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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
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We're having a great time over here at the Hat. Our Zeppelin Attack kickstarter just hit its funding (woot!), but there's even bigger news for the Fate Core fans out there, over on RPGGeek: Fate Core and its supplements have made a strong showing in the finalist lists for the Golden Geek Awards!

Here are those lists:

Game of the Year

  • Fate Core System 
  • Numenera 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Best Artwork & Presentation 

  • Fate Core System 
  • Numenera 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook

Best Supplement 

  • Fate Accelerated 
  • Fate System Toolkit 
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Folks, this is an INCREDIBLE showing. And no bull, it's an honor to be listed alongside these other finalists. Think about it: Fate Core is getting mentioned in the same breath as a big-hit game by Monte Cook and freakin' Star Wars

We're particularly proud to see that Best Artwork & Presentation nod: Kurt Komoda knocked the art out of the park, and we put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that the art fit the text tightly, creating a greater whole. Perhaps most impressive here is that ours is the only black & white publication of the three — it's not often you see black and white art get treated as a peer of color.

But above it all, none of this would have happened without you guys. It's your funding that made it possible for us to produce the best possible game with the best possible art. It's your support that enabled us to create and publish Fate Accelerated and the Fate System Toolkit (and so much more) all in the same year as the release of Fate Core itself. You've transformed the company. You've changed Fate's position in the market. You've elevated Fate as a game on everybody's radar. 

We hope (and heck, believe) these Golden Geek nods are just the start for Fate in 2014. As we continue to work on our slate of Fate for this year — the Atomic Robo RPG, Young Centurions, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, War of Ashes, Dresden Files Accelerated, the Fate Adventures Patreon campaign, and more — we know we've got the wind at our backs and our army marching ten thousand strong. Fate is doing better than ever, and there's no sign of it slowing down.

So thank you again, guys. We're pretty geeked about what you've done, and we're going to continue to bring you great things for as long as you'll let us. More soon!


    1. Creator Joe on February 21, 2014

      "Fate is doing better than ever, and there's no sign of it slowing down."

      Heck, I feel like it's *speeding up*. Fate Core was a monster hit, but now that it's had a chance to inspire people, we're getting an avalanche of great Powered-by-Fate products -- Tianxia, Apotheosis Drive X, the Fate Codex and Adventures & Worlds Patreon Campaigns, Grim World, Jadepunk, Achtung! Cthulhu, Freeport. Great stuff has already arrived, more great stuff is coming, and there's no end in sight.

    2. Creator Marius Bredsdorff on February 20, 2014

      Well, FAE isn't really a supplement, nor is EotE Beginner Game, so I guess that leaves the System Toolkit. ;-)

    3. Creator Timothy Carl on February 20, 2014

      You should definitely have best supplement in the bag. EoE beginner didn't have character creation a beginner game. Terrible money grab.

    4. Creator TBoaz on February 20, 2014

      Nice work! You guys definitely earned it.

    5. Creator Christopher Ruthenbeck on February 20, 2014

      In order to be a sure thing for next year we need a Fate-powered Star Wars supplement written by Monte Cook, right? Way to go, Evil Hat!

    6. Creator C.K. Lee on February 20, 2014

      Congrats! Looking forward to another strong year!