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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

Step Into the De-confusionator!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Folks, we're doing great! We've entered the "hour by hour count down" time period -- the final 72 hours of the campaign (61 now). We've only got about $44,000 to make it to Dresden Files Accelerated, and we're sure to see a number of new backers and current backers coming by trying to figure out their pledges... That means it's time to address some questions one last time! Let's get to it.

This Kickstarter is Huge! How do I Figure It All Out?

Welcome! This update is for you. Here's what we'll cover:

  • I want to figure out how much I need to pledge! How can I do this quickly?

  • I've already pledged! How do I change it?

  • How will Evil Hat know what I'm pledging for if I add upgrades?

  • What are the digital rewards of this project? How can I get them? What about Fate Core and Fate Accelerated?

  • What are the print products I can pledge for in this project? How can I get them? When will they ship? Can I get them after the kickstarter is over?

  • What can I download and preview right now?

  • What eventually-in-print products have been funded for this project, and why can't I order them through this Kickstarter?

  • What happens after the kickstarter ends? Will I get to see previews of [thing that isn't written yet]? What if I need to change my address after I've already given it to you?

  • Can I pledge more than I have to, just because I think this is awesome?

This is long, but we promise you we've wasted no words here. If you're only interested in one of those questions above, scroll down and look for the appropriate header!

First Things First: Calculating Your Pledge

(If there's a TL;DR section, it's this one. Everything else past this digs into the details of the other questions above. But you may want to look at the Digital Rewards and Physical Rewards sections too.)

The Backer Pledge Calculation Spreadsheet is your friend. Just download a copy, open it up, and follow the instructions to figure out the total dollar amount to pledge and reward tier to select. Here's the download link.

We also have some helpful graphics on the front page that can help. The Big Blue Box breaks down the process of figuring out all this too, but the spreadsheet does the math for you.

I've Already Pledged! How Do I Change It?

Look in the upper right corner on any page of the project for the big green "Manage Your Pledge" button. Click that, state your new dollar amount up top, and select the qualifying reward tier that that dollar amount covers.

If you're just adding more money for more books on top of your existing reward selection you should be able to leave your selected reward as-is.

Multiple Shipments

It's important to keep multiple shipments in mind if you're getting more than a single book. A single shipment (the default for any multi-book pledge) means that you won't get any of your books shipped to you until they're all available (and for some titles that won’t be until nearly the end of 2013).

Check the indications on the spreadsheet for which books are shipping when (you can also figure that out by looking at estimated delivery dates on the reward tiers, but the spreadsheet is easier; we'll also cover dates later in this post).

For example, if you're going for all the print products with a SEXTET pledge, you might be happiest by adding two additional shipments, to split your books up into "early", "middle", and "late" parts of the year.

We're still working out exactly how we want to ask people in the post-campaign-conclusion survey about how they want their shipments split up; we're likely to ask for which "rule" you want us to follow: "first titles shipped right away", or "all but the last few in the first shipment", or "cluster titles that are printing within a month of each other into one shipment", etc.

Upgrades and Add-Ons

We can't create a reward tier for every possible combination of options, and that means that you'll need to select an existing reward tier (such as THE BOOK, or one of the combination tiers like TRIO) and then add money for any remaining books on top. This includes situations where you want more than one copy of a particular book.

Specialty tiers such as FRED'S INK should use this strategy in particular -- signed books and other limited rewards aren't available as add-ons outside of those tiers, so if you want additional books you'll want to keep the reward you're on, but add more to your pledge to cover the rest.

Basically: all shipped tiers can have additional copies of any title added. Once you hit CARRIE'S FRIENDS on up, everything but the specialty tiers (INK, STASH, CONSULTATION, 4 CORE) can be built from one of the others and will be identical in pricing. Folks just needed the extra tiers to shortcut the math of the most common scenarios!

The Kickstarter Payment and Survey Process

We've already covered how to figure out your pledge amount near the top of this post (use the spreadsheet!). If you're new to Kickstarter, you may be wondering how will Evil Hat know what I want?

Kickstarter actually charges your credit card after a campaign ends. That has to happen first; otherwise, a pledge is simply a promise of payment. Once payment is confirmed for all backers, which usually takes one to two weeks, then we're in the clear to send out surveys to backers. Since there are many reward tiers, this may take us a while to put all together, but you should expect to see your survey before the end of February.

(Kickstarter only allows us to send out one survey through their system once ever, so we need time to make sure we got it right. No do-overs for us!)

The survey process will include questions for how many copies of each title you want. You'll want to make a note somewhere (saving your own copy of the spreadsheet, for example) as to how you've configured your order, so you can tell us when the survey goes out in February.

The Digital Rewards

There are a ton of digital rewards for this project.

