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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

The End (of Shipping) Is Nigh


The warehouse tells us they're expecting to wrap up the final Fate Core ship-out effort tomorrow (Friday), as they're now working through the final few smaller batches and oddities, primarily the ones that have the most variety in the box or a mix of contents that aren't as common. 

For those of you who are still due a package, but haven't gotten it yet, this should mean you're at most only a couple weeks away from it arriving in the USA, and within a month internationally.

And that means this Kickstarter is nearly done with its physical-shipments phase! Anything left that we owe you is digital, and will be delivered via the Secret Backer Downloads page anyone at $10 and up was emailed a few months back. Remember: that page is password-protected, and you can get both the username and the password in Update #56 on this project.

Preorders from our webstore have started to ship out as well, and will run just a little into next week. There's going to be a lot of folks with a lot of Fate on their hands in short order! This is an excellent time to get to work on our recently-announced Street Team Initiative. Drop on by our site and check it out. There's still a good three weeks left to participate in a variety of ways in this first Street Team event, and something in it for everyone who participates!

Distribution (Alliance, ACD, and IPR, at least) should begin shipping the books out come Friday, if they haven't already, with the products officially releasing come Tuesday following the holiday. It is possible that some stores who are particularly on the ball may have the books in hand over this weekend.

With shipping concluding this week, we now turn our gaze inward here at the Hat as we focus on creating the third wave of Fate Core products for 2014 and beyond. The Fate Core line is going gangbusters from the books already out there, to the ones shipping now, and laterally as well with offerings like our Fate Dice (more coming soon!) and the Deck of Fate (as found on 

Our little system is all growed up, now showing strength alongside industry heavyweights and gaining in popularity and play throughout the world. That's all thanks to the support we've gotten from you, through this Kickstarter, through your play and posts, and through our Street Team program.

You're the best! Thanks!


    1. Creator César Luz David on January 7, 2014

      Oh, sorry. I'll send a PM.

    2. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on January 7, 2014

      Yup! You're not the first, either. Brazil's postal service must be pretty bad. Customer service inquiries should be filed by private message, tho, not handled in comments.

    3. Creator César Luz David on January 7, 2014

      I live in Brazil and still didn't get my books. Should I be worried?

    4. Creator Ghulfield on November 14, 2013

      I should add that the books arrived in perfect condition. Good packaging!

    5. Creator Benjamin Nash on November 14, 2013

      My package came yesterday! Fate Core, FAE, and the Toolkit. Everything was in great shape, and the box smelled like cereal. Really. Those melt-in-water packing peanuts must be made from cereal grains. I'm still tempted to pour some milk over them and chow down.

    6. Creator Ghulfield on November 14, 2013

      just got my books (international Trio) from the customs office. Very nice job!

      For shipments to Germany: at the current exchange rate shipments up to about 95$ are free, so if you specify the value of the shipment on the attached documents the shipment will reach the destination much quicker.

      Thanks again for the books!

    7. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 13, 2013

      We'll sort that out once I have any data (I still have none as far as tracking goes) — we'll want to be able to check the tracking and see that it has headed back to Ft. Wayne (point of origin).

    8. Creator AC on November 13, 2013

      Fred, I'm still attempting to see if I can get ahold of the package here, but signing and putting out the redelivery slip has failed and the postal service's phone helpline is a joke when it comes to getting to the bottom of an unusual problem. If I can't get something sorted out soon and it gets bounced back, would it be possible for me to be notified before it's sent out again to make sure there's not another screwup?

      (as far as I can tell, the driver left the pink notice in my mailbox, but marked the package as being delivered, which means any/all attempts I've made to get info on the website or over the phone thus far have amounted to nothing)

    9. Creator Paulo Cortes on November 13, 2013

      Picked up the hefty package today at customs (Germany). Pristine condition, and so shiny! Thanks :)

    10. Creator Haakon Olav Thunestvedt on November 12, 2013

      Pckes up the toolkit and worlds books on saturday and all was in mint condition. Now my bookshelf finally looks complete. ;)

    11. Creator Andy Bouffard on November 12, 2013

      Thanks Fred. I know I'd ordered most of the publications and so knew the wait would be longer as had I opted to have evetything shipped out at once.

    12. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 12, 2013

      Like the update you're commenting on says, "For those of you who are still due a package, but haven't gotten it yet, this should mean you're at most only a couple weeks away from it arriving in the USA, and within a month internationally."

      That's as specific as I can get for at least a few more days, if not a week. There's only so many hours in the day and we asked the warehouse to use all their available ones to ship, rather than to stop shipping and collate data.

    13. Creator Andy Bouffard on November 11, 2013


      Haven't received any package yet, here in Houston, Texas. Did my order get shipped? If so, when?


      --Andy Bouffard

    14. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 11, 2013

      AC - If it bounces back to us we can try for a redelivery (usually at the expense of paying the shipping cost again).

      Shachihoko - So long as you abide by fair use/whatever fan-works policy the IP rights holder has, there's no trouble from us. I can't speak on the IP rights holder's behalf of course.

