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Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
Characters live at the core of Fate! Fate Core is the latest edition of Evil Hat Productions' popular Fate roleplaying game system.
10,103 backers pledged $433,365 to help bring this project to life.

Make Us Put More Stuff In Print

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Hail, Fate Faithful!

We've just launched a few more stretch goals for folks to aim at now that we're headed into the $80,000 and beyond territory. Make sure to drop by the front page of the project to read about all the goals, as well as check out the steadily appearing [More Info] links.

Today we're all about the Fate Extras toolbox! Or, will be, soon enough, with that $81,000 goal close at hand (or perhaps already cleared by the time we post this). Let's get into the details.

Facts about the Fate Extras Toolbox

  • It starts with the Magic System Toolkit as its base (~10k words, ~30-40 pages laid out in our Fate Core 6x9 format).

  • From there, we will be adding between 10k and 20k words covering other topics, resulting in a book that's likely between 80 and 120 pages. This may increase by 30-40 pages or more depending on how things go -- see our updated stretch goals.

  • As a printed book (unlocking at $81k), it'll be softcover, black and white interior, priced at $20 (which will hold steady even if the page count goes up).

  • We don't expect it to ship for up to several months after Fate Core ships; we need to write it, vet it, edit it, and all the other production stuff.

  • You will over the course of this campaign help us figure out what topics the Toolbox will address. At the least, we expect to cover things like: magic, vehicles, gear-in-general, superpowers, rules-as-tone, alternatives for swapping out chunks of the default system with variant implementations, and more.

Adding a Physical Toolbox Book to Your Pledge
(Unlocks at $81,000)

  • Add $20 to your pledge for each copy you want (limit 6).

  • If you're in the USA, add $5 to have your copies of the Fate Toolbox shipped separately.

  • If you're outside the USA, add $15 to have your copies of the Fate Toolbox shipped separately.

  • If you're willing to have your shipment of the Fate Core rulebook delayed by at least several months, you can skip the additional shipping charge.

Looking ahead: the Expansion Compilation Book
(Unlocks at $101,000)

Fred's been resisting this one, but you can make him promise anyway! If we hit this stretch goal at $101,000, all of the stretch goal expansions up to Camelot Trigger that aren't going in the Toolbox will go into a "Fate Worlds" compilation book. The facts:

  • It will have a cover price of $30. Otherwise, adding it to your pledge once unlocked will function essentially identically to the Toolbox, with the extra shipping charges for shipping it separately.

  • Format: Black and white interior, softcover, 6x9.

  • Given the likely word count on each of them, this is going to be a monster -- easily 300-400 pages in our Fate Core format, and bigger than Fate Core itself.

  • This is the book where we'll list the names of every backer on this project (even the $1 guys), since it's really the thing that the Kickstarter most made possible. Folks who went for higher reward tiers will get divided out into various strata of the "Fate Faithful". Given that we're talking about thousands of names, it will be small print! But you will see your name in ink...

That's it for now, folks. Let's make this stuff happen! You're the ones in the drivers' seat -- how much can you step on the gas?

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    1. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on January 7, 2013

      Matthew, have you seen the big golden lozenge thingy graphic on the front page?

      You get a LOT of PDFs at $10, and it's made clear there. No extra needed beyond the $10 to get the PDFs.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hayes on January 7, 2013

      I'm new to this Kickstarter process and may be getting a bit confused. As a $10 pledger, do I eventually get a pdf of the toolkit, or do I need to pledge extra for a physical copy ?

      As I understand it, the final pdfs of the core book with illustrations, etc. will be released in response to a voluntary addtional pledge (good idea and I'd certainly pledge a bit extra). Does the same apply to the various stretch expansions, inlcuding the toolkit?

      Apologies if these have been asked and answered before.

    3. Ned Leffingwell on December 20, 2012

      Just upped my pledge to $50 for a copy of the toolkit in print. I can wait for my books to be shipped together.

    4. Noe Ridgway on December 14, 2012

      Okay, thank you. I am so looking forward to this project. Dresden Files is my current favorite rpg, but I foresee this surpassing it quite handily :)

    5. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 13, 2012

      Correct for a domestic shipping scenario, Noe.

    6. Noe Ridgway on December 13, 2012

      I'm sorry for the repetition of everything that's gone before, but I want to make sure I'm giving you guys enough money:
      I backed at the $80 level, then added 5 (well, 6, because I add 1 for luck) to expedite the core. That'll get me one of all the books, right? I have no problem throwing more money at this if need be.

    7. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 11, 2012

      Could be. We're not even at the outlining stage yet. I'm going to be directing the team to get deep under the hood of the system, so we'll see!

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon White on December 11, 2012

      I was wondering if the Toolbox will include discussion of fundamental changes to the FATE system. For example, skillless-FATE or - possibly equivalent - Aspect-only FATE; either having only aspects or assigning levels to aspects (perhaps more aligned with PDQ (aspects with trappings).

      I recall a very interesting post about this on the/a FATE website... will such things be included?