Up front: both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated in PDF and ebook forms will be made available to the general public on a "pay what you like" strategy, so they're not listed as one of the digital rewards because anybody will be able to grab them for free if they're so inclined, once the books are published.

For any backer pledging at the $10 EXPANSIONS level on up (every level higher than EXPANSIONS also contains EXPANSIONS) will get in PDF and when available ebook formats:

  • The Fate System Toolkit, including: The Magic System Toolkit and other extras toolboxes.

  • The Fate Worlds expansion collections, including: Tower of the Serpent, Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie, Wild Blue, Court/Ship, Burn Shift, Fight Fire, No Exit, The Ellis Affair, CrimeWorld, White Picket Witches, Timeworks, and Camelot Trigger.

  • The following full products once created and published: Shadow of the Century, Deck of Fate print & play, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, the Fate Freeport Companion, the Young Centurions RPG, The Day After Ragnarok Fate edition, the Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate novel, and Strange Tales of the Century.

  • And if we reach $400,000: Dresden Files Accelerated.

All in all this is about $100 worth of stuff, conservatively estimated. 

But you get it for $10, or for free as part of a larger pledge that includes paper products. (Of course, if you'd like to pledge more, we're happy to receive greater than zero to ten percent!)

You can learn more about all of this stuff by perusing our Goals section on the front page of the project and clicking on the [Learn More] links.

In general, you'll receive the PDFs (at least) of the various rewards within the month that their print equivalent is published, often before the print goes out. Previews (see below) may come by significantly earlier than that.

The Print Rewards

There are six print products available. Pricing given does not include the shipping component:

  • Fate Core: The book that started the project. Hardcover, 320-ish pages, 6x9 format, black and white interior. MSRP $25. Due in a few months (Spring), after we get revisions done and the art and layout finalized.

  • Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE): FAE is Fate Core minus the greater detail, extensive advice and examples, etc, stripped down and simplified for approachability and quick digestion for players young and old. Softcover, 40-ish pages, 6x9 format, black and white interior. MSRP $5. Due in Spring.

  • Fate Worlds: Collecting the various "micro" settings and adventures funded here, 12 in all. We still refer to this as a book, but it's actually going to be two books because of the volume of material we're looking at. Softcover, 240-400 pages each (haven't figured that out exactly), 6x9 format, black and white interior. Sold as a set here for MSRP $30, and on publication, they'll be $15 each, yielding the same total. Due in Late Spring/Early Summer.

  • Fate System Toolkit: Starts with the Magic System Toolkit and then expanding to cover a grab-bag exploration of where all the "dials" are in the system and how to tweak them to produce the effects you want in play, as well as a bunch of "pre-built" solutions. Hardcover, 200-240 pages, 6x9 format, black and white interior. MSRP $20. Due in Summer.

  • Strange Tales of the Century: Jess Nevins's tour of worldwide pulp based on real-world research, melded together with the Spirit of the Century universe. Huge! Could be 600 or more pages. Softcover, 6x9 format, black and white interior. MSRP $40. Due late Summer/early Fall.

  • Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate: Carrie Harris writes a young adult novel set in the Spirit of the Century universe, starring a teenage Sally Slick. Softcover, 200-ish pages, 6x9. MSRP $15. Due late Fall/Winter.

These "due" dates could swap around depending on how reality decides to behave. The Toolkit could come before the Worlds, for example; FAE and Core might hit at the exact same time, or a month apart, in either possible order.

All of the above will be available for sale outside the Kickstarter, so if you can't afford to pledge for something now, you don't need to.

Print Products You Can't Buy Through This Kickstarter

A number of the later-funded goals will be in print, but we're not selling their print incarnations through this Kickstarter. That's because we have no idea (or only a partial idea) what their size, format, and pricing will be yet.

So if you're wanting in-print versions of Shadow of the Century, the Deck of Fate, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, Young Centurions, or Dresden Files Accelerated (if we get to $400,00), you'll need to wait until they're published and available for sale through the Evil Hat webstore and in game stores both brick & mortar and online.

Both The Day After Ragnarok and the Freeport Companion will be published by their respective publishers (Atomic Overmind and Green Ronin), so you'll need to get them from their respective publishers!

Previews Currently Available

Go to the first update of the project to grab the Fate Core preview we made available at the start of the project in early December...

...and we've conveniently rounded up all the other preview stuff to date in the update just prior to this one:

Post-Campaign Plans for this Kickstarter

Just because the funding drive of this campaign ends Tuesday night, does not mean that this campaign goes dormant. Far from it!

First off, we'll continue to make backers-only posts containing preview material for you to comment on. We've gathered over 8,000 of you here precisely so we can make sure we're producing a continuing line of Fate Core derived products that take your feedback into account! We still have a couple Fate Worlds expansions to share with you, the Fate Accelerated draft, the underway revisions of Fate Core, and so on.

