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New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
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More Prototype Prettiness

Posted by Carrie Harris (Collaborator)

TL;DR - We're showing off more dice prototypes today!

Hey. Hatters! How goes it? We’re chugging along like the Little Engine That Could here at Hat Central. We’re particularly excited to see that we’re over a third of the way to the Infernal Dice! We’ve hit the long slow slog of the mid-Kickstarter, but we’re confident that we’ll fund those fiery dice with your support. We really appreciate your help to spread the word about all the pretty, pretty dice and points.

We know. We’re skilled. And motivated.

We are too! We want those Infernal Dice. We want to feel the burn. Those dice are on fire! 

Actually, given the whole Tide Pods thing, maybe we should be explicit about this—Infernal Dice do not come with actual fire. Do not eat Infernal Dice. Infernal Dice may roll all negatives when taunted. Do not make deals for souls with Infernal Dice.

Thanks for the advice. What do you have for us today?

More sneak peeks! Here are the rest of the prototypes that we have in our greedy little hands. We positioned them further down in the stretch goals based on what we thought you’d be most interested in, but as we’ve seen, our psychic powers have been a little wonky lately. Maybe we need to have our brain waves aligned or something.

First, we’ve got Orange Fury dice. This set of four furious dice is made in a pearlized opaque orange and inked in black. Perfect for Halloween fans and people who like citrus fruits. But again, don’t eat them.

Orange Fury Dice - With added Vitamin C
Orange Fury Dice - With added Vitamin C

Our Primary Dice set is perfect for people who like a little contrast. This 12-dice set is all opaque, and we’ve given it a little extra flair with different colors for the symbols. There are four white dice with blue plusses and red minuses, four red dice with white plusses and yellow minuses, and four blue dice with white plusses and yellow minuses. At least if you roll terribly, it’ll be pretty?

Primary Dice - Primarily awesome
Primary Dice - Primarily awesome

We already showed you our Emerald Dice as a part of our initial roll out, but it occurred to us that we never got your take on them. To refresh your memory, or if you were late to the party, the Emerald Dice are a translucent set of four dice in a bright, gem-tastic green.

Emerald Dice - Do not contain real emeralds
Emerald Dice - Do not contain real emeralds

I have thinks! What do I do with them? Are they even useful at this point?

They are very useful! Put your thinks in the comments!

Let me expand on this just a bit. At this point, we’ve shown you a lot of options, and while we’d love to fund them all right here and now, we know that’s not likely to happen. We knew from day one that we had more ideas for accessories than we were likely to fund in a single Kickstarter. But we’re in this for the long haul. Kickstarters are just a part—an important part for sure, but just a part—of our overall plan for supporting our Fate accessories. Knowing what options make you swoon will help us to plan our attack moving forward, not just for this Kickstarter but in the years beyond. So please do tell us what you think of the options here. Are they something you’d like to see in your dice bag?

That’s all for today! We’ll talk to you next week, or when we unlock those Infernal Dice. Whichever comes first! Thanks for all your support from all of us at the Hat.

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    1. Missing avatar


      Need Infernal Dice, Infernal Tokens!

      Seriously ...

      And what he said about Orange Fury singles. Yup! Yup!

    2. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      @Fred Hicks, I love the spooky dice. Brings me back to my childhood. As for the Orange Fury, even if it made the cut as a single set, I'd get it. ;)

    3. Ben on

      Ok, adding orange fury to the "will buy" column.
      My feelings on primary are mixed. I feel like they really need to exist, but I don't see myself getting them.

    4. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Honestly the Spooky dice set started out with an eye on making it feel Halloween-y, but the orange clashed a bit much, and we wanted the glow dice in there.

    5. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      Oh you beautiful, incubus of an Evil Hat you! WIthholding Halloween Dice and secreting them away to drive up the kickstarter! So intelligent. *pets the hat* *gets bit* OUCH!

      Seriously though! Why would you think the most favoritest holiday on the calendar, excluding that ultra-sensationalized one with the fat guy stuck up... the chimney, wouldn't be in demand. Now I have to hold out until the Halloween dice are available...

      And I second the sentiments of Paul Cooper regarding the Fate Points, just his sentiments about the Fate Points.

      One last question, what would it take to squeeze two more dice sets out of you that fit a Halloween theme? I mean, I love the pumpkin, but I'd kill for say something black cat and something Full Moon themed to go with it?

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      The last thing I need is more Fate Dice. I already have enough to choke a horse.

      What I really need is a variety of colored Fate Points.

    7. Sarah Reed

      Wow, I'm surprised how much I like the Primary dice. Simple, but really cool.

      But I'm still holding out for the Sky dice. ^_^

    8. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      I personally REALLY like the Primary Dice, just because almost every dice design out there uses the same color for all the pips/designs, and the Primary Dice break away from that. I can see why some people might not take to it, though.

    9. Jay Pierce on

      Still most excited about the Spooky set. Primary is neat, but not a priority. I'm least interested in layers. Spooky is my wallpaper. Spooky is my jam!

    10. Cody Frost

      This array of beautiful dice is exciting! Of these three, I would insta-back the primary dice with the emerald coming in 2nd place and Orange Fury in last, though I think I know a few friends who might enjoy this citrus-infused choice.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      I really like the Orange Fury dice and don't really care for the Primary dice.

    12. Sarah Williams

      I love the glow in the dark ones, the layered ones, and the orange fury ones. The emerald, I merely like. The primary ones do pretty much nothing for me; resounding meh here.

    13. Jeffrey Osthoff

      Definitely a GO on the Primary dice 😊

    14. Nathan Hare on

      The items that I want unlocked the most are the Spooky Dice and Fate Points. The only ones I'm really interested in from this update are the Primary Dice. I think more solid colors would be welcome too.

    15. Alec Martin on

      The primary dice are interesting - I like the idea of sets with different colors for success and failure.

      As far as things I'd like to request for the future, I'm desperately interested in a set of purple FATE points.

    16. Danny on

      I can't quite say why but the white dice with blue and red are about the best ones I've ever seen. Love em!

    17. Missing avatar

      Piper Thunstrom on

      Got to admit, the one that really excited me was the glow in the dark set of dice and matching fate tokens. They had a fabulous color set and the glow was a definite bonus.

      Of this set of options, I think the primary is the most interesting but not sure I like the yellow on the blue.

    18. Edward McCoy on

      I love the orange fury, and would definitely add them to the order. I also would go for the white with blue and red markings.

    19. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      Ack! Cut and paste error that snuck past all of us. Thanks for catching it, Robert. Clearly, I need more caffeine.

    20. Robert Slaughter

      The primary dice look *very* nice - I'm likely to add them to my order.

      "The Emerald Dice are an opaque set of four dice in a bright, gem-tastic green"
      Those aren't opaque ;)