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Overpledging, and the Samples Fairy Comes Early

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)
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TL;DR Summary: Fred explains what happens if you "overpledge" (short version: we'll convert it to Evil Hat webstore credit, but there's more to it than that). Also, the samples arrived this weekend instead of Monday as originally projected. We figured you deserved a look!

It's a surprise weekend update for the Fate Dice set! Let's get to it.

Overpledging: How Does That Work?

As we near the end, with stretch goals still ahead, we've gotten a few questions about what happens if folks "overpledge" for rewards that don't end up funded; after all, the Eldritch and Leather stretch goals haven't been hit yet. (But you wants them, oh, you wants them, precious!)

Related too, is the question of what happens to unfunded sets? Are we going to shelve them permanently? Make them anyway, just later than hoped?

Let's answer both of those concerns now. Here's what happens.

  • We'll be examining how folks respond to the unfunded sets. If there's a clear indication of sufficient interest for an unfunded set, that set will go into our "eventually..." queue. That could take quite a while, or just a few extra months, depending on how well the dice sell after the Kickstarter campaign is over -- it's the funds from those sales that we'll need to bridge the gap. There's no guarantee we'll make an unfunded set, but we wouldn't have put them out there if we didn't on some level want to see them made.
  • You won't be asked to make any commitments about what sets you want to purchase with your pledge until we can show you what all the sets will look like in their final form. It's possible you'll decide to grab another set instead of one of the unfunded stretches.
  • If you find you've pledged for more dice than you actually want to buy, no sweat. While we aren't set up to do refunds in such a case, we can convert any overpledge dollars into a gift certificate for use on the Evil Hat web store. We're working hard to put out plenty of great new stuff all the time, so there should be something there you'll want soon enough. And if we do end up producing one of the sets that didn't fund, it'll go up for sale on the store — so you can use the gift certificate to get the set you wanted after all!

At the end of the day, this basically means you can go ahead and pledge for an unfunded set, so long as you're cool with that money turning into a chance to buy a copy of Don't Rest Your Head or Spirit of the Century or something similar if we don't hit those goals. Think of it as a pledge insurance plan that pays out in awesomeness if you have to file a claim.

The Samples, They Are Early

Our supplier told us he was shipping us our samples on Friday, so they should be to us by Monday. He was a big fat liar! Because they arrived Saturday. Two days early.

Yeah, our supplier is pretty great.

What's that? You wanted to see them already? Well, fine! Be that way! :)

Be Our Valentine

These turned out just fantastic. They're severely gorgeous. Only one tweak in mind for these -- we'd like to darken the red on the pearlized white dice just a step or two. In person it reads a little "basic", and a slightly darker red would add some sophistication to the look.

Vampire Dice Done Bit Us

Nailed it! (Or is that staked?) These are flippin' fantastic. The purple spread through a number of vivid and dark hues as it hit the pearlized material and looks really lush. The red is vibrant and varied without being too candy-like. And the black-purple comes across with a truly subtle effect, hints of darkest purple drifting through the inky blackness as you turn them in the light. This set's straight up done, y'all.

Leather and Brass Needs Some Polishing

Our Leather and Brass set needs some polishing for sure. There's a lot to love here, but this sample set is going to need some more extensive adjustment and experimentation, just as our Eldritch set will. Like the Eldritch set, we have our "anchor" die in the coppery-brown one, and we'll keep tweaking the other two styles until we stick the landing. Image first, then details!

The Brown style on the left is just about perfect. The “yellow-ivory” is photographing more yellow than it actually shows in person, where it’s a pale, lovely ivory tint (similar to the text “dice for your fate & fudge games” on the packaging shown in the original announcement).

The Brass style in the middle is in pretty good shape, and thanks to the “double swirl” effect of pearlizing a metallic dye, the material has a number of fun contrasts in it, giving it a distinctly tarnished-brass look. That said, we’re going to explore a couple other metallic dyes in the PANTONE 87x series to zero in on the exact right hue. This might be it­—or it might not be.

The Ivory/White mixed style on the right simply missed the mark. Believe it or not it’s using the same base dye for the yellow that we’re using to ink the brown dice on the left! But when pearlized, it just turns out to be too much of a bright pale yellow instead of that ivory tone we were going for. Mixing it with the white didn't do much for us either. So to dial this one in, we’re likely to ditch the “mixed” idea and reach for an off-white/pale brown dye that better matches the other hues in the set. We may slightly lighten the brown ink used for the symbols as well, so that it reads clearly brown.

Some hits, some misses, but all in all we're off to a great start with our first round of samples for this final stretch set. We hope it funds so we can take it further!

The Final Countdown

We're just about into our final 72 hours of the campaign. When the 48 hour mark hits tomorrow, Kickstarter is going to send out a burst of email messages to folks who "starred" this project in hopes of getting reminded when the funding window was about to run out. This is the event that often triggers the final surge many successful Kickstarter campaigns see in the final days.