Everyone at $10 and up will also be put on an email distribution list for delivering all the digital rewards from the project as they become available. We would continue to do this through backers-only posts, but since folks pledging below the $10 mark aren't due these rewards, and Kickstarter doesn't let us make a more selective post easily, it's the best way.

When possible, we'll let you know that a physical product is about to ship, but if you know you have a change of address coming, please let us know the moment you learn your new address. Sometimes we ship ahead of schedule, so we're depending on you to keep us up to date. Contact us through the Kickstarter messaging system to let us know (when you do that, we'll get shown what project you're talking about and what your pledge level was -- very important pieces of info).

This Project Is Awesome And Full Of Nearly-Free Stuff! Can I Give More Than I Need To?

Yup -- you can always increase your pledge amount above the baseline necessary to get the rewards you want. That said, you don't have to -- we're not going to go broke from what we're offering you here, and we'd be completely happy for you to save up some of your scratch to buy the in-print games and other non-kickstarter products we'll have to offer throughout the rest of the year. Thanks!

How did all of this happen?

Well… Rob Donoghue has a good account of it over on Google Plus:

It's all totally true! At least, it all should be!

Any Questions?

We love answering questions. Ask them in the comments below. You may also want to peruse our FAQ section, which we've somehow managed to keep mostly up to date.

And most of all, thank you for becoming a part of Fate Core!

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    1. Jonathan Venezian

      Thanks Fred & gamergeek - OpenOffice popped it with A/B so small I didn't realize there were instructions on line 1 :-P

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Jonathan: That suggests you're not following the instructions. You'd put *only* a 1 next to "THE BOOK", then over on the other side (where the arrow is leading you), you'd enter in a 1 in the yellow box next to an Accelerated add-on/upgrade.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Just did a little to spread the word about this Kickstarter on a MUSH I play on, in case anyone there is interested, hasn't already backed the project, and has money with which to do so. I see you're within $2K of hitting the Accelerated Dresden stretch goal ...

      GOOD LUCK!! I hope you guys pull it off, and not just because I love the Dresden Files!

      (P.S. - Sorry about apparently setting off a small tinderbox - I do understand that you can't test a spreadsheet on everything ... ^^;; I just did a ballpark figure since my desires are fairly simple - Sextet with each book shipped separately, and hopefully a little extra for The Cause.)

    4. gamergeek on

      Jonathan, are you trying to select the box on the left side of the spreadsheet or the right side (under add-ons)? You should be able to select THE BOOK or ACCELERATE and then add on the other one that you want. Everything listed as available in print in this update can be added to any pledge (or EXPANSIONS and up at least) for the listed price. The backer survey after the kickstarter finishes will provide you with fields for describing what add-ons you want. So you could pledge $35, select The Book(USA) for $30 and (later) list a copy of FAE in the backer survey and get both options.

    5. Jonathan Venezian

      Tried the spreadsheet. If I select both ACCELERATE and BOOK, it tells me $15 total, which is clearly wrong.... AFAICT if I get BOOK, I have to go all the way to QUARTET to get the Accelerated Book, or I can get ACCELERATE ... and find a friend getting BOOK and have him get me an extra. Not easy if those are the only two I want physical copies of!

    6. Daniel Kold on

      We are so Close now :) You have really done a great job here. This is my first time using Kickstarter and i have been so adicted the last few days. I keep coming back to see If we get the Dresden Files book too. I even upgraded just to help out.

      Thank you for a great project and what seems to become some really fantastic books.

    7. Missing avatar

      leperkhaun on

      I agree, this kickstarter has been going very well. I am not suprised since iv bought some products from Evil Hat and its always been fantastic.

    8. Noe Ridgway on

      I agree with Donald. This has been one of the best-run Kickstarters I've pledged to. Updates were frequent without being overwhelming, each one was clearly laid out, and you've been great about getting back to everyone who has questions. The sheer amount of stuff you've let us see before the KS is even over has been staggering, and the quality of the work within has been excellent. I'm already wondering how I can convince my current group of gamers to let me run Camelot Trigger on them. and I'm really looking forward to the Dresden Files stuff (I'm currently running a group). I already own the DFRPG books, but I'm always looking for more DF stuff.

    9. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Thanks Donald. I still have some rough edges that need sanding down, but I try to keep it smooth. :)

    10. Don Roberts

      Fred, I want to thank you for staying calm and reasonable in spite of it being 'crunch time'. This KickStarter has been very well run, IMO. I am definitely excited about the products involved.

    11. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      "If I just got FAE and the World book. Would that be enough for a player if I want to un a FATE game?" -- Maybe; it'd work well with some of the worlds, others might need the full understanding/text of Core.

