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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

Help Sally Slick Fight the Steel Syndicate!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

With your help, we've seen the Young Centurions RPG funded in record time. Thank you! But an RPG isn't all that the Young Centurions story is, for us. Truth is, the Young Centurions idea didn't start out as a game; it started as an idea for a series of young adult novels.

Because -- let's face it -- what better way to hook young geeklings into a world of pulp adventure and gaming potential than to sit them down with a good book? 

As we've done before with the Dinocalypse Trilogy for Spirit of the Century, we want to go deeper with Young Centurions and explore our in-house world more fully than we ever could in a single setting book. And with such a book in hand, making the transition for kids from reading to telling their own stories becomes all the easier.

With your help, at $300,000, our first move into the world of young adult fiction will begin with Sally Slick at our side. We're teaming up with Bad Hair Day author and fellow geek Carrie Harris to tell the tale of Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate! You'll read how a 14-year-old Sally built her first racing tractor, saved her brother from robotic mafiosos, and invented the "jet" engine -- named after her best pal! -- to help a friend get the best of the schoolyard bully.

If funded, everyone at the EXPANSIONS level on up will get Sally Slick and the Metal Mafia in e-book form for zero extra dollars.

Once this goal funds, those of you who still love their fiction in paper form will have the option to add a printed book for $15 -- it may not ship until the end of the year, though, so a separate shipping charge will be needed if you're getting other books ($5 domestic, $15 international). We'll update the Backer Pledge Calculation Spreadsheet at that time to include this option for anyone interested, and will also add a FRIENDS OF CARRIE pledge level for those of you who only want the printed novel.

We're seriously geeked about the chance to take a big stride into young adult fiction with Carrie and Sally at our side. Join us on this journey, and help us build a new gateway to gaming for kids young and old!

art by Dani Kaulakis


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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator


    2. Missing avatar

      F.A. on

      I love the idea of getting new youngbloods into the hobby - that's why I think a little adventure in the back of the novel would draw the attention of a random reader to rpg. I think about a girl buying the book in a story, enjoying the novel, wishing to continue that story, finding the adventure in de back and finding out about rpgs.

      Are the pledges rising slower now?

    3. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Proof the Kickstarter's moving a *bit* fast on us -- we forgot to include a detail about Carrie Harris, the author of the $300k stretch goal _Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate_. That bein': Carrie is also going to be working on the Young Centurions RPG as well, giving us a unity of vision for the Young Centurion years across both fiction and game. And, we're looking at having some short adventures for the YC RPG showing up in the back of both books as well as free download that she'll be taking a hand in. We have ourselves a full-featured author here! :)

    4. Jeffrey Jones on

      Here is how i see it..... Evil Hat is making a stab at growing the market by reaching out to teens (especially teen girls) that likely would never have previously considered playing RPGs.. This is an attempt to bring new people into the hobby which could always use a few more people (especially girls/women). Generally there is a good amount of risk in attempting to reach the teen market (PS238 for example) and this Kickstarter has removed the risk from the publisher. There are a lot of things Fred could be doing with this money besides trying to grow the hobby (like paying down his mortgage) but I, for one, am glad for the attempt. I am not optimistic that there will be much crossover, but I applaud the attempt. So rather than being so narrowly focused on having 20 pdfs that are things we specifically want maybe be happy with just 10 and be glad that somebody has a bit of vision to try different things that will ensure not only the longevity of Fate but of the hobby as a while.

    5. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      I'm well aware, including of the days that were below 100, and so on:

      I'm also very done with the topic of whether or not this stretch goal is appropriate. It is, at best, 5% of the funding target we're after. 5%.

      Carry on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Vicente Cartas

      @Fred Hicks: this KS has been getting 100 new backers every day pretty consistently for at least two weeks.
      @Gary Forbis: I don't think this stretch is going to draw a whole new audience. At least it doesn't look like that so far from the Kicktraq graphics but it's a little early to tell probably. But compare it for example to the day when The Day after Ragnarok was announced.

    7. Dave Rosser Jr on

      @David Leaman, I can't take credit.

