reward tiers that talk about "$25 MSRP books" (MSRP = manufacturer's suggested retail price) to make it easy for people to quickly adjust their commitments.

If we don't end up funding the book you wanted, don't fret; those $25 amounts will convert into "store credit" you can use in BackerKit. (See below for the details.)

We also have a set of Extras that kick in at each $5k increment between those stretch goals. As mentioned above, we've already unlocked some open content from the Atomic Robo RPG.  At $55k, we'll unlock open content for Venture City, with even more to come after that. Check out the Extras post for the details.

How Does Shipping Work?

If you are a backer shipping to a USA address, we're using a flat fee for shipping: $10 no matter how many books you select. We'll be using Media Mail to ship your books to you soon as they're available, during or before June 2016.

If you are a backer shipping to an address outside the USA, we're stuck with the ugliness that is international shipping, so the costs have to scale. International backers start with a $5 shipment fee, plus $10 for each book in the shipment. (So your first book costs $15 to ship.) 

For international shipments, we're using Fedex International Mail Service, which charges us a relative-to-other-methods low per-pound rate on the whole bloc of stuff we're shipping (basically a big bag full of boxes, shipped overseas & then distributed from there), letting us provide a single unified mail rate to all of our non-USA-based backers. 

If you are an international backer expecting to grab some add-ons (see that section below), we will have a few low-weight titles that will not cost additional shipping — anything with a cover price of $12 or lower, which amounts to seven-or-so possible books (again, see below).

How & When Can I Download My Digital Rewards?

You can grab the latest preview of Venture City right now! Hop over to Update #1 for the links.

As soon as the Kickstarter ends, we'll send everyone who pledged $10 or higher a private message pointing at a download folder of all the currently available digital rewards. You can hop to your private messages on Kickstarter using this link

(If you were already a backer at $10+ as of last Monday, you already have at least one private message from us pointing at the folder!)

As the books get their final bits of polish (missing art, layout and text tweaks), we'll private message you again letting you know about the updated digital content.

What Happens After The Kickstarter Ends?

First up, we'll make sure everyone at $10+ gets a private message (as described above) linking to the current previews of the digital rewards for this campaign.

Meanwhile, it will take two weeks for everyone's payments to clear. Many will get taken care of on the first day, but sometimes those charges fail (for a variety of reasons), and the window Kickstarter gives backers to resolve those problems (e.g., providing an updated credit card, calling the bank to let them know the charge is OK, etc) is two weeks wide. As such it doesn't make sense for us to move to the next phase until those two weeks are done.

After that two-week period, we'll roll out the BackerKit site, so everyone can give us their shipping information and select their books. At that time folks will also get the option to upgrade their pledges and pay for add-ons if they desire.

As the books reach their final polished ready-for-the-printer state, we'll post updated PDFs to the digital downloads folder and send out private-message updates reminding backers at $10+ about the folder's location. 

How Will BackerKit Work?

BackerKit is like a store and survey engine rolled into one thing. When we're ready to get everyone over there, we'll have BackerKit send out invite emails (and we'll post an update here to make sure folks know about it) with a link for getting started.

When you follow that link, you'll be given the option to upgrade your pledge to a shipping pledge if you're a digital-only backer. (You don't have to, but it's important that we support the option!)

From there you'll be presented with a short set of survey questions, and then a store-like interface where you can use "store credit" from your pledge to select which books you want us to ship to you. 

Every reward pledge will convert to "store credit" in BackerKit, which you can use to pay for your books and your shipping. Pledged at $20 + $10 for shipping? You'll have $30 to spend in BackerKit. Pledged $200? You'll have $200. And so on!

If you end up asking for more books than you pledged for, no problem! You'll have the opportunity to pay through BackerKit for any additional items. 

How Do I Select Which Books I Want?

See above. :)

What Add-Ons Will Be Available?

Yes, there will be add-ons! We'll be offering all of our in-print book products as add-ons in BackerKit after the campaign ends. (You'll also be able to add extra copies of the books funded by this campaign, in case you're buying for a friend.)

If you know you're going to pick up a few add-ons when you get the chance, it would help us hit more of those Stretch and Extra Goals if you increase your pledge before the Kickstarter ends.

So with that in mind, here's a list of all the add-ons we'll be offering in BackerKit. 

Due to restrictions on Media Mail shipments, we won't be offering non-book items from our catalog. (Though if enough people are disappointed by that, we reserve the right to change our minds and work out some sort of additional shipping charge scenario that addresses how that'll increase the domestic shipping cost.)

