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New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
New, exciting styles for Fate Dice and matching Fate Points to use in your Fate or Fudge games
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Free dice for backers? YES PLEASE.

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

TL;DR – Free dice for all shipping backers! A sneak peek at a hidden Dice/Point combo! More info and visualizations for the Points!

Lots to talk about today, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Free Ghost Dice!

When we were making our set of Frost Dice, we ended up with a big pile of gorgeous mistakes—an icy-blue translucent set that thawed our frosty hearts but just didn’t fit into the set the way we wanted. We’ve been calling them Ghost Dice, and today we're announcing that every backer (who's having a shipment come their way) will get a free set of four Ghost Dice in their shipment!

No reason to boo! If you're getting a shipment, you'll get four of these Ghost Dice.
No reason to boo! If you're getting a shipment, you'll get four of these Ghost Dice.

Spooky Dice and Points Preview!

We hear you—you’re incredibly excited by our new Fate Points, and so are we! With that in mind, we’re thinking hard about how we’ve structured this Kickstarter, and how we might reorder some of the later stretch goals. With that in mind, we’d like your input. So starting with this update, we're going to be doing a series of previews of our hidden stretches so we can get your feedback. Chime in in the comments!

Today, we’ve got a sneak peek of our 3-pack set of Spooky Dice. These dice come in eerie green inked in purple, witchy purple inked in green, and glow-in-the-dark white inked in purple (the glow on these things is pretty amazing). We’re also incredibly excited about the idea of pairing our Spooky Dice with a set of Spooky Glow Fate Points to match, in the same glow-in-the-dark material as the dice (just a mock-up for now, since we haven't gotten the mold for the Fate Points made yet).

OOOOOOOOO. Spooky AND pretty at the same time. Take a look!

Zoiks! It's Spooky Dice!
Zoiks! It's Spooky Dice!


Actual glow after a few minutes of light exposure. Not simulated!
Actual glow after a few minutes of light exposure. Not simulated!


Digital mockup in 'normal light'
Digital mockup in 'normal light'


Simulated glow. No actual photoluminescent molecules were harmed in the making of this image.
Simulated glow. No actual photoluminescent molecules were harmed in the making of this image.

We’d like to hear what you think. Is this the kind of thing you’re excited to see? What do you like about it? We’ve got lots of stretch goals, and we’d like to pull the ones out of the stack that most excite you, so tell us all the things! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Visualizing the Fate Points!

We get it. It’s hard to picture exactly how the Fate Points would stack up against the Dice, and sometimes a text description just isn’t enough. As we’ve said before, the Points will be made out of the same material as the dice, and they’re about the size of two American quarters stacked atop one another. 

Here's a look at what the size of a token would be (roughly — quarters are maybe 2-3% smaller, but they're very close), put right next to the dice that are the same material that the Fate Point would be made from.

teh sparklesssssss
teh sparklesssssss

Seriously, look at how gorgeous these are gonna be.

omg the shinies!
omg the shinies!

We're looking at putting 30 in each package. What's that look like? Well... this.

That's $15 in quarters... $3 more than you'd need to pay for a set of Fate Points!
That's $15 in quarters... $3 more than you'd need to pay for a set of Fate Points!

Because the molds for these are super expensive—about $3000!—we didn’t want to take the plunge to have them made until we knew if people were really excited about our take on Fate Points. But this should give you an idea of the form factor for the finished product.

Wondering about weight/heft? Well, that'll take some math. Four of the Accelerated Core Blue Fate Dice come in at about 0.6 ounces. Our dice are 16mm cubes, so that's 0.6 ounces for a little over 16,000 cubic millimeters, or 0.15oz per single die, 4k cubic mm. Our Fate Points are squat cylinders with a 25mm diameter and 4mm height. The volume on that cylinder is a little under 2,000 cubic mm (~1963), so one Fate Point token should weigh about half of what a die made of the same material weighs, or around 0.07oz. So a set of 30 Fate Points should come in a little over 2 ounces, approximately the same weight as a package of 12 Fate Dice.

So there you have it! Short of putting the money and a few months of time into getting the mold constructed and prototypes made, that's our best shot at giving you what you need to imagine what our Fate Points will be like. Any questions? Let us know!   

And as always, we really appreciate your feedback and support. As with all of our Kickstarters, we want to give you what you want whenever we can! Sadly, our brain-reading machine is down at the moment, so we’ll be showing you more possibilities and doing our best to put your favorites into your grabby hands.

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    1. Jay Pierce on

      I am all about the Spooky set.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      @Carrie - Wow! Yes, just what I wanted!

    3. Craig Brown on

      I'll never turn down free dice, but I'm backing this one for the Fate Point Coins. Mark me up as another in that camp.

    4. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      @Sean - Coincidentally, did you see our third update? IT'S LIKE WE READ YOUR MIND. Except not, because you told us what you were thinking. Darn. It was much more impressive the other way. ;)

      @Rachael - We know this problem. Oh, how we know this problem!!!

    5. Rachael Hixon

      I'm really excited for the fate points! Looks like they will be pretty amazing! (Of course, I love dice, too, and will be picking up more that I really don't need...except that I totally do.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      I really like the Infernal dice. That layered effect is awesome. Hopefully there are more layered dice on the way :)
      Maybe three layers using the 'Accelerated Core' color scheme? Blue/Green/Purple?
      Or one similar to the infernal but with green? Dark green outside and lighter green inside?

    7. Sarah Reed

      Oooh, I forgot about the Frost dice! Thanks for the reminder. ^_^

    8. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Sarah - If you don't have it yet, you'd probably like our Frost Dice set!