    8. David Leaman on

      @Dave Rosser Jr: It never occurred to me to use my Zombie Dice as Fudge dice! That's brilliant!

    9. ET3D on

      If the adventure ends up complicating the book, maybe just make it freely available (or even sell it). I think that the direct book-adventure link is more powerful than a book-setting one.

      Regarding the "complaints", my problem is that I have a limited monthly Kickstarter budget I try to stick to (and rarely succeed), and it would be easier for me to pledge something extra for this book if it was a separate project which ended in another month.

    10. Dave Rosser Jr on

      There are other alternative fate dice. The four yellow dice in Zombie Dice are fate dice, two brains, two shotgun blasts and two foot steps. Also the Dinosaur version of that game has, I think, four yellow dice that have the same kind of thing, just using dinosaur icons.

      Also the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill contains dice with two blank, two single pip, and two double pip sides. Not to mention it's a great board game with a laundry list of great rpg ideas in it. Though it might spoil the board game a bit to read through them all. Playing them to get to them is so much more fun.

    11. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      There's the possibility of a short adventure in the back; we'll need to see how the timing works vs. the creation of the YC RPG and whether the adventure would introduce complications for the novel's sale in the fiction market.

    12. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      We'll be offering it in all formats. :)

    13. FatPob

      if you are intending to do world books (which is great idea), there has to be a steampunk setting, I run a dresden fate in a steampunk setting, and it works brilliant

    14. Gary Forbis on

      added should have been funded if that wasn't clear.

    15. Gary Forbis on

      A YA fiction book isn't exactly thrilling me either. I voiced the same position when the Deck of Fate was announced. But I've had some time to think about this since then and I have realized a few things:

      - I am already getting OUTSTANDING value for my money.
      - Unless the stretch goal causes existing backers to open their wallets again, it doesn't actually bring in as much money as something that would draw in a whole new audience.
      - I suspect that just because something doesn't get added as a stretch goal, that doesn't mean the product will never see the light of day.

    16. Missing avatar

      Antoni Ten on

      First, I do not mind AT ALL getting this novel as part of the kickstarter. I'm single and childless, so I don't have a new generation to give this to, but well, I'm an avid reader, and more reading material is always welcome.

      Mind you, I expected something RPG related for 10000% funding, but I'm sure Fred has other RPG related goals. I don't particularly care much about pulp, i guess it's more of a geographical thing, as I'm a Spaniard, and the whole pulp genre is quite USA centric.

      Mind you, what formats are you going to offer this in? I say so because whole PDF is the de-facto standard for RPG books, it's not suitable at all for novels. I hope that you at least offer it in epub and mobi, but there are tons of ebook formats out there to consider. Also, once the KS ends, what venues are you going to use for this book? I know, Amazon, and B&N are the big two, but you should not forget stores such as Smashwords, where i personally prefer to buy when possible (respects me by saying NO to DRM on the store, and gives the author s bigger cut then other stores).

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      I was half expecting that we might see some fiction as a stretch goal. I think this is a great idea! I have some friends who are young adult librarians. I'm going to make sure they know about this.

    18. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      We drew in over 100 new backers yesterday. The draw in this goal is not necessarily SOTC players. It's fiction readers. That helps everyone. Including you.

    19. Esteban Jauregui Lorda on

      Basically, what Maynor and Don said... this are not complains, nor us "crying as babies." It is feedback and feedback is valuable. We are giving it to Red Hat and Fred.

      TBH, I don't own SotC nor planned to do so. I like FATE, but my main point of entry has been Kerberos. I was drawn into core because it was said, somewhere, that Atomic Robo shared some concepts with Strange FATE and I was curious on the idea. The setting in particular? I don't really care.

      So when I see more and more stuff about the SotC franchise I looked up to check if this was a FATE Core KS or a SotC KS. As I said before, it adds value perhaps for certain people and we are just going through a "meh" phase after all the hype.

