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New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
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A Sneak Peek of Layered Loveliness

Posted by Carrie Harris (Collaborator)

TL;DR – Take a look at our layered sets and tell us what you think!   

2/3 of the way to funding! It's slow and steady up in here, folks. Thank you for all your support and word-spreadery.  

And double thank you for all of your delicious, delicious feedback. Seriously, why is this Kickstarter so full of food references? Those Points do look good enough to eat, but…

CARRIE! You’re as bad as Fred, with all the rambling.  

We work well together for a reason. You should see the ridiculousness that goes on in the company Slack. It’s full of puns and sarcasm and tangents. 

Aren’t you supposed to be showing us some dice? 

Don’t you mean delicious, delicious dice? 

Okay, okay! Don’t throw anything at me! I’ll show you the dice! They are pretty enough to eat. Er. I mean. Yeah. They’re really pretty. 

First, we’ve got Sky Dice, which soar up through shades of sky blue mixed with white to evoke a cloudy sky. These are an opaque layered set, so very different than the other blues we’ve offered, which were all iridescent or translucent.


Sky Dice - storm clouds are optional
Sky Dice - storm clouds are optional

Next, we’ve got Malachite Dice. If you’re familiar with the semi-precious stone, you’ll instantly get the look we’re going for here. These are layered in a deep green with more of a grey undertone than our other green offerings. Again, we’re also looking at opaque layers in each die. 

Malachite Dice - rocking it out
Malachite Dice - rocking it out

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got Aquatic Dice. These layers descend through turquoise waters to settle in indigo depths that mimic the deep sea. Also in opaque layers. Essential for your pirate mermaid selkie games. (Seriously, I need one of those now.) 

Aquatic Dice - making some waves
Aquatic Dice - making some waves

In all of the above images, you’ll notice that the symbols are inked on the layered sides, while the blanks are on the flat colors. We’d like to turn them so that you get the full effect of the layers on the blanks without them being obscured by the symbols. So the above prototypes aren’t exactly right, but they’re pretty darned close. 

Check out all those elements! 

That’s exactly right! We’ve had a couple of people express interest in having dice in all four elements, and coincidentally, we have just that right here. The already-revealed Infernal Dice would be fire. Then you’ve got Sky for air, Malachite for earth, and Aquatic for—you guessed it—water. Our idea was that you could pick your preferred element or get the whole set of them and mix and match to your heart’s content. 

So what now? 

Well, as before, we’d like to hear what you think about these dice. Are you interested? Do you like them more or less than the already revealed goals or the glow sets in Update 2? Should we be bumping these sets up in the priority line? We want to hear your thoughts—tell us in the comments below!

And as we head into the weekend, we'd appreciate anything you can do to help spread the word so we can make it over that last third and into stretch goal land. Our marketing monkeys are working overtime to do the same. We'll see you next week with more pretty dice, more gorgeous points, and probably more food references because it seems to be a thing now.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bradd W. Szonye on

      @TecnoSmurf Good dice are laid out like that so that you get the same average result on every axis of the die. Otherwise, it becomes much easier to cheat by rolling the die along the best (or worst) axis. The original Fudge dice had that problem. One axis was plus/minus only (avg. zero), one axis was plus/blank only (avg. +1/2), and one axis was minus/blank only (avg. -1/2).

    2. Nathan Hare on

      So far, the dice I'm really excited about are the Accelerated Core set and the Spooky dice. Glow in the dark is cool, and I like the other unique colors. I also like the colors of the Core Dice replacement better than the original Core dice. Having matching tokens and being cheaper are also big pluses for me. The infernal dice are a maybe.

      These dice are cool, but I probably won't buy them. In your dice sets there are a ton of blues and greens whereas other colors are less represented. I'm usually the GM, so I like getting dice in all different colors so that my players can match their dice to their characters.

      ...okay, I also get them to feed my dice obsession...

      Just wanted to weigh in with my thoughts so far to give you guys more data. I'm excited to see where this all goes!!

    3. Benton Gross on

      Just give me an option for all the dice....All.of.them. like, even the ones you thought about in a fever dream. Need more dice......Need em.

      I may have a dice problem.

    4. Forrest McKinley on

      I love the Sky and Malachite dice. I think we need to have the options to pick these up. Would love to see a Layer Set - Infernal, Sky, Malachite (or some sort of combo). Glad to hear about the Ghost Dice as well. Can always use some extra dice.

