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Samples Coming, a Dresden Decision, and the Final Mystery

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)
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TL;DR Summary: Samples are coming for the Valentine, Vampire, and Final Mystery sets, hoped to arrive on Monday. The Dresden Fuego vote is both inconclusive and conclusive. And what the heck, let's go ahead and launch into our last weekend with the revelation of the Final Mystery Set!

It's our Final Fate Dice Friday... so let's make the most of it!

Samples Inbound: Monday!

We got word from our supplier yesterday that they're expecting to have more samples to send to us by Monday, right inside our final 48 hour project window. These samples are test runs on the Valentine, Vampire, and final mystery sets, so we'll have a chance to show folks what these dice actually look like before the campaign concludes.

Of course, there's a chance we'll want to make a tweak or two depending on what the results look like -- that's the nature of manufacture! -- but it does mean we'll have fresh pretties for you to feast your eyes upon in our final campaign days. Exciiiiting!

Dresden Fuego Decision: Conclusive?

With over 580 responses in on the survey, we've gotten some interesting information. Here's what we're able to tell.

A very small number of you are less likely to buy the set if we change the "fuego" die. While the majority of you (51%) said their decision wouldn't be affected one way or the other, fewer than 10% said they'd be less likely to buy, and only 3 folks said they flat out wouldn't. That leaves us with over 200 folks on this kickstarter alone who'd be more likely to buy in the event of a change. Seems like a change would be a move towards a more "buyable" set -- this is valuable info!

Yellow ink is the winning ink. Two-thirds of those who responded said they'd prefer one of the two yellow ink options (B or C). 

The top two dice styles ended in a practical dead heat. There's only a 2% difference between the tallies for the two yellow-inked dice styles. We consider this too close to call! And so...

Material preference tilts towards orange instead of red-orange. When we look at the vote tallies for the two bright-orange-material styles vs. the two red-orange-material styles, bright orange wins out with a nearly 54% majority. 

All this adds up to an indication that the best option for us to pick would be bright orange material with yellow ink as best for the set. I at least feel like this side by side image helps make it clear -- the orange material complements the blues of the set better than the redder one; the redder one's "gate mark" is particularly blotchy-ugly; and yet, the yellow ink on the redder dice looks, at least to my eye, more like it belongs with that set, where the black ink feels more like a weight that doesn't quite fit. (I've been wrong before, of course...)

We'll make our decision for sure by Monday. While a Kickstarter campaign favors speedy decisions, we need to balance that need for speed against a desire to consider things carefully, and to make sure whatever choice we make plays well with the theme and the viability of the set beyond the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you so much for your input -- it's made our impending decision a much more informed one!

The Final Mystery Revealed

We've decided to move up our timetable to reveal the final mystery set -- our $70,000 stretch goal -- to today. Successful Kickstarter campaigns often see a big surge in their funding on the final few days, so there's a very real chance we could hit that goal, along with the $60,000 Eldritch set. 

Even if we don't, we still want to take this opportunity to hear from you as to what you think of this final set. It's in a palette I don't normally see a lot of in dice, but we think it has a real chance to be a showstopper. Your comments could influence our decision about whether or not we eventually make this set even if it's not funded as a stretch goal for this campaign.

And the $70,000 stretch is... our Leather, Ivory, and Brass set!

This set's a little bit steampunk, a little bit western. Whether you're juggling gears in a retro-futuristic London, pistol-duelling at high noon, or flying out into the 'verse like a big damn space cowboy, this set is the one for you. 

Our samples due to arrive Monday are:

  • A pearlized mix of ivory and white material with brown ink. The white mix-in might not work, but we think it could produce a really interesting result. If it doesn't, we'll fall back to pure pearlized ivory. The brown ink should lend just the right air of "antique" to the look.
  • A rich pearlized brown with ivory-yellow ink. This should also produce a nicely textured die with an antique feel, with subtle ripples of warm brown color.
  • A pearlized coppery/brassy toned metallic dye with ivory-yellow ink. For those who speak Pantone, this is PMS 872C material, which should produce some stronger contrast swirls when pearlized. Turns out the metallic pantone dyes already produce some pearlized-like swirls when used, and if you use pearlized material on top of that you can get some nice strong contrasts. We're particularly keen to see how this works in the samples coming on Monday.

So what do you think? Is this the sort of set you'd like to see us produce? Will it scratch that dice itch you didn't even know you had? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you everyone for your support, and check out our giveaway contest over on Evil Hat's website to help us get the word out in the campaign's final days.

To tide you over until Monday, here's a look at the packaging design for our Ivory, Leather, and Brass set. Have a great weekend!

  • Image 258920 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Darth Pseudonym on

      I think the leather set is really neat. Based on the packaging and your comments, you're still working on the exact order of words in the set's name. I suggest "Leather, Brass, and Ivory" rather than any other ordering; that has a pleasant trochaic rhythm to it.

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Guess you'll want to stay on your toes on Tuesday? :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Dawson on

      Crap. What we have here is a Catch 22. If the kickstarter makes the 70k mark, I want to pledge the extra bucks for the leather, brass and ivory set. But if it doesn't, I just want the Dresden set.

    4. Jim Barrows on

      Want! Very cool

    5. Matt Kay

      Oh man, that is awesome! This new set and the Eldritch are perfect for two of my planned campaigns (Achtung Cthulhu and a Steampunk/Western fantasy!) - why do they have to be late stretch goals?!? :-)

    6. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      We can definitely look at doing a full-on halloween set at some point down the line, but it does look like the fiery orange-yellow combo is going to be our winner after some further analysis.

