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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
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Shipping Continues


The shippers have been working hard since we last updated you. We've got about a week or so of actual shipping under our belt at this point, and are expected to hit the halfway point this Wednesday. Current estimation is that the ship-out effort will be wrapped up by or before the 8th of November — a bit slower than we'd hoped, but still well within tolerances. :)

Part of the reason is that the slowest part has been front-loaded here: a bunch of heavier-than-four-pounds international packages were covered in the past week. Along with a much higher shipping cost, these heavier packages also require more paperwork. Get under four pounds, and all the customs stuff can be covered on a single adhesive shipping label. Above four pounds, and you have to print out two sheets of customs paperwork, cut those sheets in half because that's actually four separate forms, and put the stack of them in a special clear plastic adhesive shipping pouch that you have to get from the post office. While that might not sound like too much extra, it's all about what that difference looks like when multiplied by several hundred shipments — i.e., hours of extra work. So that's what's been afoot, there.

That said, there are folks who are already reporting getting their stuff, as we expected when the shipping commenced. There's no particular geographic rhyme or reason working here, actually: it's more about what "group" your shipment falls into. Groups in this case are split up by package contents. So one day the shippers might work on the "Fate Core + Fate System Toolkit" packages as one group. When that's done, they might move onto the "Fate Core + Fate Accelerated + Fate System Toolkit" packages, etc. The idea is to make it easy for them to say "okay, we've got 120 packages that all have this combination of stuff; let's start boxing 120 of those up, weigh the first one, and get shipping labels printed for that standard weight in parallel" ... finding efficiencies in the process wherever possible. 

We got a taste of this ourselves when we were doing the ship-outs of the signed Fate Core books a few months back — the speed-wins of this kind of approach can't be understated. It does mean that folks with the odd one-off, nobody-else-got-this-combo packages will tend to take longer to get theirs, but hopefully by focusing on building efficiencies throughout the process, the whole timeline will be compressed enough that everyone is getting theirs within a few weeks of everyone else. Given the wide variety of potential combinations on this project, we think this is going well!

What we don't know is what order the groups are in, so we can't easily provide estimations on a specific backer-by-backer basis. Tracking information is also going to be delayed, for efficiency reasons as well: we'd rather have the shippers put all their time for us into getting packages out the door rather than not getting packages out the door and instead copying and pasting hundreds of tracking numbers into a spreadsheet. That information will come eventually but it does mean that folks towards the early part of the shipping timeline are going to have their stuff well before we send them an email telling them the packages are on their way. Nature of the beast!

That said, maybe you can do a little crowdsourced action here to at least scratch the anticipatory itches of your fellow backers: if you have already received your package, leave a comment here letting us know where in the world you are, and (importantly!) what the combination of stuff was in the package you got. That should help us all figure out what groupings have gone out and which ones haven't. :)

At any rate, if you have already gotten your stuff, awesome—and enjoy! If you haven't yet, it's not too much longer now, and your patience is surely appreciated. And regardless, thank you so much for making this possible. This has been Fate's best year on record, and the start of a new phase of business for Evil Hat. The future health of the company is looking good, and that's all due to you.


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    1. Javier Gaspoz on

      Finally!!! Got Core, Toolkit and Accelerated at home in Santa Fe, Argentina. I was really afraid it wouldn't make it through Customs, they've become insanely restrictive this past year.

    2. Joshua Ward on

      Got Core, Toolkit and Accelerated here in Spokane, WA today! Hats off to the Evil Hat Team, you've made a brand new lifetime fan and Fate evangelist here...

    3. Erica Schmitt

      Got my package (Core, Toolkit, and FA) on Wednesday - Hayward, CA, USA. No problems whatsoever.

