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Funded Vampires, Eldritch Samples, and More

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)
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Happy Tuesday, Fate Dice fans! 

We've reached the final week of this campaign, and things have been going gangbusters. Excitement! Vampires! Eldritch horrors from beyond time and space! Samples! Let's get to it.

Our first big news: We've hit our $50,000 stretch goal and funded the Vampire Dice set! Thank you everyone, so much, for making this set a possibility. We're excited to bring it to you, and we know it'll be a handsome addition to our growing product line. That's two additional sets made possible by this Kickstarter -- and a real shot at making our third stretch set, Eldritch Dice, a reality as well at $60,000 by the project's end.

Normally on Tuesday we'd reveal another stretch set, but we've decided to hold off on talking about our $70,000 goal for now. So instead, when we reach $55,000, we'll announce it! In the meantime, here's a teaser image.

Instead, we want to talk more about Eldritch Dice today. Because... samples!

As we've said before the Eldritch Dice set is going to require some experimentation to get right. So the samples we're going to show you here are merely the first round. Here's what we've discovered.

  • The ink isn't the yellow-green we thought it would be. It's more of a textured white. This is fine though! The contrast is good, and it does a good job of glowing after just a little light exposure.
  • The ink is thick as we expected -- in fact, it fills the whole indentation, such that there's practically no depth to the markings on the dice.
  • When we picked colors to swirl together in a pearlized format, we picked what might have been too subtle of a difference -- the contrasts don't stand out as much. 
  • This may be fine in our green/dark green die (which is really handsome), even if it's not immediately clear there are two different shades of green at play. We're still going to push that further
  • This may or may not be fine in our purple/gray die. Strangely the gray doesn't read as that different from the purple sometimes, possibly because the purple is similarly dark.
  • In both cases, the swirling is not particularly vigorous -- we've got some gentle swirls instead, and on the gray/purple a sort of "half this, half that" look to the dice rather than a lot of intermixing of the two. For our "tentacular" theme to play as strong as we want, we really wanted the colors to be more marbled together. It's possible the pearlized material is working against this, but we're not sure yet; we've got some questions to the supplier about that. So we're due for at least a second round as we try to get results that are more marbled. We might need to drop pearlized to get that, or we might not, or our supplier's manufacturer might just not be able to produce the level of marbling we're looking for. The only way to find out for sure is... you guessed it, more experimentation. :)
  • We may not go with a translucent die in this set. While what we've got is a handsome indigo (kinda blue, kinda purple), and the glow in the dark ink on the opposite side does glow through the die just a little (you can see it in our long-exposure photo below), that might not be enough of an effect for us to justify the inclusion. Still, we'll keep it on the table as a possibility for the set, potentially with some color tweaks.

No matter what, we are committed to giving the Eldritch set an eye-popping final form. We consider the green pearlized die you'll see below is the anchor for this set, and we'll work in our other colors too to make this work. 

Personally, I think that the set needs more green, so in addition to cracking the marbled look with our manufacturer, I also want to do a second round that mixes green together with some of our other key colors -- the purple and the grey -- and see what those results look like. 

We will, of course, keep you in the loop all the way through the process, and whenever we get stuck on a decision point, we'll consult with you in the comments and if necessary through surveys to dial this thing in. We're already off to an exciting start. 

Thanks for your support, and please do continue to get the word out about this project. Your word of mouth has already made a difference! 

We'll talk to you again later this week. And now... the pictures!

  • Image 257075 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Darth Pseudonym on

      For the third die color, I like the translucent purple; it reminds me of ghosts and spirits, which are a common element of eldritch tales too. It does probably need some tweakage, but I don't think it's all that much out of place.

    2. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      Also, I like William's Purple/Red thought... When I think Eldritch horror, I think gut wrenching uncomfortable mind melting terror, not ooo pretty colors! But the goal is to get people to want to buy the gut wrenching horror so by all means go for the beautiful colors as much as you can. Seriously, while I'd suggest pea soup green to contrast the beautiful scarab green color, the combination would be too revolting to make me want to purchase the dice set. Now off to check my pledge. I have to advance fund this dice set! For DICE!

    3. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      I think those purple/gray dice are beautiful Fred. And the translucent/glow dice are something to drool and babble in the tongues of the elder gods about! While the lighter tint of green is beautiful, the darker green comes off as black on my screen, don;t know how I feel about that, but it reminds me of one of my favorite chessex blends, Scarab. But then there's only so many color combos you can hit without replicating something. I fell behind on plugging. I'm sorry. I will immediately tout the wonders of your being on Facebook. FOR DICE!