    7. Randy on

      I have a strong preference for the black ink. Sad to see it lost by a small margin. (Yes, I voted)

    8. Selene O'Rourke

      Hmmm. I figure if we can hit Eldritch before the 48 hour surge begins, we could probably make it to Leather, Ivory and Brass before the Kickstarter closes.

      Anyone know more friends looking for Fate dice?

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Loxly on

      Just upped my pledge to a 4th set. I don't even play Fate ... yet.
      Also, bummed about the Yellow.

    11. Jonathan Pierson on

      When I first saw the teaser image for the Leather, Ivory, & Brass set packaging, I thought, "Western!" But I figured my brain was just messing with me, because I'm currently converting my Deadlands campaign to Fate. Couldn't be that lucky.

      But lo and behold! :-) Uncanny synchronicity!

      So, yeah, even if the Kickstarter doesn't quite make it to $70,000, I really hope the Leather, Ivory, & Brass set becomes reality.

    12. Aidan Grey

      So - is it possible to swap the Valentine dice with the Leather and Invory and Brass. Like - put Valentine out as the 70k goal. Cause, I want that so bad I'd have your kids. And I'm male.

    13. Jackson Starky on

      The final set sounds very cool indeed, but I'm really just hoping we make it to the Eldritch set. Of course, seeing samples from the IBL set might change my mind... and I may have to increase my pledge to cover them, but we'll see. And I fully agree with John Rudd; this will be the last KS I back for quite some time while I pay down my plastic... but I needed dice for my new copy of Fate, so I had to stay in this one (thank you, Fred, for making me spend more money). :-)

    14. Scott Bender

      I'm really looking forward to seeing the Ivory Brass and Leather set, and I love the packaging!

    15. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      "spent too much money here" meaning on KS in general, not just on Evil Hat KS's :-)

    16. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I am cutting back on my KS activity because I spend way too much money here. And I already have WAY more Fudge Dice than I need... and yet, you've compelled me to buy 8 more packages of Fudge dice (possibly 9, if my girlfriend wants one of these sets). I'm going to be swimming in Fudge dice (8 sets = 96 fudge dice!!)...

      (and, really, they're all pretty... I like 'em all ... between this and the "Fudge It!" KS, and the Thematic Fudge Dice KS, I doubt I'm ever going to need to buy fudge dice again. What I DO really need, at this point, are more dice bags ... several more dice bags)

    17. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      There's some variation, but it seems to be extra blotchy in general on any die that swirls together two different dyes.

    18. Michael R. Bernstein on

      The side by side comparison does indeed make the decision more clear. One question I have though, is whether the ugly gate-mark is indeed that ugly on every red-orange die, or if the ugliness is somewhat variable?

    19. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Oh god...I would take this set over any of the other ones except for the Vampire dice.

    20. Jason Summerlott on

      I love the new concept... (and I'm fan of the pearlized overall, so I like the initial ideas for the styles, too).

    21. J Lee Watts on

      As soon as I post that, the link works...

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessica Jung on

      Happy with the survey result! Voted for orange-yellow :)
      Anyway, I do like the idea for the final set, but I'm not really sure if pearlized dice is the way to go for steampunk. (I like the bronze pearl though. it's just gonna take some time deciding exact color, so that it doesn't look too..campy.) How about speckled ivory for the first one? Clear one with few strands of gold/bronze swirl would be cool too..maybe?

    23. Adán Tejada on

      Well..... I *was* going to wait, since the main project is funded and give my money to The Hater (tm) in Oakland to buy them via retail, but this is becoming waaaaaaaay too tempting....

    24. Mike Loftus on

      Love the final set idea!

    25. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Doh! Of course I didn't put that in there. It's $15. (That's already represented on our pledge spreadsheets, I think.)

    26. Missing avatar

      John B on

      Fred et al- is the new set $15 or $18? Like the concept...

    27. J. Brandon Massengill

      This set does sound great. I might have to find the extra funds if we get close to 70k

    28. Missing avatar

      Regina Joyner on

      Love, love, love the idea of the leather, ivory, and brass set. Can't wait to see sample ideas. Stretch goal or not, I would like to see this set produced.

    29. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Our analysis is not yet complete! I'm expecting my marketing guy to lobby heavily for keeping the orange/black, even if it's not my personal pref. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Ethan Parr on

      SUPER Bummed if you change the Fuego set to yellow ink. The orange and black looked so great.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Greyhawk on

      The final set sounds excellent, and would make an excellent gift for a certain Browncoat in my life. I'm overall excited about the decision with the Winter Knight set. I'm not too keen on the yellow ink, but that's something that I can change myself when my set arrives with minimal effort.

    32. Sean Schoonmaker on

      Great color combo! I really hope this one becomes a reality!

    33. Christine Lawrence

      Fuh. I need more money. I don't even PLAY Fudge/Fate games (yet) and I really want both the Eldritch dice and this newly teasted leather/ivory/brass set. For REASONS.

    34. T.R. Knight on

      Depending on how the examples look of the Leather, Ivory and Brass set, I might increase my pledge to snag a set of them along with my Dresden set.

    35. Marc Kevin Hall

      The Leather, Ivory, and Brass set easily overcomes my disappointment over losing out on orange/black Hallowe'en dice. Now I just need to go sell some blood to increase my pledge.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hauge on


    37. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Wow. Potent reaction, Michael! :) Hope we can hit $70k, or afford to make the set sooner rather than later if not. :)

    38. Michael Pedersen on

      How do I feel about the Leather, Ivory, and Brass set? I've pledged enough to buy one of every set from the early batch and the second batch. And I'm now considering dropping at least one of them just so that I can get more of the Leather, Ivory, and Brass.

      Of course, that depends on the final appearance of it, but this sounds like the sort of set that would just be wonderful, regardless.