    9. Missing avatar


      I'm excited about the Fate Points more than the dice, so the quarter pics are really helpful. Blue is my favorite color, too, so the Ghost dice are frosting on the delicious, plasticy cake. I'm somewhat interested in the Accelerated Core dice, but I'll probably only pick up a 4-pack of the blue ones, if they can be sold apart from the rest of the Accelerated. Otherwise, I'll get a set of blue layered, if one gets unlocked.

    10. Sarah Reed

      Yay! I would definitely be interested in more Ghost Dice. ^_^ I love the lighter colors.

      Which I think is why most of the 3 packs of dice don't interest me. I prefer light colored dice in shades of blue and green and don't care for most other colors or darker colors. But that's just me. ^_^

    11. Cameron Williams on

      I think the Fate Accelerated set are a great set. I might even buy them on the shelves eventually, even though I own an Atomic Robo set. But they're not what's getting me excited about this KS.

    12. Ben on

      @Fred A fair point, I chose my words poorly. I want you guys to have that gap filled, and do think these are an improvement, but I suspect a lot of people like me already have the original set in their collection and are more interested in the sets that break new ground.

    13. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Worth noting, on the "existing" front: the Core Dice we released before don't "exist" any more in the sense that we sold them all and aren't making more. So the Accelerated Core set is stepping into that gap.

    14. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      Very thorough, Ben. Thank you!

    15. Ben on

      Well, just for the folks at Evil hat to gauge interest
      Sure buys for me, Those beautiful blue fate points, the layered infernal dice, and the spooky dice.
      Highly likely buys: the glowing fate points.
      Not planning on getting: Accelerated dice, emerald dice, they are just too close to existing dice.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Sarah Reed - If supplies support it we will let folks add more beyond the free ones. :)

    17. Jeremy Downey on

      Don’t worry, people, at least the first set of Fate Points are going to fund.

    18. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      @Sewicked - We've already released Fire Dice. And [looks towards the unrevealed stretches] maybe some other things. :)

    19. Sarah Reed

      Love those ghost dice! Can I buy more of them!? <3

      Like others, I'm here for the Fate Points. I don't think I'd get them in glow-in-the-dark. I like the blue that you're planning to use for them.

      I must admit that I'm worried about funding, since you chose to go with dice as the main goal, and a lot of people already have dice, but the Fate Points are not as easy or inexpensive to get. I'm going to go ahead and pledge for a set of dice with the plan to switch over to Fate Points once they're unlocked.

    20. Sewicked

      I love the glow in the dark dice. When they roll under the table they are so easy to find.

      Have you ever considered doing 'elemental' dice? Both air, water, fire, and earth of European elements, but also wood, metal, fire, earth, and water.

    21. TecnoSmurf on

      Glow in the dark? Come ooooon. Ok, which one of you is willing to send a poor german FATEling some dice and Tokens? :p

    22. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      Thanks, Scott and Lou. What we've got out now is the current info, but we'll update you as soon as we know more about our plans and adjustments.

    23. Lou Anders on

      The Ghost Dice look nice. FWIW, I am super interested in Fate Points, but unlikely to pick up more dice at this time as I already have a ton of Fate Dice. Glow in the Dark doesn't matter to me, but the already-shown Accelerated Core blue Fate Points look awesome. I hope you'll consider lowering that stretch goal as that's what I'm here for.

    24. Missing avatar

      Scott Raun on

      Love the Ghost Dice! Will potentially want a whole lot of Fate Points - waiting to see what unlocks before making a final decision there.

    25. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      @Josh Yeah, we could use a support group for our dice problem ourselves. Thanks for letting us know what you think.

    26. Josh Albritton on

      Really love the spooky set colors, but over all I'm more interested in the Fate points than dice, as I've got nearly all the previously released Fate dice. Though I'm sure I'll end up with another set or two from this campaign, as I am weak in the face of more awesome dice.....

    27. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      We at Evil Hate appreciate your feedback, Jeremy. :)

      Glad the info was helpful, Jacob, and thanks for letting us know what you think.

    28. Jacob Zimmerman on

      I'm neither for nor against. I don't plan to get the spooky dice set if it gets funded. As for glow-in-the-dark Fate Points, meh. The rest of what you said about the tokens sounds good, though.

    29. Jeremy Downey on

      I’m not the greatest person to ask about the Fate Points, as I already have several sets of the metal ones from Campaign Coins and am not really in the market for more. I really like the spooky/glow dice, though. I’ve been a little underwhelmed by the selection of colors offered in this Kickstarter initially, especially the inclusion of the Emerald dice, since there are already quite a few variations on blue and green Fate dice available already. The Spooky set is pretty unique and different from anything Evil Hate has put out before, which is what I think is exciting about a Kickstarter for new dice sets.

    30. Carrie Harris Collaborator on

      We're scribbling down notes here, folks. Thank you for the feedback, and keep it coming!

    31. Missing avatar

      Dustin Evermore on

      Awesome! I have a picture in my head. Now, I do have a wonderful set of metal coins made by someone else, which I love, but I seem to have a Fate point token addiction. The possibility of unlocking Fate point tokens described here is the number one reason I have chipped in!

      (but given I also have a dice addiction, I'll still order some sets of dice! :) )

    32. Danny on

      Yes Please. Glow in the dark might also make them easier to spot when someone inevitably drops them off the know...because we play in the dark :P

    33. Robert Olsen

      I prefer the idea of separate dice. I love the glow in the dark dice. I am not interested in the purple or green sets. The colors just don't do it for me. The implication above is that all of these only come in a set. Could the stretch goal be the dice from the set, but with the option to get them separately? Or does this not work out money wise?

    34. Frank J. Eastman on

      I would certainly be super interested in the glow FATE points. I'm generally laying about looking for things to use as FATE points, so actual branded ones would be great and the glow in the dark material sounds the most interesting to me for both dice and discs.