    12. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      How did spreadsheet suggest that when Do isn't even listed in it?

    13. Missing avatar

      Robin Ashe on

      I'm even more confused now. The spreadsheet suggested I could get Do and FAE to Canada in hardcopy for $30, but this update suggests that won't happen?

    14. Missing avatar

      jason on

      Getting into the Spreadsheet debate. I did have trouble with it opening but I did a "save as" the first time on the link. The second attempt I clicked the link which took me to dropbox. I downloaded the sheet and thanks muchly. Coz I went for Sextet International. Top Stuff Now to wait for the published date for Atomic Robo. May your FATE never turn to Fudge.

    15. John M Campbell

      If I just got FAE and the World book. Would that be enough for a player if I want to un a FATE game?

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Thanks Justin!

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Just upped my pledge from "The Book" to "Quartet". Too many awesome preview pdfs not to. :)

      Hope you guys hit the Dresden Accelerated goal.

    18. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Daniel, I will not discuss this topic further. You're looking to take offense; I'm not giving it. I am done.

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gagnon on

      Then you should say "I don't have the time to test under with other software and I'd like if people in the community could test it for me." The way you phrased it is kinda insulting.

      P.S.: It works just fine under LibreOffice I used it with it from the start.

    20. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Let's leave the LibreOffice advocacy for some space that isn't this kickstarter, OK? I don't "just refuse", I "just happen to be running a kickstarter at the time and every second is precious", dig?

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gagnon on

      Fred, you can test your spreadsheet on non MS software, you just *refuse* to do so. You can download LibreOffice for free no matter what OS you are running on and you can even save as an Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods) under MS Office 2007 SP2 and up.

    22. David Leaman on

      I've used the spreadsheet in LibreOffice 3.4.4 on Ubuntu without noticing problems.

    23. Tom Miskey

      I have Libre Office Version and I just tested it, it works fine for me.

    24. David S. Leland on

      Ok, took me 20 seconds to use the spreadsheet and confirm it's just a $5 addition. Seems ridiculously low but then I recall you saying the goal is to really push FATE out to the masses. I hope this does the trick!

    25. Norman Sager on

      @Shachihoko - I can't speak to how LibreOffice works, but the latest Open Office handles the spreadsheet just fine.

    26. David S. Leland on

      Oh, my bad. Do we only add $5 to an order to include a copy of it (assuming shipment all at once)? I should go look at the spreadsheet, shouldn't I. Sorry, I'll go do that... :)

    27. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      The MSRP is $5. That is 100% correct.

    28. David S. Leland on

      I think there's a typo in the FAQ for this update. It says MSRP for Fate Accelerated is $5. I think that should be $15.

    29. Missing avatar

      Manfred Gabriel on

      You guys rock, and this kickstarter rocks. I started with a $25 pledge or so - but I have already gotten so much value, like the various world books, the extras re-write, the toolkit ... Worth more than so many books I've plunked down more money for. I've upped my pledge to the TRIO, then QUARTET... Now I've decided I want everything in print (except Sally Slick - I'll read that on the iPad), and I want three extra copies fo Accelerated (for new tables, convention play), and a spare copy of the book to lend to players. And of course I am impatient (three extra shipments). So I am increasing my pledge to $185---thanks for the handy spreadsheet---and I feel like I am getting the best value ever. This may seriously be all the roleplaying rules I'll ever need. Not that that will stop me, mind you.

      THANK YOU Fred, Lenny, everyone at Evil Hat, and everyone who has written the excellent expansions that we've previewed. Terrific.

    30. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      I'm only able to test it in MS Office. If LibreOffice is defective, that's beyond my ken. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Just as an FYI, the spreadsheet doesn't seem to be working right, at least not in LibreOffice (what I use instead of MS Office). I don't know if the error hits Excel proper or if it's just me.

      As it is, I'm debating whether to go to a Sextet backing or not. Not only do you guys want my money, but you're giving me all kinds of reasons to provide it ... :D

    32. ET3D on

      Great FAQ by the way.

    33. ET3D on

      Rob Donoghue's account is great!

    34. John Heerens on

      There Evil Hat goes, spoiling us to death ;) Its bumped every Evil Hat release up in my money priorities just because I love to support this kind of thinking.

    35. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Steve, I'll do you one better: that's how we've published books *in the past*. Did it with Spirit of the Century (2006); did it with Dresden Files RPG (2010). :)

    36. Missing avatar

      steve kyer on

      You realize that my expectations for other publications are now destroyed. I consider it now perfectly reasonable that if I have pre-ordered a book, I should be able to get the PDF now while I wait on the publication to wind its way through the presses.

      Will this affect how you publish books in the future at Evil Hat?