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New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
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The Final Countdown!

Posted by Carrie Harris (Collaborator)

TL;DR - This is a summary of all the things you need to know about pledging!

We are in the home stretch! The final countdown! Do do do dooooo! Do do do do-dooo! Do do do dooooo!

This KS comes with bonus earworms!
This KS comes with bonus earworms!

Now that I’ve inflicted that earworm upon you—and upon myself--let’s get down to business.

What’s the status? Do do do doooo!

Well, it’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN, of course. But what that means is that the campaign ends on Friday morning, 9:30 EST. As I write this on Tuesday morning, we are less than $4000 away from the Infernal dice. And we’re up to 730-ish backers. So let’s do the math:

  • If every backer added $8 for the Infernal dice, that’s about $5800. That would get us over the Infernal funding line with change to spare. Some of you have already done that, and we thank you for it!
  • If every backer added $8 for the Infernal dice AND $8 for the Malachite dice, we’d be just shy of funding Malachite by about $2000. That’s a hump we feel confident about passing in the last few days of funding.
  • If every backer added $12 for an extra set of Points AND $8 for either the Infernal or Malachite dice, we'd blast past both of these goals, and you'd be sure to have plenty of Fate Points for your table! Double win!

But what if I’ve already pledged extra for those things? Do do do do-dooo!

I am already regretting this earworm. I’m so sorry.

If you’ve already pledged for some of the locked material, THANK YOU! That’s going to help us make sure that the thing you want is unlocked!

For those of you who are interested in pledging but worried that your item of choice won’t get funded, don’t forget that we’ll be offering our existing dice in BackerKit, including our never-before Kickstarted sets (Frost, Midnight, and Fire). You could put that overage toward one of the sets that you don’t have! And if you’re worried about over-pledging, and you’d like something else from our catalog, drop us a note. We’ll see what we can do!

If you’d like a refresher on our existing sets, take a look at Update 6.

So if I’d like to pledge during the FINAL COUNTDOWN, what are my options? Boss me.

Seriously, does anyone know the words to this song? Because I’m just singing the Final Countdown part, and then the do do-do part over and over and over. And I kind of hate myself for it right now.

But anyway. Here’s what we’re looking at, product-wise:

Accelerated Core Fate Dice ($15)

A set of twelve dice in three bright, fruity colors. We’ve got iridescent blue, green, and purple, inked in white. Fate die-hards (get it!?! DIE hards) might recognize this color scheme from the now out-of-print Fate Core Dice. But this set is brighter and more vibrant to help you truly succeed with style.

Accelerated Core Dice
Accelerated Core Dice

Accelerated Core Fate Points ($12)

Matching Fate Points are here! These points are made from the same iridescent blue material as the Accelerated Core Fate Dice, inked in white, and debossed (which is like embossing, only the markings are set into the material as opposed to being raised up above it). You’ll get a set of 30 to meet all of your rpg and/or coop game needs.

Accelerated Fate Points
Accelerated Fate Points

Infernal Dice ($8)

As we said above, the Infernal dice are just on the verge of funding, and we’re excited about them from the deepest embers of our hearts. Infernal dice are our first foray into layered Fate dice. They’re a deep cherry color on the outsides, brightening to a fiery red in the middle, and inked in white.

Infernal Dice
Infernal Dice

Malachite Dice ($8)

Our second layered set has more pronounced striping to mimic the semi-precious stone that bears the same name. These dice are layered in a green with bluish undertones, set off by white ink. These dice are well within our funding reach!

Malachite Dice
Malachite Dice

We’ve got more options too, but as we’re looking at the trajectory of this project and our current status as of Tuesday morning, these are the ones we feel most confident about funding. We’ll update you if that changes.

Okay, so walk me through the pledge levels. And can I stop singing that stupid song now?

I don’t know. CAN YOU? If you can, please send help, because I sure can’t.

