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New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
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Rewards Adjustment!

Posted by Carrie Harris (Collaborator)

TL;DR – We’ve updated the initial funding goal to include the Accelerated Core Blue Fate Points and unlock them with the matching dice, and we adjusted the rest of the reward tiers based on your feedback!  

Running a Kickstarter requires a certain amount of guesswork. We’ve got a lot of experience to draw from, of course, and that helps. But still, that experience only gets you so far, and sometimes the assumptions you make just don’t quite pan out the way you expected.  

This Kickstarter falls into that category for us. We made what we thought were smart choices on how to structure the thing, and they didn’t quite work the way we expected. But one of the things we Evil Hatters pride ourselves on is the ability to pivot, and that’s what we’ve done. Late last week, we showed you some of the other rewards that we had hidden in the stretch goals. Since then, we’ve been digesting your feedback and working to rebuild this campaign to focus on the things you want the most.  

So what did we change?  

The Accelerated Blue Fate Points will now unlock along with the matching dice at $12,500.

We heard you—you want those points! While you like the Accelerated Core Dice, some of you felt like you had your fill of blue and green dice. But you wanted the points and worried about pledging for them without an assurance that they would fund. We’ve been working our calculators to the bone, and we’ve found a way to pay for those Fate Points ourselves. We will make both the dice and points so long as this project funds. As of right now (while I’m writing this update), that puts the points and matching dice and free Ghost Dice about $2500 away from funding!  

Our layered element dice are up next!

Out of all of the various options we showed you, the four layered dice sets seemed to generate the most interest, so we’ve adjusted the order of our stretch goals and put them next. Because we’re funding the points along with the dice, they’re also much more reachable in terms of our goals and momentum.  

But what about that set I really loved that you teased last week?

If your favorite isn’t among this set of goals, we haven’t given up hope on it yet. We’re hoping that these adjustments will help get us moving and make those sets a possibility in a way that our previous structure didn't.

This is awesome! What should I do now?  

Check out the new funding structure and reward tiers on the main page, and visit our adjusted pledge calculator if you need a little help figuring out what to pledge. And above all, help us spread the word that we’ve listened to the feedback of our backers and fans and made adjustments based on it. We are within $2500 of being able to sift some Fate Points through our fingers, and we need you to help make it happen!

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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Thanks Stephanie! We're super hopeful of getting to the spookies too. :)

    2. Stephanie Tyll on

      Great pivot Fred & friends! Crossing my fingers we unlock aquatics and spookies (my personal #1 and #2), but excited about whatever we do!

    3. Missing avatar

      Pulp Poetry on

      Thanks for adding the points tier. I got plenty of dice (which doesn't preclude me from adding-on more), so couldn't really justify the pledge. But I've been searching high-and-low for points!

      Looking forward to watching the progress unlock as a backer now. You run great kickstarts!

    4. Jason Hunt on

      Probably a good call; Not that I don't love new dice....but the Fate Points were what drew me to the project to begin with.

    5. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      We're hoping for that too... it just looked like they ranked second place to the layered options. :)

    6. Ben on

      I like it! I can't speak for everyone, but I think you hit my priorities pretty well. Still hoping to unlock some glow in the dark options, though!