    4. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      I absolutely love the green die, though I'd hope for a little more ripple across the blank face as well.

      You're right about the purple not quite standing out enough. Instead of purple with grey, would purple with soul-sucking-black-hole black stand out more maybe? Or maybe purple swirling into deep red instead, for a bit more of a fleshy squick vibe?

      I also agree with the suggestions for the translucent ones to be black/dark grey (colorless but shaded) with sparkle-flecks inside.

    5. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      The ink's not much of a cost component.

    6. Jon Smejkal on

      For the translucent dice, based on the long-exposure photo, I'd like to see either a smokey-grey or a slime green. But definitely include the translucent dice with the glow in the dark ink. Heck, if you include two translucent sets, does it offset the cost of the ink at all?

    7. John Post on

      If you're really going for an eldritch (i.e. Cthulhu) theme here, I think three variations of green are acceptable. When I think Cthulhu, I think the following: Cthulhu (a "gelatinous green immensity"), Elder signs (green soapstone), and Deep One (green and grey). The problem is making the three greenish dice different enough that people feel they are getting a variety. Dark Green and Green for Cthulhu works. A green with white or yellow veins (not marbling) would work for the soapstone look. A lighter green and a darker grey might work for the Deep One look.

    8. Harry Nelson on

      Oooooh. I have to agree with Jason. A black with sparkles for stars would be good. I do love the green ones though. They might look better with yellow instead of white. But I think it's a perfect shade of green. And maybe the 3rd should be a brass? Something a bit steampunkish?

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian K Nielsen on

      why so many purples? I mean it looks like you've 3 other purples among other sets, aren't there any other options then adding two more?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Michener on

      Translucent colors may help them absorb more light.

      Can they use a larger flake? Seems this set could use more texture.

      Black specks added to the metallic green/black combo?

      Brass for the Brain Cylinder?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Michener on

      How about a "The Stars are Right" black with sparkles, kinda like the translucent winter knight dice?

      Not loving the green and purple combo, too Zentradi for me.

      Clear purple is too plain.

      Blasphemous Book Brown? Rotting Ghoul? Glowing Brain Cylinder?

    12. Jackson Starky on

      And I love the idea of yellow-green... it would have to be a bright green and bright yellow with black symbols to be easy to read, and I'm good with that. :-)

    13. Jackson Starky on

      I'm with Bruce on the translucent purple. What about something in marbleized orange-black? Or orange-purple, or even purple-green? I do love the other two; I think going right to black on the green's dark shade would be perfect, and *maybe* the same for the purple as well... the other way to go for the marbling on the purple would be some sort of sickly dark yellow, although I'm not sure how dark one can make yellow before it becomes brown or orange... both of which would be good fits. Orange just doesn't get the love it deserves in mixed-shade concepts. This makes me sad... :-(

    14. Harry Nelson on

      I am loving these. My heart is going to break if we aren't able to get to these. :,(

    15. Bruce Gray

      I'm with anyone who says that the translucent dice are not a really good "fit" for a "Eldritch" (read: Cthulhu) based set. I like the dark green and purple/grey sets. Do they have anything in a more "sickly" colored non-translucent green? Or how about a marbleized black? Think "horror" based colors here...

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Well, we're keeping the green. :) We'll explore other things to do with the other styles in the set, tho!

    17. J Lee Watts on

      I like the green/dark green. But it does not speak eldritch to me. It speaks forest. When I think of eldritch,, I think of sickly green bordering on yellow. And perhaps red might go better with purple instead of grey.

    18. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Stella: Feel free to post those pictures! I've been curious about that myself. I don't think we can mix materials though.

    19. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Much appreciating the feedback, folks. I definitely want to explore more of the ranges of greens, and see if I can mix in some purple and grey elements to give the set variation while still sticking neatly into the palette we're after.

      I've gotten a few answers back from the supplier. The particular manufacturer we're using may not have the machinery necessary to produce ultra-marbled dice, so we'll have to see what that ends up meaning for our intentions here. ("I think it’s the machinery. Swirling is not something the factory does a lot (if any) of. We’re set up for volume whereas a company like Chessex experiments more with effects.")

      I'd like to stick with the glow in the dark ink as a common thread across all the dice we do, at the very least, so I'll be looking to produce a trio of styles that all play well with the ink. Will keep you posted!

    20. Danny on

      I agree with Jonathan on the translucent dice. I could see a color somewhat similar to the atomic robo translucent green being interesting as well.

    21. Jonathan Pierson on

      I think the green and purple/gray are pretty good. The translucent purple seems bright, pretty, happy, and completely out of place.