    4. Unni Solås on

      My books arrived at the post office a week ago, but due to business trips and stuff, I only picked them up today. All in perfect condition, so very sweet! :D

      Until I opened the packet, I was a mite paranoid, though. I couldn't recall having ordered anything off the 'net except a DVD from Amazon. Which was in the OTHER packet. And the note on the packet was no help, as it only stated the sender's name and address, nothing re. the contents. Hooray for surprises! :D

    5. Michael Pedersen on

      I received all of the books yesterday. I have all the physical items now, Fate Core, FAE, Toolkit, Worlds (1 & 2), Strange Tales, and Sally Slick.

      Thanks Fred. This has easily been the best managed Kickstarter I've ever seen. Whenever somebody asks how it should be run, I'll definitely point them here.

    6. Gaston Keller on

      Got Fate Worlds and Toolkit books yesterday in London, ON. Canada. YAY!!! =D

    7. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Drop us an email at with pics and a shipping address if you want it replaced.

    8. Missing avatar

      östen on

      i got fate core, the worldbooks and toolkit today (stockholm, sweden) the book looks great apart from some kind of wide tape around one of the worldbooks. Not sure if I care about it though - if I had bought it in a store I would probably gone and gotten another one but it feels like it would be a lot of work to get another copy. My sled is still in the shed - it is raining here :/

    9. Christoph Sapinsky on

      My TRIO (International) and a small collection of packing peanuts and FateCore bookmarks has arrived in fine form in the great white north (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - sent from my dog sled

    10. Wolf Bergenheim on

      Yay! I received my set of the toolkit, fate worlds 1+2 and strange tales from the century in Zürich, Switzerland today.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      Good morning all. The rest of my Strange Quintet arrived yesterday. I got FATE Core and FAE a few months ago. Last night the Toolkit, 2 World Books and Strange Tales arrived. All books were in great shape. I live in Northern Arizona.

    12. Matt on

      All Fatetastic here as Core, FAE, World Books 1and 2 and Toolkit arrived in Hove, England.
      Books in excellent condition with no dings, scratches, bumps, bruises or scuffs.

    13. Stuart Dollar on

      FATE World, FATE System Toolkit and Strange Tales of the Century made it here perfectly to Phoenix, AZ

    14. Daniel Campbell on

      The Toolkit and Worlds books showed up today in Norwich, UK. They were well packaged and are in perfect condition. Nice job!

    15. Missing avatar

      evildictator_13 on

      My "Strange Quintet" arrive today in central Virginia.

    16. Andy

      Northern Arizona reporting in. Got my Worlds Books and Toolkit yesterday. They look great, and just in time for the local anime/geek con.

    17. Missing avatar

      AndreasDavour on

      Tookit and the two world books arrived yesterday in Sweden, and they looked amazing! I started thumbing through them and at once wanted to play. Well done Evil Hat crew!

    18. Michael Bolam on

      Just confirming that my box with Strange Tales of the Century, Fate Worlds Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 and the Fate System Toolkit have arrived safely in Pittsburgh, PA/

    19. James N Blevins on

      Thanks Fred for the quick reply. Either my "Blinded By The Glory of FATE CORE" aspect kicked in or I failed my "Notice" skill roll. Thanks for the help and timely reply.

    20. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      James — See update 56. There's a username specified as well as the password. It's not your name.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Scott on

      London, UK calling - just opened my box with 4 fantastic looking books. Well done Fred and team. (I really like the bookmarks too).

    22. James N Blevins on

      Wow, The books are great, my group is ready to play and so many worlds to to choose from.
      I must be a dope but I tried to acess the download page. I gave it my name and the password
      but I could not acess it. Any help would be appreciated.

    23. Mārtiņš Līvens on

      Received set of five books here in Riga, Latvia.
      Excellent condition. Thanks a lot!

    24. Philippe Marichal on

      Just received my System Toolkit and 2 Fate Worlds books today in rainy Belgium. I'm thrilled !

    25. Jonathan Sullivan on

      Received my copies of the Worlds books, Toolkit, and Strange Tales in central Illinois today. They look fantastic!