      I can't help but wonder, however... this kind of stretch goals are aiming at getting more people in? One would think that most of the SotC fans are already on board at, at least, the $10 level (with the sheer number of backers already!) and so this doesn't have the potential to draw many people in. Will more SotC material draw people to the KS, in comparison with, I don't know, a "Horror Toolkit for FATE" with advice and pointers (just a random idea, btw). The latter seems to have more potential of making people back a system they haven't already.

      I am also firmly on board with getting kids into the hobby, having kids myself, and hope this proves to be very successful with the young crowd!

    20. Missing avatar

      Tomi Sarkkinen on

      I mean NPC's stats, scene aspects and timetable and highlights listed... With FAE it should be simple to do myself BUT it would be awesome to have that with Young Centurions book. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Tomi Sarkkinen on

      Would it be possible to have the book made as adventure too? I personally would love to read the book and then run it with FAE. :)

    22. Jan Stals on

      There is currently another Kickstarter project doing dice. Search and ye shall find. Getting and keeping the younger generation interested in roleplaying is essential. Roleplaying was never big in South Africa, but over the years it has shrunk steadily and now it is extremely rare to find anyone of a younger generation still playing.

    23. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Cool dice? That'd be another kickstarter. But don't think we're not thinking about how to make that happen. We've been thinking about that for most of 2012. :)

    24. Eli Todd on

      While I agree that I want more tool kit as well, what I really don't want is the delay that more tool kit will produce in the release date. Also I like to make my own expansions with my players with the house rules that we all agree on. Introducing more rules just leads to more rules lawyering. I would very much like to see more World Book and campaign setting material. I agree that FATE Accelerated and the kid's books don't really speak to what I want I don't feel as if I have lost value in their addition to the campaign and I whole-heartedly support the concept of introducing a new generation to table top RPGs. And now for the real complaint: I want more cool dice!

    25. AsenRG on

      I don't get the complaints either. We pledged for FATE the game, and we're getting that already with some nice bonuses. Personally, I'm quite happy.
      That we get more, as we post about it on social media sites and enthuse more people to join, is a bonus even if some of us don't have a use for it. It's definitely not reducing the value of what we pledged for, nor is it adding expenses!
      Of course, I'm assuming if anyone who pledged for physical books doesn't want this one, they can just not pay the shipping, and only get it in PDF form.

    26. Missing avatar

      Maynor on

      Well, people "complaining" (I'd rather call it feedback) about the stretch goals means that #1 they care enough about it, and #2- that they're not fully enthused by the current development. I believe this feedback is not only relevant, but should be given thought by Evil Hat. The comments are for more civil and productive than anything an "investor" could say or do.

      That being said, I agree with the sentiment that there is a shift in the stretch goals of what this Kickstarter is about. Since I'm all about FATE the system, there's a lot of stretch goals, especially the last ones, that I don't care about, even though I understand that some else might like them. Yet, while the Fate Worlds book is of lesser interest to me, I understand its place in developing the FATE line and the system. But stretch goals like the book deviate from the Core and even its supplements, being like an add-on to an add-on to the system. It is further removed.

      Yet, the thing is, I still want more Fate, and am willing to put money for it. What I personnaly want, and I'm sure there's likeminded people, is a rules expansion for FATE. I want more Toolkit. I realise we already have one, but if the Magic system, which could even be expanded upon, is going to be half the Toolkit, there's still a lot of possible topics to cover that couldn't fit in the allocated size for the Toolkit. This is stuff I will most likely use in-game, and that will impact my enjoyment of FATE and all its supplements. I believe it would benefit the system and its players, maybe diversify the player base with those alternative rules.

      I don't think it's a negative thing to voice interest in something else than what is offered, and hope it is considered, if feasible. It's really because some backers do care about FATE and want to see a certain product that appeals to them that they feel somewhat disappointed right now. And this point is not a failure of Evil Hat, but a token of their success to garner the hope of the backers.

    27. Don Parsons on

      Jeff - I agree we're getting a lot for it but part of Crowdfunding is giving feedback of what we would like to see.