Explaining the pledge levels is much easier than exorcising that earworm. Here’s how it works:

  • Three Pack of Perfection: Pledge for this if you want the Accelerated Core Dice (or any of our existing 12 dice sets), but not the Accelerated Core Points.
  • Thirty Points of Fate: Pledge for this if you want the Accelerated Core Points but not the Accelerated Core Dice.
  • Dice and Points Combo: Pledge for this if you want the Accelerated Core Points plus a set of 12 dice such as the Accelerated Core Dice.
  • Accessories a la Carte: Pledge for this if you’d rather not have to keep changing your pledge level and you don’t mind calculating your pledge amount on your own.
  • Dice Retailer Extraordinaire: Pledge for this if you’re a retailer, obviously.

If you’d like to add more dice or points to your pledge—like the Infernal or Malachite Dice, or an extra set of Fate Points, for example—that’s easy. You just add the cost of the extra sets to your pledge.

  • The Accelerated Dice are $15.
  • Accelerated Points are $12.
  • The Infernal and Malachite Dice are $8 each.

So, if I wanted all four items, I’d pledge for the Dice and Points combo at $27, then add $8 for the Infernal and $8 for the Malachite dice for a total of $43.

If I wanted the Accelerated Points and Infernal Dice, I’d select Thirty Points of Fate and pledge $20 ($12 for the points and $8 for the dice).

If I wanted just the two sets of layered dice, I’d select the Accessories a la Carte option and pledge $16 ($8 per set).

If you’re not sure how much to pledge, don’t forget to check out our handy pledge calculator.

So the layered dice don’t have a pledge level?

Not right now, since they’re not unlocked.

If you want to pledge for them, but not the Accelerated points or dice, then select Accessories a la Carte. When we unlock them (thinking positive here), we might get a pledge level up for them depending on when that happens. But you can stay in Accessories a la Carte! We just put up the pledge levels when we can because they make for easy math.

What about my favorite set that you previewed but didn’t get funded?

We’ve taken lots and lots of notes on what you like, and we’ll be looking for opportunities to make them available. In fact, we’re discussing some of that behind the scenes now (well, not right now, since I’m currently typing this up, but you get what I mean, right?). We’ll make sure to let you know here when some of those other sets we taunted you with become available.

What if I have more questions?

Put them in the comments! We will answer them! And play air guitar!

Do do do dooooooo!
Do do do dooooooo!

We probably sound like a broken record (which might be the Final Countdown, and might include us playing air guitar), but thanks as always for all your support through this campaign and in general. You rock!

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Toms on

      Upped my pledge to $20.

      And I know all the words to The Final Countdown. Don't judge me.

    2. Missing avatar


      We are so very close to those gorgeous Infernal dice! C'MON FOLKS!

    3. Rachael Hixon

      Dang it, now I'll have to fire up Rock Band and play that song.

      But seriously, thanks for the info, very helpful, and seconding the thanks for the pledge calculator!

    4. Daniel Stewart on

      Bumped up my pledge to $39 - thank you for keeping us informed and sharing the super neat pledge calculator!

    5. ET3D on

      Actually, I have the song Eye of the Tiger stuck in my head.

    6. littleladyvader

      Oh boy, I sure would love to increase my pledge. Too bad there exist such arbitrary things as the North Atlantic Ocean and customs fees. Maybe I should consider heading for Venus?
      But seriously, eagerly waiting to get some Accelerated Core Dice in the future and hopefully the Cosmic Dice too.

    7. Missing avatar



      And, to answer your question...

      >>>Seriously, does anyone know the words to this song? Because I’m just singing the Final Countdown part, and then the do do-do part over and over and over.

      No one knows because it's tough to understand the heavily accented Sw-English of Europe's lead singer. Thus, the synth fanfare and chorus are forever stuck in our brains.

    8. Duane Cathey

      $4000 in less than 3 days to hit the next stretch goal?
      Challenge accepted.
      I just bumped my pledge an arbitrary $37.

    9. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Thanks Mike!

    10. Mike Holyoak

      upped my pledge $8. Let's do this!