    9. Jere Krischel on December 10, 2012

      Cool - never got any survey on kickstarter before, but upped my $45 -> $95 with the intent of the core book being signed, and the other two shipped, all whenever the hell it happens :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Gavran on December 10, 2012


      (About magic and more or less commenting on Rob Donoghue's post here:

      While I cannot even pretend to like Vancian magic, could it not be emulated easily enough as a "Props" variant? You prepare your spells like a mad scientist prepares his creations, or Harry (not the limey one) prepares his potions, and then you forget them (they burn themselves off your puny human brain) when you cast them.
      I guess they would need to be slightly more powerful than no-prep magic, with preparation time increasing the possible power or commplexity.

      Just an idea, but I'm pretty sure it could be made to work, and maybe also help for other similar variants like slow-cast spell constructs, or temporary enchantments (in essence quick-built one-use props, I guess).

      I have now said my piece, and let the pros churn on it (or not).
      While my own tinkerings usually please me, the evil hatters tend to be far more elegant.

      Best regards.

    11. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 9, 2012

      As far as creating more reward levels, once you get through all the possible combinations, there'd be dozens of them, and that is a much greater recipe for confusion. There is no perfect solution here, limited as we are by the tools Kickstarter gives us.

    12. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 9, 2012

      You may be unfamiliar with the Kickstarter idiom: at the end of a project there's *always* a survey that happens where you're asked to detail what you pledged for.

    13. Jere Krischel on December 9, 2012

      I guess the problem with the instructions in blue is that they're mathematically ambiguous.

      Three toolkit books would be 60 bucks. Two worlds books would be 60 bucks. Five toolkit books would be 100 bucks, as would 4 extra fate core books.

      Now, perhaps the simple answer is "hey, everyone who puts extra money will get an email from us asking *exactly* what combination of extra books they intended" - but another reward level that *exactly* matches up with the cost of one copy of each book would make it easier than math :)

    14. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 9, 2012

      It is, and it has been suggested before. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      William Hochella on December 9, 2012

      Based on this and some other Kickstarters I've seen, I'm starting to think this might be a weakness in the interface structure in general and something to suggest to them.

    16. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 9, 2012

      Jere and Brian -- Did you take a look at the big blue-background image on the main page that spells it all out?

      (I'm still trying to figure out good wording for the kind of reward tier you guys are talking about that won't be totally confusing to existing backers who've already upgraded without such a tier existing.)

    17. Jere Krischel on December 9, 2012

      +1 Brian Kelsay - it's hard to understand how we indicate what our "excess" pledge dollars are supposed to get us. Make a pledge level for "all the printed books", and I'll up my pledge right now :)

    18. Brian Kelsay on December 9, 2012

      How about a backer level to get all printed books. Is it $80 or $90 w/ shipping in US? I'm kicktarded.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Miller on December 9, 2012

      This may be assumed or have been answered elsewhere, but will we get digital access to the toolbox and expansion books prior to receiving the physical copies? I am fairly certain it's a "yes" but I just wanted to make sure.

    20. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 8, 2012

      that math looks right to me.

    21. Sarah Reed on December 8, 2012

      Just want to make sure I got the math right
      $30 base pledge level
      $25 extra copy core book
      $20 toolbox book
      $30 expansion compilation book
      $5 to ship both the toolbox & expansion compilation book together
      $110 total

    22. Missing avatar

      Quentin Schilling on December 8, 2012

      Question... I'm sure you didn't expect this much of a response considering your original pledge goal was 3,000 and your up to 104,000. I know your Fred's Stash is sold out but at this point and your Wizard Fudge Dice of red, blue and glowing yellow originally had a print run of 2,000. Have you thought about adding another tier of Fudge dice with new colors to commemorate the massive success of the Fate Kickstarter? perhaps purple, orange, and green to complement your Wizard fudge dice.(one of the colors glowing would be awesome too if possible.) I know I would raise my pledge if that was an option. After all, there isn't much of a selection out there for fudge dice comparatively.

    23. Bazz Hoftijzer on December 8, 2012

      I added to my pledge for the printed magic, and extra toolbox. cant wait to read them.

    24. Missing avatar

      Weylin Stormcrowe on December 7, 2012

      Fred, was thinking more in the vein of instead of several prewritten powers, something that showed how to build balances powers. More how things were done in Ultimate Power (half of that book is just powers built with the effects in the first half).

    25. Jesse Pudewell on December 7, 2012

      Fred, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

      Also. You want my money don't you?

    26. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 7, 2012

      Weylin - Taken under advisement. Powerswise, you're more likely to see several different compact ways to implement superpowers, rather than "here's one way with egregious amounts of detail", which is how I think of your two examples.

      Jesse - See latest stretch updates.

    27. Missing avatar

      Weylin Stormcrowe on December 7, 2012

      I would really like to see a rework of the Gadget/Devices rules from Spirit of the Century covering items beyond basic/mundane gear. Would also like to see an optional subsystem for more defined and tactical movement and areas than the current Zones subsystem.