      Some folks have mentioned yellow. I think that's a great idea. I'd try to replace the translucent purple with a yellow of some sort. Maybe sort of a sickly yellow or yellow-green. (Careful with translucent though--you don't want them coming out looking like ice cubes made with pee.) Or some sort of opaque yellow-ivory, an "ancient tome" vibe? Of course finding a shade that the markings will show up well against in normal lighting might be difficult.

      I think the greens are fine the way they are, but I am curious what a more yellowish-green in the same pattern might look like. Once again, a little more "sickly."

      The purple in the purple-gray seems a bit too bright and cheery to me. First thought when I looked at this die was "dead flesh," but it's not quite dead enough yet. Maybe the more pronounced swirl will fix that. Or maybe a darker purple or more reddish-purple?

    22. Micki Bradley on

      re: the teaser image - Grungy brown, brass & copper color scheme ... I wonder what that could possibly mean?!?

    23. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Considering that the translucent purple dice are the ones that will glow in the dark and be visible *through the dice*, I tend to think it still fits. Lovecraft did his share of 'not what it looks like' horror as well as the more popularly-known 'you see something that Should Not Be and lose 1d10 SAN points,' after all.

      On the other hand, yellow would be an excellent replacement for purple if it comes to that. The glow-in-the-dark might show through better on the right shade of translucent yellow, too.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jacob Oen on

      I could go for something dark green marbled with a very sickly yellow green, amphibian-underbelly type color.

      I know that the latter is now only a mock up, but the purple here looks a lot like the one from the Vampire set.

      A translucent slate gray, or maybe translucent dark green-gray with luminescent ink would also do the trick.

      Or even black or dark gray marbled with green–the color of algal slime on anciently submerged sea-rocks. Perfect for stacking up in a pale (and all too Euclidean) homage to the cyclopean stones of lost R'lyeh.

      I'm stoked for this set, can you tell?
      Iä! Fate dice! Iä!

    25. Rob Donoghue

      I am all over those greens.

    26. John Post on

      Green and yellow is a classic cthulhu color combination too.

    27. John Post on

      I would definitely want more marbling. Chessex's "Scarab" line of dice are pearlized with marbling, so it can definitely be done. I'd like a pale grey and green set of (Deep One) dice.

    28. Johan Westberg on

      I like the green, very nice. I also like the purple translucent super nice.

    29. Tim E Werner on

      More green! 8')

    30. Leo Lalande on

      I'm really really liking the green and purple marbled dice! The marbling on the purple ones seems fine to me; but I'm sure more marbling won't hurt.

      Despite purple being my favorite color, I agree with the majority that the transluscent purple doesn't fit the theme. What might be cool as a third style in this set, if it's possible, would be a sickly radiotactive glow-in-the-dark yellow/green, marbled with light grey with black ink.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stella on

      I have a dice from a Chessex Pound of Dice that's solid white marbled with translucent green. It looks really interesting, and not at all intended. Fred, are you ok with me posting pictures of this, to give some indication of what could be done?

    32. Missing avatar

      James Taylor

      Love the green/dark, The purple/grey is nice, but as you said, needs more marbling. I don't know if it's possible but can you marble a translucent color with a solid? A translucent yellow-green marbled with black sounds awesome for this set.

    33. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      What about:

      1) the green you've got,
      2) a more pale/sickly green (like the rotting flesh green that Games Workshop uses on zombie mini's) with a dark bloody red ink
      3) black with red ink (the the cover of the necronomicon)

      I think that fits "edritch horror"....

    34. Matt Kay

      I agree with your findings. Not a fan of the translucent dice fir this set; the green dice look amazing; and the purple one needs a bit more marbling to look just right. Keep up the good work and really hoping we achieve $60k now!

    35. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I like that set, as it is. I can see how you might want better contrast on the purple/grey marble, but I actually like it in the pictures.

      I also really like the translucent purple.

      When you said eldritch in previous updates, I thought "wizardry", not "cthulhoid tentacles", so I wasn't sure about some of the descriptions. It makes a lot more sense now :-} The green dice definitely fit that theme. I'm not sure about the other colors (with the theme, I like them on their own), but I'd still buy this set as it is. And, I'd like to get those two purples even if they don't fit the theme :-}

    36. William C Crawford on

      The green looks amazing, and I usually hate green.

      The purple is too plasticky, and the grey in it is just weird. (Rather than creepy, as I assume you were going for.)

      And yeah, the light blue (purple??) is pretty, but not really right for this set.