    15. Creator James O'Dwyer on November 11, 2013

      Got my books in Melbourne (Australia) on Friday.

      Once again, congrats on an epic Kickstarter, and best of prosperity for all future projects!

    16. Creator AC on November 11, 2013

      Hi, kind of an odd question--I came home on Friday to the little pink slip from the postal carrier saying that they had a package for me, but when I went to check the shipping number on it claimed it was delivered to my house on that day. Obviously, there was no package to be found, so I plan on both marking the slip for redelivery and calling the post office to find out what the heck's going on, but if there was some kind of weird mix up on the part of the postal carrier which results in it not being delivered, is there anything that can be done about that?

    17. Creator Shachihoko on November 10, 2013

      Received my package yesterday. Must find time to read. +_+ Already glanced at a select couple of settings in Fate Worlds, and stuff is looking good.

      This has been an epic Kickstarter, and I'm glad as well as proud to have been part of it ... and technically it's still not over, right? :)

      And one actual question - I've had the idea stuck in my head of doing a Fate/Stay Night-based setting in the Fate Core system. If I actually get that worked together, would I be able to post about it on the Evil Hat forums, or - given that it's based on someone else's IP - would you rather I not associate it with you guys that directly?

    18. Creator Stuart Dollar on November 8, 2013

      Fred, as a guy who backed you for over $100 (6 of the 7 print books) on this one, I'd just like to congratulate you and all the folks at Evil Hat for what I think was the sine qua non of Kickstarters. Regular updates, timely deliveries, soliciting backer feedback, etc. You guys rock. I'll definitely back future projects from you guys when I can.

    19. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 8, 2013

      "If there are only two shipment phases and we paid for three, how does that work?"

      We can refund/provide gift certificates if asked, but we're not defaulting to that. A number of folks overpaid as a payment towards all the digital rewards everyone's getting for (effectively) free, so that factors in a bit. Then there's the likelihood that our shipping tally for this project lands pretty close to $120,000 (practically nobody has paid what it actually cost to ship things to them). We're glad to see that number isn't that much bigger than 25% of the total tally, but it does still cut well into dollars meant to be allocated to various stretch goals. :)

      Anyway, if you want some manner of reimbursement, drop us a private message. If you don't (and really, regardless) — thanks!

    20. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 8, 2013

      A few months ago. It would be in your private messages (the little mail envelope icon, upper right) here on the site.

    21. Creator Viktor Tavla Westermark on November 8, 2013

      When was the Secret Downloads Page emailed? I can't seem to find it.

    22. Creator michael on November 7, 2013

      My books arrived yesterday and they look great! This has been by far the best run Kickstarter I've ever backed!

    23. Creator John Hampton on November 7, 2013

      My Toolkit / Worlds on Fire / Worlds in Shadow set came last Friday in New Jersey. Looks great. Thank you, and I apologize for doubting you guys when the kickstarter first started.

    24. Creator Joe Kushner on November 7, 2013

      If there are only two shipment phases and we paid for three, how does that work?

    25. Creator Pookie Uk on November 7, 2013

      Mine arrived safe and sound this week.
      Thank you.

    26. Creator Bryce Perry on November 7, 2013

      *rocks back and forth in the corner*

      Fate Core is coming... Fate Core is coming... Fate Core is coming...

    27. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 7, 2013

      Send photo of damage and your shipping address to

    28. Creator Kalad Hovatter on November 7, 2013

      I got my books, completing my order, but I found a bit of damage on page 269 of Fate Worlds volume one. Something sticky and slightly fuzzy seems to have streaked down the page. I think, perhaps, a roller in the printing process? It's nothing that makes it unreadable, but it bugs me. And I'm sure the authors of Wild Blue would prefer their fiction go unmarred. If replacements are possible, how do I go about it?

    29. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 7, 2013

      More specific than already given? No.

    30. Creator James Cartwright on November 7, 2013

      Any idea when mine might be appearing here in the UK?

    31. Creator Eden, Town Mumbler of Valoria on November 7, 2013

      Can't wait to see what you've got in store next!

    32. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on November 7, 2013

      We don't do vapor, ever. :)

    33. Creator Grandpa Chet Cox on November 7, 2013

      Y'know, if I'd known this Kickstarter campaign was going to be on time and not turn into vaporware/Dwimmerware, I'd have probably pledged at a higher level. Shall have to remember this next time I buy in to an Evil Hat Kickstarter.

      And could you please give lessons to almost all other Kickstarter projects, as to how to fulfill expectations and surpass them?

    34. Creator Timothy Graham on November 7, 2013

      I got my copies of the System Toolkit, Worlds 1 & 2 and Strange Tales 2 days ago.
      Combined with the copies of Fate Core & FAE that I already got several months back, I've offically got the whole set, thanks a bunch guys!
      You are offically my gold standard for a well run kickstarter, right next to the guys at Cryptozoic with their HEX kickstarter.
      Can't wait for some of the other digital goodies to be made, but as it stands, it's been a overall wonderful experience, best of luck in future endeavors!