      With the superpowers would it be something similar to M&M or Strands of Power?

    28. Jesse Pudewell on December 7, 2012

      I'm really happy to see the tier to expand Fate Extras Toolbox. I would be all about seeing more tiers dedicated to just that. I'd like to see it hit about 200-250 pages, all told. I don't know how much material is out there to throw in, but I'm sure you have enough people tossing ideas at you.

      I don't know if you've got it planned in the Fate Extras Toolbox already, but I'd like to see a discussion of different ways to interpret fate points and refresh for your game. For instance, it's all about how much free will you have in DFRPG and it's more just straight about your agency as an extraordinary person in the world in SotC. I'd like to see a chapter or semi-chapter about a few other ways to make fate points and refresh a core of what your world means.

    29. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lyngfalk on December 7, 2012

      Sorry, saw that my question had already been answered

    30. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lyngfalk on December 7, 2012

      Could the toolkit and worldbook be shipped together to save on shipping? I'd like the Core as soon as it is ready so I don't want these shipped with the Core, but the shipping for these books are 15 bucks each, so shipping them together might be nice.

    31. Carsten Damm on December 7, 2012

      Ah, now I see it. Thanks for clarifying! :d

    32. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 7, 2012

      Carsten, it's $15 for Core, too, just not as obvious: $25 for the book, +$15 = $40. It's just that the $30 tier for the book comes with a $5 shipping charge (for domestic USA shipping), so the +$10 is the differential.

    33. Carsten Damm on December 7, 2012

      Heya! Great stuff, I'm thrilled and am interested to get the extra print options if possible. I'm wondering, however, why the extra international shipping charge would be $15 instead of $10 (as for the core). What is the reason for the difference? Thanks!

    34. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      (Please help me remember to do that eventually, at any rate.)

    35. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      We'll try. I'm not super-smart about explaining CC matters, but I've got someone in my back pocket who is, so we'll work on that. Might not be the very next update, but may be a good thing to cover once we get into our "lull" periods.

    36. Vigilance Press on December 6, 2012

      Hey, Fred! If you get a chance, maybe in the next update, can you talk a little about what the Creative Commons License means to publishers, and how it differs from the Open Game License? I'm pretty sure I understand the differences, but I'm curious as to just how much you plan to allow people to use the original Fate Core text in their works and how we might incorporate the CC license into their design plans. :) Also, I'm starting to eye that Consultation before they're all gone, if it'll let me use the text from that in an upcoming project...

    37. Missing avatar

      Alexander R. Corbett on December 6, 2012

      Awesome news. Just upgraded my pledge all the way to Consultation, so now I can get the hardcopy toolbox and compilation (assuming we hit the $101,000). Can't wait.

      I'm already using the draft to homebrew my own setting, this will just be the icing on the cake.

    38. Oliver Summers on December 6, 2012

      Cheers Fred!
      Compilation isn't funded yet but it will be my extra 80$ will help it along ;)

    39. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      WAIT! Right, +$10 for the FIRST shipment. Your math is correct, Oliver. $140.

    40. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      Oliver -

      Domestic scenario, all books shipped separately:
      Fred's Stash $50, Toolbox $20, Compilation $30, +$5 separately shipped Toolbox, +$5 separately shipped Compilation, total $110

      International scenario, all books shipped separately:
      Fred's Stash $50, Toolbox $20, Compilation $30, +$15 separately shipped Toolbox, +$15 separately shipped Compilation, total $130

      Neither gets to $40 shipping, so I'm not sure how you got that!

      (And don't forget, compilation ain't funded yet)

    41. Oliver Summers on December 6, 2012

      OH sorry forgot to mention shipping is for International.

    42. Oliver Summers on December 6, 2012

      So just making sure I have my math straight & understood everything correctly :)
      Freds Stash 50$ Toolbox print 20$ Expansion Compilation 30$ Shipping 40$

      Total 140 right?

      I have upped my pledge accordingly :)

    43. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      Yeah, probably, Jamie. I skipped spelling that out in part because I had no idea how much skew there would be between the two follow-on books coming out, and I didn't want to make the upgrade math/parsing/decision-making any more complicated.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jamie C. Wyatt on December 6, 2012

      Question on shipping, Could I (we) opt to go ahead and get our Core book in March, then wait until both the Extra's Toolkit and Expansions Compendium are done and get those at the same time to avoid the doubling up on the shipping cost? Or would that be too much of a logistics hassle?

    45. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      They will likely be available for distribution to purchase and sell to the retail channel. Whether or not distribution or retailers decide to make those purchases is anyone's guess, of course. :)

    46. Seth Hartley on December 6, 2012

      Will the Physical Toolbox book and the Physical version Expansion Compilation be available through the normal retail channel (once they eventually get printed) ? Or will they need to be ordered from Evil Hat either through the Kickstarter or directly?

    47. Creator Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions on December 6, 2012

      I'd guess three, but there could be editing or playtesting or production based "risks and challenges" in there that could push it longer.