      I do see how this furthers the ip and Evilhat's line - its just not what I would like to see coming from kickstarter funding in this project as it is somewhat of a departure and they've stated before the don't want to do other things like Dice and such as rewards because it gets away from the RPG. Well... this gets away from the RPG too.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      I don't understand people complaining about the stretch goals. Stretch goals are a total bonus. Evil Hat wanted $3,000 dollars to make this happen, we're approaching almost 10,000% of that number. For that we're getting an incredible number of sourcebooks.

      Look, I get that 'money given in a Kickstarter should go to support the project', but there is a limit to how much can be done. Plus, this is technically in that spirit, because the book is essentially a long-form version of the vignette's we tend to see in sourcebooks anyway. Sure, the author is going to be paid for their work out of this kickstarter fund, but this small stretch goal is only arising because the funding goal has been exceeded to such an incredible degree, and frankly, I'm just impressed that Evil Hat keeps coming up with new things to offer as goals.

    29. Don Parsons on

      While I love reading and probably will read these, I am disappointed in this stretch goal as well. It feels like a bad fit for a roleplaying kickstarter and is tangentally related.

      While I understand the appeal of using this to fund your plans for 2013 and make that easier to set out (and Spirit central because it is your IP and therefore more valuable to you) I'm pledging to this because I like Fate the Game - not or books which I buy a lot of already for reading and here I'm looking for stuff to use with FATE.

      Just another backers view.

    30. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      If your daughter hasn't checked out Carrie Harris's other books, she totally should!

    31. Joe on

      I've always been a fan of setting fluff, so having a novel set in the same world as the Young Centurions setting is, for me, a bonus that will improve my RPG experience (and the experience of the kids who are likely to be my players). Also, my daughter is always on the lookout for books with awesome female characters, so even if I didn't think this was suitable to the Fate Core Kickstarter, I'd still be exceedingly pleased that it's here.

    32. ET3D on

      @Geek2theRight, yes, I also thought $300k will be more awesome. But I imagine it's kind of hard to beat all the previous awesome goals.

    33. Jesse Pudewell on

      This is one of the coolest stretch goals ever. Can't wait to have it in my hands.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ariel Pereira on

      Fred, this is awesome. Love Spirit of the Century in all its forms. Looking forward to reading this with my sons.

    35. Javier Gaspoz on

      Fred: consider me fully content with what we're having in the KS (which is an unbelievable amount of stuff :)). I undertsand your reasons behind your decision of not doing a full 2nd edition SotC book. The amount of work you guys have put on your shoulders with this KS is staggering, though I'm confident you are going to have a stellar 2013 and some deep insights on potential new properties to explore for 2014 and beyond. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Geek2theRight on

      I like this goal, but think it should be moved down $5k or $10k. Only because $300k is literally the 10,000% mark, which to me seems like the perfect spot for something particularly special. A novel is nice, but it doesn't quite say "omg we hit 10,000%".

    37. Ernie Sawyer

      Personally I see "Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate" as supporting fiction for Young Centurions and therefore totally valid and awesome. If it isn't everyones thing, thats cool, but with the sheer variety of material on the longest list of stretch goals I have yet seen on a Kickstarter ... that is guaranteed to happen (it probably already has with other things on this list). With the volume of stuff being provided, if people are only interested in a third of the content this is still a steal. If you know someone else that would appreciate this stretch goal, let them know.
      Kickstarter stretch goals can appeal to two types of people ... those who have already pledged to raise their pledge, and those who have not yet been interested enough to pledge so that they might.

    38. Missing avatar

      Vicente Cartas

      I'm also on the boat with people that don't think this is a good stretch goal for a RPG Kickstarter, it would be more suited for a SotC centered KS or a novels KS, but not for Fate Core.

      Nevertheless, if it's simply an outlier stretch goal, well, no probs :)

    39. Ernie Sawyer

      This looks awesome! Can't wait. For a possible future stretch goal, because this thing keeps making gobs of money, an actual historical/mythic setting that would place the PCs as the heroes to be, saving the populous and the world from mythic creatures, the machinations of the gods and maybe even themselves... Greek or Norse heroes would be an obvious one, but there are lots of others for inspiration.