    26. Missing avatar

      Don Bisdorf on

      Just received my shipment here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Fate Core, Fate Toolkit, and Fate Worlds 1 and 2. Thanks to the Evil Hat team for the books, for the PDF's, for the new revision of Fate, and for the best Kickstarter I've backed so far.

    27. LordOmnit on

      Got my Quartet pack today here in Florida!
      Thanks Evil Hat, you guys rock!

    28. Missing avatar

      Trevor Crosse on

      I just received a notice that my Worlds + Toolkit is waiting for me in Point Roberts Washington.

      Unfortunately I won't be able to pick it up for a couple days but other Pacific Northwest backers should be seeing theirs very shortly.

    29. Dieter Guy on

      Just sent a request about that, thanks for the quick response.

    30. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      If you haven't yet dropped me a line about getting that replaced, please do. :)

    31. Dieter Guy on

      Received my set, (UK Quartet: Core, Worlds 1 & 2, Accelerated and System Toolkit) The books look great and I can already tell I'll be using the bookmarks to help new players. I seem to have a bit of a printing error with the toolkit though, I'm missing pages 65 through 80 and have a re-print of 145-160 in their place. Hopefully we'll be able to get that sorted, I'll just work with the PDFs in the mean time.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dan Moody on

      Mine arrived Saturday - waiting patiently on my doorstep (St Louis, MO) when I got home.
      It was a box full of win and awesome. Thanks, guys. You're the best.

    33. GhostWolf69 on

      Still waiting for my Quartet here in Sweden....

    34. Missing avatar

      Richard Comfort

      Received Strange Quintet (worlds, strange, and toolkit) yesterday in Pittsburgh Pa. Thank you Fred, you have worlds more patience than I.

    35. Mike Santangelo on

      I should clarify, I got the quartet. It was just 5 books because the fate worlds was split in 2.

    36. Mike Santangelo on

      Received all 5 of my books yesterday (Friday the 1st of November)! I live in VA. No damage here either, though the box was all sorts of messed up :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Curran on

      Fate Worlds and Toolkit received in PA today! No damage (despite a huge dent in the shipping box) and they look beautiful.

    38. Missing avatar

      Adam Norwick on

      Fate core, accelerated, toolkit and worlds book. Just received them last night. It was Christmas come early! Location: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

    39. J. Brandon Massengill

      Received today (Friday)

      Quartet in one shipment (Core, FAE, Toolkit, & Worlds) - Ohio, US

    40. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      Received today: Fate Toolkit and Fate Worlds books.
      Location: Northern Mississippi

    41. Missing avatar

      Róbert Novotný on

      I've just returned from the post office with Fate System Toolkit. Fate Core books arrived long time ago. I live in Kosice, Slovakia.

    42. James Louis Friery on

      I have not received mine yet. I picked up the $80 trio level. I am in houston texas

    43. Craig Judd on

      Core + System Toolkit just arrived in Tasmania, Australia.

    44. Maxim Maganet on

      I got my book in the late August/early september I think. My shipment only included the hardcover FATE Core book (Just as I pledged). I live in Russia, Moscow-City and I looove this book! I alreade made up a concept for a fun (I hope) over-the-top Starfox inspired sci-fi setting and looking forward to gathering a group for and adventure the size of the galaxy! Thank you Again Evl Hat guys!

    45. Kenneth W. Scott on

      Yeah... Just read through updates.
      Cool Beans. I'll wait patiently.

    46. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 12-time creator

      Everything, as covered in our prior updates.

    47. Kenneth W. Scott on

      What's Currently Shipping?
      I got Core and Accelerated a while ago.
      I'm due Toolkit and Worlds.

    48. Dave Sokolowski

      CORE and Toolkit arrive last week in Sunnyvale, CA

    49. Shimrath Nimrod on

      FATE System Toolkit only
      San Diego, CA
      Last week

    50. Jackalgirl on

      Got mine about a month and a half, two months ago; just the basic core book, came to California and arrived in excellent condition. : )