As mentioned above, if you're shipping to a USA address, shipping will be a flat $10 total no matter how many books you pick.

If you're shipping outside the USA, shipping starts at $5, plus $10 for each book in the shipment.* 

* If a book has a cover price of $12 or less, you won't need to add $10 for shipping it internationally. We've marked those books with an asterisk in the above list!

And that's it! 

If this somehow turned out not to cover "Everything You Need To Know", please let us know in the comments, and we'll fill you in on whatever we neglected to cover.

And thank you as always for your support!

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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      1 of the four $20 books + 1 of the $25 compilations + $10 shipping = $55, by my math!

    2. Missing avatar


      So if I want one regular book and one compilation, that's 55+10 for US shipping=65$?

    3. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Hmm... and then, we might just end up with a bunch of stuff that's already pay-what-you-want (Core, Accelerated, Toolkit) + the PDFs for the two black & white softcover released Fate Worlds books ($15) + Strange Tales in PDF ($20) + Sally Slick novel in digital (which I think is around $5) + PDFs that are also already happening in the digital rewards for this campaign (Do: Fate of the Flying Temple & Young Centurions). I'm not sure how much of a bundle is needed there. :)

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      I'll ponder the math there, Joe, but the opportunity for Fate Core buy-in for the crazily huge discount on PDFs that ended up being has passed. I need to price stuff out tho, and some things — like the PDFs from that campaign that haven't yet happened — would need to be left out, if we did this.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Helfrich on

      Honestly, I was hoping for some kind of bulk catch-up offer. I don't get to play much of anything these days, but I like reading setting books and coming up with ideas. That's easier to justify internally with volume discounts. :)

      If that doesn't make sense for you guys, I'll pick up some of the old stuff from the store when I read through this batch.

    6. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      So noted, Joe. The PDFs would likely be priced the way they're currently priced at or For the stuff that's currently pay-what-you-want there's no point in putting those on BackerKit, I suspect. Any particular titles you're interested in getting in digital?

    7. Missing avatar

      Joe Helfrich on

      I also might be interested in a bundle of the older Fate Core books as PDFs, depending on the price. I have the main book but haven't been keeping up with the rest of the line.

    8. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Good choice of add-ons there, P Tracy. :)

    9. P Tracy

      Upgraded pledge for the New Unlock and the whole Designers and Dragons set. I've been meaning to read those for a while.

    10. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Scott, I can confirm that bulk options for FAE will exist in Backerkit.

    11. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      One way or another, yes. I'm poking at BackerKit this week to work out what's involved in associating a digital download component with each offered item.

    12. Missing avatar

      Garrett Nay on

      Similar to James's question, but if I order a print add-on, will I also be able to get the digital version, like I would on the Evil Hat store?

    13. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      I'll see what I can do to add some bulk options then. :)

    14. Scott Acker on

      Others may be interested in 6 or 12 though.

    15. Scott Acker on

      I was looking to restock with another 24 FAE books.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Oh, hah! I had no idea, thanks Gearsoul. The way it's presented to me as a creator it sure looks like folks get two weeks. Maybe that's on a fail -> retry -> fail -> retry & succeed worst case footing tho? Hm.

    17. Gearsoul Dragon

      ONE WEEK!! .O. You get ONE week to fix your pledge, trust me on this.

      I *wish* we got two weeks! Ohgod that would be so much better.

      They *do* take two weeks to process everything, but you definitely only get *one* week to fix up your payment.

      .... This is a very helpful update, otherwise! n__n' I wish I lived in the U.S. sometimes.... $10 flat rate, haaah, that's a nice sounding thing 'xD Omnomnom, books~

    18. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Y'know, I hadn't thought about that. I don't think BackerKit is set up to do quantity-based discounting. So if you're interested in getting bulk quantities of Accelerated, let me know and I can add in a "6-pack" "12-pack" whatever of FAE.

    19. Scott Acker on

      Will buying existing items work just like they do in the Evil Hat store? For example, buying many copies of Fate Accelerated gives you a discount.

    20. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      James, sure, if you want, but since the PDFs of all those things are already so readily available elsewhere, it didn't seem to make sense to go through the added effort of setting those up as additional (and possibly confusing) products in the BackerKit store. Contact me after the campaign is done and the BackerKit is out there and I can work out something custom for you.

    21. James Cartwright on

      Can I get an add-on in PDF format?