Fate Core

by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

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    1. C.K. Lee on

      Congrats! Looking forward to another strong year!

    2. Christopher Ruthenbeck on

      In order to be a sure thing for next year we need a Fate-powered Star Wars supplement written by Monte Cook, right? Way to go, Evil Hat!

    3. Missing avatar

      TBoaz on

      Nice work! You guys definitely earned it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Timothy Carl on

      You should definitely have best supplement in the bag. EoE beginner didn't have character creation rules...in a beginner game. Terrible money grab.

    5. Marius Bredsdorff on

      Well, FAE isn't really a supplement, nor is EotE Beginner Game, so I guess that leaves the System Toolkit. ;-)

    6. Joe on

      "Fate is doing better than ever, and there's no sign of it slowing down."

      Heck, I feel like it's *speeding up*. Fate Core was a monster hit, but now that it's had a chance to inspire people, we're getting an avalanche of great Powered-by-Fate products -- Tianxia, Apotheosis Drive X, the Fate Codex and Adventures & Worlds Patreon Campaigns, Grim World, Jadepunk, Achtung! Cthulhu, Freeport. Great stuff has already arrived, more great stuff is coming, and there's no end in sight.