      Side note, thank you so much for this Kickstarter. I have every set of dice you have put out, but love even more variety. Every game that I run I do a color combo for that setting, so the more options the better.

    5. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      @ Marion, @TecnoSmurf, and anyone else I missed who asked about Rainbow Dice! -- Funny you should ask that, because talking about Rainbow Dice is what brought up the whole layer idea in the first place. Sadly, our prototypes didn't turn out the way we wanted them and looked a little more like melted ice cream than a proper rainbow. We'll keep trying, but probably not for this Kickstarter.

    6. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      Re: the Aquatic layers -- We hear you! We've been looking at the possibility of adjusting the layers there, and it sounds like an avenue worth pursuing.

      Re: the Malachite layers -- The layers here are deliberately more obvious, since we're going for the bands you see in the mineral.

    7. TecnoSmurf on

      +1 for Rainbow Dice! ^^

    8. Jose A Piniella on

      These look great! Definitely be getting them! Excellent work!

    9. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      @Fred, @Carrie, Any chance a layered Red-Yellow-Blue might come out as a rainbow? Also, can you make layered glow dice? Like one of the layers is glow-in-the-dark material.

    10. TecnoSmurf on

      @Deadly Fredly I knew that for regular dice. Never thought about it for Fate Dice. Thx for the explanation ^^

    11. Missing avatar


      Ooh, pretty pretty Sky. Definitely getting those. As for all the food comments... blame MaRo for getting me started on eating Magic cards. I guess I've graduated to dice and Fate Points. :)

      I agree with the others that the layers are too sharp on the Malachite and Aquatic, but they still look nice. Just not as nice as the Sky. (So, so pretty. I'm in love.)

    12. Missing avatar


      I really like these a Lot more than the glow in the dark. They are really pretty. The question I have is if you put the Layers on the blank side for the effect, won't it mean that we will hope for blanks all the time so we get the pretty side? Or better yet maybe you should keep it on the minus so that the coolness of the layers mitigates the disappointment of the minus? or maybe I am thinking about dice too much. To be fair i only have one set of fate dice, so I will be buying a bunch no matter what you do because I haven't seen anything I actually dislike.

    13. Jeremy Downey on

      I like these; especially the sky set. I agree with someone who commented earlier that the layers seem a little too sharply divided in the sea set. I like all of these better than the emerald set, though I probably like the spooky set more than the sea set (as currently pictured) and the infernal set.

    14. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Yep, like Carrie said earlier, layered Fate Points won't be happening for a few reasons. :) But so noted on moving the dice, we'll put it in the Thinker.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      I really really like all these layered dice - especially the Malachite. I'd be happy as can be if the layered dice got moved closer in the stretch goals :)

      Also, is it possible to do layered Fate Points? Though maybe they're too thin.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @TecnoSmurf - Properly distributed polyhedra make sure that opposite faces add up to 2x the average of the die. Take a look at a normal d6: the average is a 3.5, so opposite faces add up to 7 -- 1 vs 6, 2 vs 5, 3 vs 4. Same's true with our Fate Dice, where the average is zero: plus opposite minus (twice), blank opposite blank.

      @Ben - I've been thinking about us doing exactly that, it'll probably come in update 4 or 5. :)

      @Jacob Zimmerman - The aquatic dice may get a little tuning if we end up making them, as the dark blue and purple ended up closer to each other than I expected when I spec'd them for the manufacturer. That said they're pretty gorgeous in person as-is.

    17. Sophia Fisher on

      These are my favorites so far! Better than spooky or Fate Accelerated set. Would definitely want all four.

    18. Sarah Reed

      ooooh, I love all of these dice! Especially Sky!! ...yeah, blue is my favorite color. ^_^

    19. TecnoSmurf on

      Hey Fred. Since you brought it up: Why do you put the plusses opposite of the minusses? Every time I see those dice I am asking myself why they are like this. Seems uneven ^^

    20. Missing avatar

      Bradd W. Szonye on

      I really like that malachite set! It’s not quite as dramatic as the red & black set, but still very cool. I am less fond of the sky & aquatic dice. They’re all right but not as cool as the spooky dice & glow tokens.

    21. Ben on

      All of these are in the will buy collum for me, ahead of everything except the blue fate points.