Beyond getting the word out about this campaign (as many of you already have), we'd appreciate it if you'd hang out in the comments a bit and look for questions coming in from new backers. We'll be watching too and answering questions as they come up, but many of you have been with us for the long haul, and you've learned much about our offerings incrementally over the course of the campaign. That makes you perfect guides for our newcomers to help orient them on their choices. Every little bit helps!

We're also going to offer an orientation update once that 48-hour mark hits. Look for an update late Sunday/early Monday that spells out what all the sets are, what's in them, and what they cost. We're looking to reduce the amount of reading someone has to do when arriving in the final 48 hours of the campaign. 

Thank you everyone for sticking with us through this crazy ride, and we're excited to bring this one to the finish line with all of you cheering us on. 

Onward, then, to victory!


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    1. Jackson Starky on

      Further thoughts on the Ivory set after reading the orientation... I don't know that I'd lighten the shade of the symbols at all; particularly if you're going to darken the ivory tone. But we'll see what comes next... particularly looking forward to the new Eldritch samples. :-D

    2. Jackson Starky on

      Oh, and I agree with darkening the red on the white Valentine dice... it should look more like blood. ;-)

    3. Jackson Starky on

      Wow... Vampire dice are AWESOME, and the Valentine dice are far more impressive than I was expecting. I may have to boost my pledge now... and the Leather and Brass samples look great, but I agree that the ivory set needs something. I think Bruce Gray has the right idea that way. Now we need to get this set funded! Tell your friends! Spam them on Facebook! :-)

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      The Eldritch set's trajectory was covered in earlier posts. Check out the following too.

    5. Bruce Gray

      OK - first the good news - the Vampire dice, the ones I specifically want, look tremendous online, and, as a guess, would probably look better in person. One big thumbs up here.

      Second, I think you're on the right track with the leather/brass set. The ivory/white just doesn't come off like the other two. Back to the drawing board? I'd look for something a little closer to a real "aged elephant tusk" color here.

      Third, what about the "eldritch" dice?

      It will be =very= nice to have something other than the large FUDGE set. I have the Deryini Set as well, but they didn't need as much work as you are putting into yours. My congratulations on several jobs well done. I shall be posting some info to my various accounts today.

      Now all I gotta do is to figure out how to "bump" my pledge enough to get all three...

    6. Michael R. Bernstein on

      As an alternative period material to 'leather' you might consider 'tortoiseshell'. 'Brass, tortoiseshell and ivory' may not roll off the tongue, but it would look pretty awesome.

      Or perhaps 'iron', or 'steel'.

    7. Leo Lalande on

      Well, I just upped my pledge by another $30. I had previously dropped the Valentine set from my list of must have dice sets because, well, pink; pink just isn't my color. But after seeing the awesomeness of the white and purple dice in that set, pink dice be damned, it just got added back on the list of must haves. That's the first half of the $30 increase.

      The other half of that additional $30 is for an Eldritch set. I'm feeling fairly confident that we'll hit the $60k goal; so I'm adding it on now. :)

    8. Jon Smejkal on

      I'd like to see the "ivory" dice look closer to a scrimshaw.

    9. Olna Jenn Smith

      Curses on the perils of photography! Now I probably have to increase my pledge some more.

    10. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Let's put it this way, Jennifer: we're gonna darken the red to the point that it looks like it photographs. In person, it's a little lighter.

    11. Jay Pierce on

      The Evil Hat Kickstarters are like educations and horse races, simultaneously! I have yet to play a Fate game, although these make me feel like I'm about to begin a 5 year mission to boldly go...

      I'm currently in for four sets, and it seems at this point that my chips are on Centurion and Winter Knight, Vampire and Eldritch. I love the concept of the Leather/Ivory/Brass, and I'll have to make a hard call in the final push!

    12. Olna Jenn Smith

      Every time you nail a set and I think "I want that for SURE" you announce you're going to f*ck with it. :-P Leave the red ink be!

    13. Declan Feeney

      The Vampire and Valentine sets are fantastic. I'd be hard pushed to pick between these and the Centurion set from the first batch as my favorite. I think the Valentine set has a slight lead.

      Thankfully I don't have to. I can just back all 8 sets.

    14. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      have to say, I love them all. I'm not sure I'd say it really looks like leather, but I do like the dice.

    15. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Yeah, actually mimicking the look of leather was never truly in the cards. That's why we said it'd be pearlized up front, 'cuz, pearlized. It makes things look a little metal-ish. :)

    16. J.J. on

      The Leather and Brass set is looking kind of muddy, to me. I think all the colors are just too similar together and I'm not sold on the brown giving a "leather" feel so much as a copper feel. I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop.

      The Vampire and Valentine sets are great.

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      I like your confidence, Dennis!

    18. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      Shared on the Facebooks!

    19. Dennis D Duquette on

      But, I already have DRYH, SotC (even the holiday special that was as good as the Star Wars holiday special was bad), both Dresden Files, etc...

      Who am I kidding? I don't need the insurance. I pledged for all 8, and they'll all be funded. I won't need some gift certificate, even though I could use one buying from the Evil Hat over the next several decades...