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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

The Fate of Freeport Is In Your Hands!

Posted by Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions (Creator)

Congratulations! You've hit $215,000 and funded Fate Accelerated Edition. We'll give more details about FAE (including locking in on that pricing) on our regular Tuesday post. Look for Fred Hicks to be doing a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, too. But in the meantime, we bring you this special stretch goal update...

Freeport has long stood as one of fantasy gaming's most distinctive cities. With this new stretch goal and your support, the City of Adventure will become a new port of call for the Fate system! Once this project reaches $245,000, Evil Hat Productions will partner with Green Ronin Publishing to add a new product to their catalog: the Fate System Freeport Companion.

Home to pirates, foul cults, terrifying monsters, vicious gangs, crime lords, and a whole host of corrupt politicians, Freeport offers a unique blend of high adventure and cosmic horror. The Fate System Freeport Companion will be your rules guide to the City of Adventure and the perfect complement to the Pirate's Guide to Freeport -- not to mention work as a gateway to fantasy gaming fans looking to give the Fate system a spin.

If funded, development of the Companion will begin this year, and once the PDF is ready Green Ronin has given us the go-ahead to make it available to all of our backers at $10 and up. That's right -- our craaazy deal just got crazier, like a sun-mad pirate on a rum bender!

Here at the Hat, we're positively geeked to offer this stretch goal to our backers. We've admired Green Ronin for a long time now, and are thrilled at the chance to see Fate's DNA commingle with their killer setting and design sensibilities. We hope you're as excited as we are.

Ready to get your sea legs on, Fate Corps? It's time we set sail for for the City of Adventure -- and let no witchstorm nor mere deepwater leviathan stand in our way!


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    1. Jesse Pudewell on

      I have never seen Freeport, but I know Green Ronin is pretty ace and I'm terrifically excited to see the Evil Hat Fate treatment of something that's closer to trad-fantasy. And, since I'm in this for hard copy books, it's pretty awesome that I'll be getting a piece of this action as well. This is possibly more exciting than Fate Worlds.

    2. James Yee on

      I think that's the greatest thing about Fate is that we can make pretty much any setting fit the Fate system. Sure it's great to have it spelled out for us (like this Freeport expansion) but if we want S7S or M&M we can totally do that.

      Personally I have my own RIFT/Planescape kind of Mixed kind of world that I'll be working on converting to Fate and I'm sure many of you do too! :)

    3. Javier Gaspoz on

      Ohh boy! Freeport and FATE? I may just faint right here over my keybopargfddmm.....

      Errr, I've played Freeport with True20 and Savage Worlds, and I've been considering FATE for a long time. Now I have no excuses!

      You really want to see my cry, don't you? ;)

    4. Ernie Sawyer

      S7S would actually be really cool. I did a S7S conversion myself when my players decided they liked the setting but wanted more crunch. Mine was based on SotC and Legends of Anglerre but it worked really well. I think S7S would be a less expensive and therefore smaller goal. I would totally be willing to share what I did... :)

    5. H. W. McCray on

      Scratch that-I looked and apparently a German game company owns Torg now, and has for several years. No new Torg products from them since they bought it, though.

    6. H. W. McCray on

      A Fate version of Torg... interesting, I think Fate would be a better fit for Torg than its original system, certainly. Although that would involve finding out who owns Torg these days. Which is something of a muddle I understand.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kampen on

      @Stacie, It's funny because my group just loves RIFTs so I'm going to be running my first session shortly in that universe. I've been trying to wrap my head around writing my own genre mashup setting but it hasn't been really happening.

      I'm pretty enthused about Fate of Freeport! Way to go putting that one together! Now I HAVE to up my pledge some more.

    8. Missing avatar

      Drew Wendorf

      Evil Hat and Green Ronin...Fate of Freeport...

      Wonder if one could kick high enough for a Fate System Mutants and Masterminds.

    9. Stacie Winters

      Why S7S? Its an alright setting but I would hope that if they do another setting make it grander, like a Fate Planescape type setting... something that can impact across multiple dimensions and time. Fate Rifts, only with a different name obviously... something epic, and huge. Something momentous.

      Primeval, but larger. Torg would be awesome. :)

    10. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      (That's the same language we've used when talking about anything else added to the EXPANSIONS-on-up tier. So, yes! You'll get it as a $10-and-up backer. No extra charge.)

    11. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      I'll just quote the post: "Green Ronin has given us the go-ahead to make it available to all of our backers at $10 and up"

    12. Wade Hone on

      so is freeport considered one of the "...expansions funded by this kickstarter campaign." and included in the $10 pledge level? or, are we supposed to add on $10?

    13. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Consultation, yes. Counseling... no. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Creel on

      Oh Lord! Too much geekdom! I need therapy. I just upped my pledge because of this. My wife is going to shoot me. Is counselling included in any of the packages????????

    15. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Sondre, while the method of transmission hasn't been determined (the thing needs to be funded, then produced), I suspect it'll be made available the same way we've been making the other stuff available, via a distributed-to-the-appropriate-backers download link. We might do it through DriveThru or similar, tho; it's Green Ronin's ship to sail.

    16. Scott Acker on

      I vote for a Fate version of Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies also.

    17. Sondre "Please never use FedEx"

      To avoid any confusion and an unnecessary stream of questions, the update should specify wether the Freeport-book discount will be provided as a coupon (most likely) or as an add-on to the kickstarter pledge.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andres Acevedo on

      Green Ronin + Evil hat? Geeksplosion!

      And this only brings us closer to a FATE version of S7S *-*

    19. Sarah Reed

      Very awesome! So happy to have FAE and pirates sounds like an awesome adventure!

    20. James Yee on

      Wow! This IS news! Damn glad I jumped in on this. :)

    21. Sophie Lagace

      Ooooh, a Green Ronin with an Evil Hat, what a delightful combination. Two of the best RPG companies on the market. And I love Freeport!

    22. H. W. McCray on

      Oh damn... This is just massively cool.

    23. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions 14-time creator

      Craig, go back to INK, but keep your TRIO dollar level and add $15. That'll make the math right ad will make sure you end up in the correct spreadsheet.

    24. Sayler Van Merlin on


    25. Aaron of Lones on


    26. Craig Maloney on

      I previously had "FRED'S INK" as an incentive, but moved to TRIO because the book-keeping made more sense in my head. Would it be possible to add the personalization as a $15 perk, per book?

    27. Craig Maloney on

      Somebody pinch me, please, because this is like a dream come true.

    28. Ron Frazier

      Two of my favorite game companies joining forces to give me even more awesome than they do alone?! Yes, please!

    29. kustenjaeger

      Excellent - looks doable at the current rate.