      Fred, Carrie, any chance of a showcase of the dice released since the last kickstarter people may want to add on? I know I have been trying to only pledge as much as existing dice would back up to hedge bets in case stretch goals do not fund, but had forgotten about the frost dice until I saw them mentioned in the main comment section.

    22. Jacob Zimmerman on

      They're all very pretty, but the division of the layers in the Aquatic dice seem a little harsh. It's just as harsh in the Malachite, but it works well with that, being a gem. Maybe the Sky dice have just as harsh of layers, too, but the colors are all close enough together that it blends better. Idk. Personally, I'd reduce the range of colors in the Aquatic dice a bit to help with the illusion of blending. Unless, of course, you actually have control over how well the layers blend. In that case, I'd just turn up the blending. Idk. I have no knowledge of this manufacturing process.
      Other options after taking another look:
      1) Instead of reducing the range of colors, bring the middle color a little closer to the dark blue.
      2) Maybe make the zone for the middle color bigger, making the dark blue area a little smaller.
      I don't plan to get the Aquatic dice either way, so my opinion isn't all that important here, but maybe my ideas will help :)

    23. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @Marion - Good feedback there. Part of the reason you're not seeing themes as much is that we're trying to expand the line by offering single-player sets — there are a number of buyers out there who don't want to buy 12 dice when they're only going to use 4 in the game. The layered sets and the other single player sets we've done (Fire and Midnight) are with that in mind.

      I do like what you're thinking about more game tie-ins, tho I think we'd need to see a clear, non-overlapping-with-existing-sets theme from another Fate game to get that kind of tie-in. I like both of the games that you mention but the size of the print run on the dice would outnumber the size of the print run of those books, not to mention their sales volume to date.

    24. Marion F. Carpenter Jr.

      I really think all these dice are beautiful, but I haven't seen a set I'd put in fully for yet this go round. Your first series I laid down cash for every set, partly because I was new to the game, and partly because the "themed to a game" aspect of the majority of them was surprisingly more representative of Fate. Your lead in set or Accelerated Core dice are a great example of that kind of theme-lining, and anybody who missed the original core set should definitely grab them. You've released a bunch of settings since Fate released. Where are the Do or Kaiju Inc. sets? I understand you're wanting to produce these layered sets, and they are beautiful. I do want to see what comes of these sets. I'm going to keep watching for now. I try not to speak out of turn so I hope my opinion doesn't offend anyone. I look forward to what you guys come up with in the future. Much love for Fate... <3<3<3

    25. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @Bryan - What does "higher in the stretches" mean? Could be: higher up on the graphic (thus happening sooner), or higher up in the dollars (thus happening later)?

      As to DFCO, 30 would give you 13 for the game and 17 for a Fate game — and working from the default of 3 refresh on a few characters, might be enough honestly. That said chances you'll be playing both at the same time are pretty low!

    26. Bryan Lyon

      I REALLY like the glow dice. That said, I do like the elemental theme for the layered dice. Personally, I'd prefer the glow dice/tokens up higher in the stretches.

      That said, I'd also love a set of fate tokens sized to replace the cardboard tokens for DFCO. 30 gives you too many for DFCO, but not enough to split between DFCO and a fate game.

    27. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      (That said, stay tuned for a preview that'll be coming after the weekend for something that *kind of* vibes along those lines.)

    28. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      @Jon Lemich - That's a fun idea, but it would require the layers to flow in multiple directions simultaneously... which isn't really an option. Gravity has strong opinions about that. :) In any given orientation scenario, you'll have only two faces on a layered die that are a solid color, which leaves four others that are "striped"... and we put our plus faces opposite our minus faces.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jon Lemich on

      I have these layered d6es I use for GUMSHOE games that are orange on 1-3 and green on 4-6. You get a color cue when you roll a 4, if you're rolling without a spend. It's neat, especially since Stability rolls are ones I often roll without a spend.

      You can do the same with these! Say you have a three-layer die: Put the MINUS on the layered side, the BLANK on the other layered side, and the PLUS on the side that's a flat color.

    30. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      Thanks for the feedback, guys. They really did turn out gorgeous, didn't they?

    31. Carl McLaughlin on

      All so pretty!! I upped my pledge for these 3 I hope they get funded

    32. Danny on

      Malachite dice are my favorite so far. I'd love some points to match!

    33. Jason Hunt on

      The aquatic dice are among the prettiest dice you've ever shown there's that