    40. the Jake on

      I am stoked, I hope that my niece and nephew will like it, 'cus that is what they get for their birthday! I love pulp, I love SoTC, I love YA novels, this combines them all. Glorious!

    41. Dave Rosser Jr on

      This is fantastic. My daughter just recently started gaming with me and her brother at our FLGS and we just started a FATE Core game. She's also a voracious reader, I think she'll love this.

    42. Paraplegic Racehorse on

      I'm not the biggest fan of playing "supers" settings (let's face it: pulp = supers), but I have always enjoyed reading superhero books and graphic novels. I think this is a great bonus! And, who knows? I may be inspired to buy SotC or one of its spinoffs, later.

    43. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      So, the challenge with Spirit of the Century getting an 'update' is the amount of overlap we might see between that and Shadow of the Century. In light of that we've made the decision that Shadow of the Century is likely to be the "anchoring" RPG product (along with Young Centurions, for folks who want a lighter-weight feel in the system) for the Spirit of the Century setting. Looking forward, we might do a Spirit of the Century setting book to plug together with the full system implementation in Shadow, to cover the continuum.

      That said, keep an eye on Tuesday. :)

    44. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Yup. Thanks, Esteban! Shoulda said that first. :)

    45. Esteban Jauregui Lorda on

      Just different people with different tastes. I have already introduced my daughter to RPGs, she is waiting for me to run Dungeon World, and am terribly excited about DO and FAE! Just thinking out loud, and giving you the pointer, that some of us love FATE and FATE-related stuff... we are just not so hot for SotC. It is an unpleasant truth, but I believe you will appreciate the honesty :)

      So if this stretch goal makes some people up their founding, and get some more people on board at the 10$ level, then great!

    46. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      Frankly? I think if you're not concerned about keeping the RPG hobby alive by bringing new, young players into it, then this isn't terribly relevant to an RPG kickstarter. If you are (and we are)... well.

    47. Esteban Jauregui Lorda on

      Sure Fred, I am not complaining on the already huge return the KS is offering. Sorry, I just wanted you guys that one backer, and one backer only, was not really interested in this kind of stretch goals, in case you are using them to test the waters and gauge interest.

      Guess I will just add another physical book to the pledge when my wife is not looking to help it reach DAR ;)

    48. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 13-time creator

      This is actually an important point to make here: we know not every reward will appeal to everyone. And yes, a number of our rewards have been and, perhaps, will be based in the Spirit of the Century universe. This only makes sense: Spirit of the Century is our premiere in-house intellectual property as far as settings go, and it's important to us and for the company's continuing strength that we do what we can to expand and strengthen Spirit's role in the company catalog.

      We've also got a dozen other small settings and ideas floating around in the expansion goals.

      We've also got the Atomic Robo RPG coming a few months further down the line.

      And so on. But in terms of growing the Spirit property into the full scope product line we've always wanted it to be -- especially as one of our key settings powered by Fate Core -- it continues to make best sense for us to join forces with y'all to make it happen.

      Past the Spirit-driven stuff, yes, we will be looking to new properties and new settings -- and maybe even expanding the mini-expansion settings from Fate Worlds further -- in 2014 and beyond. But right now we're looking closely at the things we can produce or at least start producing in 2013, and that's a spread of work that chock fulla Spirit.

    49. Missing avatar

      F.A. on

      I agree with Javier. Although the novels look nice, being an RGP kickstarter I find this way less interesting for me as a backer than FAE or Camelot Trigger. I'm backing an rpg, and I have no interest in teenagers novels.

      I know it's hard to get new stretch goals, but this seems appropiate for a completely different kickstarter. I'd prefer something like an adventure module or a campaign for Dinocalypse or ever around Sally... Something rpg-related.

      I think "Fate Core Kickstarter" is not an appropiate aspect to invoke for "young adult novels funding" effect.

    50. Schaeffer Tolliver

      "Metal Mafia" sounds like the remnants of the Steel Syndicate that remain in Shadow of the Century...